Love makes our heart beat faster (Maha epi)

Hey guys,
We Maria and Meghs have combined our ff’s and made it a mahaepisode. It’s named as “The feeling is named as love when our heart beats for each other”. This combination of ff’s will lead to some interesting twists and turns in both Vidhaa’s life. To avoid confusion each part will be named if it is of heart beat or is love possible! So are you all ready for it?! This was our surprise, hope you all will like it!

Is love Possible?

The final day of party!
Everyone in the college is getting ready for it! Viplav dresses in a red three piece whereas Dhaani wears a peacock green one piece in which she was not feeling good as she didn’t like to wear these type of clothes. But she was looking extremely beautiful! In some time an announcement is made that there is an intercollege singing competition held in our college. Students from different clg will come.. So everyone should behave well.

♡Heart beat♡

Dhani is readying for competition wearing baby pink coloured strapless prom dress with lace up back.. she made her hair curly in short she looking so stunning.. dhani sees herself in mirror and says today i will say everything to u viplav.. the payal whom you are searching is me… i say u my feelings today after competition.. and she shyly smiles… she leaves for college..

On other hand viplav wear white jeans with pink coloured formal shirt he looking so dashing and handsome.. and he leave for college..

Is love possible ?

Dhaani enters the hall where the party is going to be held. She is looking gorgeous. Viplav looks at her mesmerized by her beauty? but he notices that she was uncomfortable with her dress so he went to her and gave her a warm welcome!

Viplav goes to Dhaani and says hi! Dhaani greets him hi! She smiles a bit! Viplav sees her and thinks you look more beautiful while smiling! And he keeps staring at her. Dhaani says lets go then! Viplav comes back to his senses and says yeh tum kya soch rahe ho Viplav? He ssays yes lets go! Dhaani goes ahead and Viplav follows her.

♡Heart beat ♡

Upmc college#

Both reach college at a time and look at each other passing smile.. viplav moves towards dhani and says you are looking so beautiful giving his killer smile.. there is announcement going on that singing competition which we decided to be held in our clg is cancelled… we are extremely sorry for inconvenience at last moment we decided it to be held in stars college… Viplav and dhani gets shock hearing it but they are relieved as star college is near to their college and both leave for star college…

Is love possible?

Dhani ask viplav where is our dance song cd.. Viplav forgotten to make cd of song.. he says arre What need of cd in my cell there is song.. we dance on hearing it… dhani stares angrily at him and says are you mad.. we can’t use cell for song .. but what we can do .. idea.. viplav asks what.. dhani smilingly says u forgot today there going to be singing competition too …we ask anyone couple to sing for us.. Viplav says perfect!!! They ask mam to help them.. mam agrees..


♡Heart beat♡

@changing room

Viplav and dhani sees kritika.. dhani hugs kriti and asks what are you doing here kriti??
Kritika : can’t i see my best friend performance? ? Ok if u don’t want methere then i leave..(pouts face)
Dhani ask ok baba sorry .. u stay ..

Mam goes to green room… and sees kritika there and tell her everything ask her help.. Kritika says this to viplav and dhani..

viplav : ok we will sing
dhani : but viplav our competition
Viplav : we sing on backstage so noone know who singing…
Dhani : ok done!!

Is love Possible?

The mam calls all the couples and tells them their numbers. And Vidhaa will open this party with their dance. Dhaani is nervous thinking that she is first to dance. Viplav keeps her hand on Dhaani’s shoulder and consoles her. Dhaani feels a current passing through her body. All the guests arrive at the party and now it’s the much awaited dance!

