tks so much any ways my age 17 i am 11th itks for the comments

lets move on to the story

a boy is shown sleeping and a girl comes and shouts bhai wake up and pull out the blanket (aliya and abhi) abhi,pls 5 mins alia nooo come on its allready late a boy come and say that come on abhi lets go abhi gets up got him self fresh up and all 3 went by car to college abhi said to alia and purab to behave properly and not to get in trouble and they reached college..

pragya was searching for her class but when she ran into a boy and was abt to fall but boy cot her (allah wariyan plays it is abhi)
pragya got angry nd started to shout at him and went abhi got angry but when he wanted to tel sorry she went off so abhi was thinking abt pragya all the time when alia come and said bhai the class is this way ok they both reached class and abhi saw pragya sitting in the first row and started to uu how dare u pragya was confused but befor she could speak abhi said sorry and went sat in the last row and praya under stood y he said sorry ..
rv was going to class when he saw shalini was waiting he went to shalini asked y r u waiting here? she said tht bulbul only told me to wait here but she is nt come yet rv,hey the classes r started go fast this bulbul is playing with shalini said i dont know wher is my class wait i will show u said rv befor rv could say the shalini hugged him rv was shocked (tum hi ho was playing) and shalini came back to sense nd said sorry and said that she is sarced of lizered rv was like ohh ok then see u in lunch bye and shalini felt some thing and smiled and went to class
in class 1st year
bulbul and purab were sitting closer and shalini shouted at bulbul and said so this y u told me to join this college ah? bulbul said sorry dude sorry very sorry shalini i dont want ur sry just tel me who is he? bulbul smiled and said he is purab he is my life purab u must be shalini ? yes yes said shalini ok purab see in class she should be nxtto me nt u in lunch she can be al over u ok deal or no deal purab deal sure bulbul said wat is this purab ? babe come on she is first who said so ok bulbul made a pout and went off class started

in 2nd year class
abhi was thinking who is she i want to know her name so went said my name is abhi wat is urs?
pragya i am pragya and iam sorry for shouting at u i was in tension thats y
abhi its ok so frds ?
praya ok frds profferos have come go to ur place see u in lunch

at lunch abhi and purab was seaching for pragya and bulbul but when abhi saw pragya with some boy playing with him he got angry

screen freezes with abhi getting angry

guys this is thst all monday i will update the nxt epi bye enjoy ur weekend

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