sory late updates shalini is ishalini lets just move to the story

pragya came to abhi but he igored him and went aside to met purab
pragya though something is wrong so she went asked him
abhi y r u nt taking with me ?? said pragya
abhi no nt like that i just did nt see u thts all
pragya wat didnt see me wat that means ?\
abhi means?
pragya wait now i got it u r thinking abt my frd over there who is watching me right
abhi nooooo nt like that and gave a jeolously look pragya found out and called bulbul and rv
she said to abhi that this is my young sis bulbul and this is my big bro rv
abhi felt free and said ohhh so ur family studys here ah?
pragya yes what did u thing when i was with rv ?
abhi nothing
rv ok abhi it was nice to met u and do u also hav any bros or sis stuying in this college?
abhi yes she is aliya and he is purab
rv gud to hear
time passed and college got over ever one had a great time and everyone met at the point where they met before
rv said ok guys it was good to meet new ppl
abhi yeah nice but going to miss u guys
purab abhi everyday we r going to met now then wat dude
but abhi was looking at pragya and though did i fal in love omg
pragya bhai come we have to go home
ishalini yes yes me too
everyone said see u guys tom bye
but abhi and purab could not take there eyes of there loved ones

rv and ishalini come together laughing but bulbul was left behind
bulbul wher r u guys going and laughing like couples
rv and ishalini said sorry yar see u r coming so slow asif ur waiting for some one
bulbul no nt waiting just worried abt dii see if u worrying abt her u can also put leave know said isha
bulbul no way it is my 2nd day so sorry dii i cant think abt u any ways lets go it is getting late
purab abhi and aliya came said hi guys
purab said come bulbul and ishalini lets go to class its getting late
abhi asked bulbul where is ur sis
bulbul she told that she is going to temple
abhi is today any special ?
bulbul noo she just pray if any thing good happens to her and tk god
abhi wow wat a sis
aliya said ok bhai come lets go to class
abhi aliya u go i will come after few mins
aliya said ok but dont be late and went
rv said ok abhi bye seee u in lunch
abhi though thank god he did nt mis understand me for waiting for pragya
after few mins
prayga came by auto and got down
abhi said how much time shall i wait for my gf
pragya was shocked when he said gf
abhi some how manged and said my good frd
pragya was relifed and said y u did nt go to class
abhi i was waiting for u
pragya for me?
abhi ss is there any problem?
pragya no no ok its getting late lets goo
abhi smile and both went to class

screen freezes with both smiling

sorry guys for late updats i hav bro and sis who will nt allow me in front of the laptop so thats y late
enjoy the story

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    Loved it keep it up keep rocking

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    Nice episode dear and I really liked it and if u can plz add some more ishveer scene dear .

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    It is Ishani

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