The song plays…
(Actually vidhani of hb singing song from back stage.. )

Dhoop se nikal ke

Chhaanv se phisal ke

Hum mile jahaan par

Lamha tham gaya

Aasmaan pighal ke

Sheeshe mein dhal ke

Jam gaya to tera

Chehra ban gaya

Viplav and Dhaani face backwards and when the song plays they hold each others hand and turn back… Viplav pulls her closer and their eyes meet with each other where Viplav is reluctant to look back as he wants to keep looking at Dhaani… dhaani looks down… Viplav spins her…

Duniya bhula ke tumse mila hoon

Nikli hai dil se ye duaa

Rang de tu mohe Gerua

Ranjhe ki dil se hai duaa

Rang de tu mohe gerua

Haan nikli hai dil se ye duaa

Ho.. Rang de tu mohe gerua

Viplav and Dhaani spread their hands and as they were dancing, dhaani’s leg twists and due to her heels she is about to fall!! But our hero holds her in his arms and they share an awkward eye lock… while the song plays…

Ho tumse se shuru.. tumpe fanaa

Hai Sufiyana yeh dastaan

Main kaarwaan manzil ho tum

Jaata jahaan ko har raasta

Dil zara sambhal ke

Dard ka wo saara

Kohra chhan gaya

Dhaani composes herself and they start dancing… Viplav holds her waist and they keep dancing lost in each others eyes…

Duniya bhula ke tumse mila hoon

Nikli hai dil se yeh duaa

Rang de tu mohe gerua

Ho.. Ranjhe ki dil se hai duaa

Rang de tu mohe gerua

And the song ends… but Vidhaa are lost in each others eyes… everyone claps for them when they come back to their senses… they leave each other’s hand and bow down.. they leave the stage…

Dulaari and Kanak clap for them and both think in their minds what a perfect Jodi!! And they smile looking at each other…dhaani comes down and hugs Dulaari and asks so how was it mom? Dulaari says perfect! Viplav comes to Kanak and introduces him to Dulaari… Dhaani takes Kanak’s blessings… Kanak praises Dhaani and says learn something from her Viplav, take Dulaari’s blessings… Dulaari says aree aree.. its ok! Viplav still takes her blessings… Dhaani says ok maa I will go and meet Riya. Viplav also leaves saying he wants to meet his friends… They both leave…


♡Heart beat♡

Song competition is going on full swing… Whole auditorium filled of students of different college there are 6 contestants.. vidha is 5th contestant.. dhani is scared little as she have show on 12 what if she don’t reach fm station on time.. one by one all couple sings.

Is love possible?

Viplav is talking with TP. TP says wow yaar you danced very well! Vipalv says ab kya kare ham to hai hi aise (Now what to do? I am like this only 😉 ) Kamini comes from behind and hugs Viplav and says wow Viplav you are looking so handsome!! Viplav says lo agayi ye chipkoo… TP laughs.. Kamini says achaa I am chipkoo na!! katti bye!! Viplav holds her hand and pulls her back and says ohh you are my sweet chipkoo!! 😉 kamini smiles… they get into their usual talks but Viplav is not at all interested in their talks.. his eyes are searching for his princess Dhaani.. Kamini asks whom are you searching for? Viplav is lost… kamini again shouts Viplav… he comes back to his senses and says yes nothing.. he again looks for Dhaani.. and finally finds her standing at the corner…

He notices that her backless one piece’s thread was untied.. and he noticed a boy looking at her, moving towards her.. Viplav understands his intentions…He quickly runs from there and hugs Dhaani from behind… Dhaani is shocked by his actions.. she asks what is this Viplav?? Get off me!! Viplav doesn’t say anything and in that posture he takes her to a room …

♡Heart beat♡

Host announces next performance is by viplav and dhani from upmc college..

Viplav is shown in stage .. he start signing looking at dhani …

Teri meri.. raaton ne kiye hain kuch iraade
Milli hai jo ab ye mulaqaatein
Koi jaadu hone ko hai (hone ko hai..)

(Dhani look at Viplav and shyly sings)
Teri meri.. hui aankhon-aankhon mein jo baatein
Mili hai jo ab ye mulaqaatein
Koi jaadu hone ko hai

(Viplav sings loooking at audience )
Hona hai.. jo hona hai rahega hoke hi

(Dhani sings looking at viplav)
Hota hai.. jo mill jata hai koyi

(Viplav sings with passion and attitude )
Hoga yeh.. hai jaana maine milke tumse hi

(He looks at audience )

you feeling it tonight
I am feeling it tonight
Bang Bang, raat bhar baat kar

(He turns and looking dhani)

Tu mere saath chal
Dil pe chala hai jaadu, jaane kyun..

Bang bang (dhani sings)raat bhar baat kar
Tu mere saath chal
Dil pe chala hai jaadu, jaane kyun

(Both sings together )
Bang Bang, Bang Bang, Bang Bang
Jaane kyun…
Bang Bang, Bang Bang, Bang Bang
Jaane kyun… Bang Bang!

(Dhani sings looking viplav )
Hey! aajkal aate jaate
Hey! aankhe karti hai baatein

(Viplav sings Holding dhani hands giving killer wala smile)
Hey! aaj toh aa jaana hai
Hey! aankhon ki baaton mein
Bas ek baat kar le
Hey! mujhe baahon mein tu bhar le
Hey! aur saari raat bhar yeh
Hey! chalti rahe phir kahani teri meri
(He twirls dhani while singing )

(Dhani sings looking in viplav eyes)
Teri meri.. teri meri aahon ke ishaare

(Viplav sings moving closer to dhani.. and then moves back )
Aa zara samajh le hum woh saare
Ke hosh ab toh khone ko hain (khone ko hain)

Teri meri.. teri meri
Raaton ne kiye hain kuch iraade
Mili hain jo ab yeh mulaqaatein
Koi jaadu hone ko hai (hone ko hai)

Hona hai.. jo hona hai rahega hoke hi
Hota hai.. jo mill jata hai koyi
Hoga yeh.. hai jaana maine milke tumse hi
Are you feeling it tonight
I am feeling it tonight

Bang bang.. raat bhar baat kar
Tu mere saath chal
Dil pe chala hai jaadu, jaane kyun?

Bang Bang.. (Dhani sings)
raat bhar baat kar
Tu mere saath chal
Dil pe chala hai jaadu, jaane kyun

(Together says bang bang bang)
Bang bang, Bang bang, Bang bang
Jaane kyun..
Bang bang, Bang bang, Bang bang
Jaane kyun..

Audience are stunned seeing such a marvellous song with dance!!whole crowd shouts once more once more…

Host says well that’s excellent performance… then other 3 remaining contestant too sings..

Time for result announcement. Judge of competition is principal of stars college.. He comes to stage.. He ask the audience any idea who are winner of competition.. yes you are right winner is none other than Viplav and dhani from upmc college…

Viplav and dhani gets happy.. In excitement both hugs each other.. Then composes themselves.. They take trophy from judge together.. Vidha smiles seeing trophy..

Is love possible?

He picks her up in his arms and takes her go a room. Dhaani says leave me! How dare you? I said put me down! But Viplav doesn’t listen to her. Finally on reaching the room he drops her down… Dhaani slaps Viplav!!!! The scene ends…
Will this slap ever turn into a kiss? For knowing that keep reading Is love possible only on telly updates!

♡Heart beat♡

Kritika hugs dhani and congratulate her.. she says viplav congratulations u both did it… Viplav leaves from there.. Kritika holds dhani and moves towards one classroom..
Dhani : arre what happen why u bring me here??
Kriti gives her are u serious wala look.. holds her hand.. and says dhani u got call from fm station which i received.. they were scolding u.. i said u don’t come today and managed.. think about it u don’t need to work.. dhani moves her hand from kritika giving her angry look.. she shouts u know clearly what rj job means to me.. this is just relief me from my loneliness… u want to snatch it from me.. this heart beat show is close to my heart.. this made viplav love payal… that payal who not existed.. viplav love the show… dhani unable to control tears.. Viplav used to hate dhani.. he used to fight with me but payal is close to his heart.. its all because of this rj job .. she can’t say more because of tears… kritika hugs her and apologies..

Someone seem to be heard all this.. It is none other than Viplav…

Hi guys Did u like this double dhamaka ?? ?Double vidhani??
We tried our best not to confuse u.. if u liked this do comment..

Pls do comment ….

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  1. Porkodi

    Wow fantastic.. amazing.. marvellous … From start to end I had a big smile while reading… Maria and Meghs u both rocked.. I loved ur surprise.. This surprise is not imaginable… the way u guys combined two ff is fantastic…double domakka for us…

    1. SweetAngel

      Thanks alot porkodi?? we r glad that someone smile reading our surprise..
      Thanks for liking surprise. .. well surprise is that we which we not expect ??

      Double dhamaka is treat to ikrs lovers…

      Keep smiling always ??

      Keep reading… heart beat and is love possible ??


    2. SweetAngel

      Thank you so much Porkodi… Happy that you had a big smile reading this… ☺☺ glad that we could surprise you like this..?

      Keep reading our ff’s?

      1. SweetAngel

        From Maria#

  2. Porkodi

    Maria , what is the meaning for chipkoo… Sorry yaar I don’t understand … I m very bad at hindi…. In thapki updates also all used call Dhruv by chipku and sapola… Tell me the meaning pls…

    1. SweetAngel

      Chipkoo meansmeans the one who comes and sticks to other just like Renu di said…

  3. Renuverma

    Hi porkodi chipku means who sticks like adhesive or glue.
    Sapola is snake means if u feed it then also it can bite u

    1. Porkodi

      Thankyou so much Renu…

  4. Renuverma

    Great maria n meghs. Even yesterday when i read ff from both i was thinking they r too similar in competition as in maria it was dance n meghs ìt was song competition.
    I would have confused if u had not mentioned the track titles??
    Great double vidhàni double dhamaka✌✌
    Good to see that in both vidhàni have developed feelings n megha viplav has heard everything so waiting for his reaction??
    Also both of u had mentioned surprise in precap so it was obvious something fishy.

    1. SweetAngel

      Thank you so much Renu di..☺☺ yes we know it will confuse you that’s why we wrote the ff’s name 😉 yes Vidhaani has developed some feeling but the slap…??

      Yes.. There’s something fishy??

      1. SweetAngel

        From Maria#

    2. SweetAngel

      Wah di u had doubt but u didn’t reveal naa? did u like our surprise
      Di in maria part its not competition its just party.. as we had similar we decided to combine our ff..

      And we tried maximum not to confuse u.. so we wrote title of ff … its treat to ikrs lover double vidha dhamaka

      Viplav reaction will be that u all didn’t expect

      Di u didn’t said in previous comment that u felt fishy ???

      Thanks alot di.
      Keep reading heart beat and is love possible ?

  5. Sujie

    Waah…waah…… Truly a double dhamaka……?????
    Awesome….. Meghs and Maria…….. You rocked girls…… ……
    And precap seems bit fishy as renu Di said…… But I enjoyed today’s episode a lot……
    Thank for the surprise ?????

    1. SweetAngel

      Thank you so much di… Thank you for enjoying it!! Welcome dear!! This was a treat to all Vidhaa fans from us?

      Keep reading our ff’s ??


      1. SweetAngel

        Thanks alot sujie?

        Double dhamaka is treat for ikrs lovers

        Keep reading heart beat and is love possible ?


  6. Latha

    Awesome meghs and Maria. Really it’s a double damaka and surprise too. I didn’t expect this surprise, I thought there will be surprise in the story plot. Enjoyed it a lot dears. Keep rocking????

    1. SweetAngel

      Thank you so much Latha☺??
      Yes that was unexpected na?? we thought to do something different…

      Keep reading our ff’s glad that you like them☺

    2. SweetAngel

      Thanks alot latha.? its double dhamaka especially to vidha lovers..
      Glad to know u liked our surprise
      Keep supporting like this?

      Keep reading heart beat and is love possible ?


  7. Mariyam123

    Oh what a surprise man! U both did a good job. But I have one doubt. Hope u don’t mind. How did u both manage to post this ff together? And how your names changed to sweetheart yaar? Plz tell na. I m curious to know?

    1. SweetAngel

      Thank you princess☺☺ we were chatting since many days and since our story was going in somewhat same direction we decided to combine it…

      We created a new account??

      Keep reading our ff’s glad that you liked it…
      Maria #

      1. Mariyam123

        Hmm. I will keep reading your lovely ffs. When will u post the next episode?

    2. SweetAngel

      Oww cutie u here i never thought u comment u r busy in studies naa..
      Thanks alot for ur comment. ..

      Well sweeangel is combined account of mine and maria.. maria created this account for this epi.. we together wrote this ff.. discussed .. arre cutie technology baby we did it by using latest technology .. guess it…
      We wrote this ff together.. it was difficult but we did it..

      Keep reading our ff and do comment


      1. Mariyam123

        Oho di can your princess not comment if her di will post an amazing episode? No na? Today I m free so thought to comment. I took holiday from studies today. As usual I m lazy so skipped?

      2. Mariyam123

        About technology never ask me to guess anything? I m just a dumbo in technology? If u want to ask anything about Science I would advise u to just explain me and not ask me to guess???

      3. Meghs

        Well cutie.. we chat in fb via we shared there post n write together. .
        That technology we r talking about

  8. Bth epi were good.. Ohh A big thankss to Mr.impossible and meghs di for cmbning the epi’s.. Only need to read one epi na.. No need to read bth the epi’s?
    Bilkul bhi lazy nahi hun..? Meghs di ko patha hi hai… Ki Mai lazy nahi hun..

    While reading I was thinking ? the pre epi’s of bth the ff.. Bth ff was havng almost same plot and I was confused.. And after all bth hb and is love possible… Became a ff in my mind..?

    Nice memory power I have wat to do..?

    1. SweetAngel

      Thank you Swe, hope you don’t mind me calling that?

      Oh wow a new ff in your mind uh? Then you also post it soon ??
      Glad you liked this Vidhaa treat☺☺

      Keep reading our ff’s?


    2. SweetAngel

      Thanks alot swe for liking it..
      Owe my lazy girl is commenting. ..
      Btw she forgot to post her ff.. post ur ff soon chotti we r waiting. ..
      Our ff had similarities so we combine it
      Glad to know u liked double dhamaka…

      Keep reading heart beat and is love possible


  9. Nice one Maria! Viplav getting attracted towards dhaani and the dance beautifully described. ?Waiting for the next. ☺pl send the link if u don’t mind.

    1. SweetAngel

      Thank you so much Anya☺?? yes Viplav is getting attracted to Dhaani?

      Yes I will send the link when I post the next one…

      Keep reading our ff’s☺

  10. Piyali

    wow……….marie dii and meghu dii…….you both did a fantastic job………..handling two vidhani’s at the same time isn’t easy but the way you managed………i am really surpirzed………………marie dii , i haven’t read your ff but read today’s part, couldn’t understand that vidhani are collage friends and kamini is a villian in their life(though i like her a lot)…… too kanak good…………thats a treat to all vidhani fans………..i loved that zip wala scene and viplav’s care but dhani slapped him….?? dii you surprised me, i will soon catch up with your ff once i get some free time……promise marie dii because i actually loved today’s episode……….coming to heart beat,…………viplav came to know the truth…….he hates lies , right……..dii you are increasing my heart beat haan………yaar , i am really sad , i wish they could cherish more such swweet scenes like episode 6 and today’s episode one…………..but now it will be big fight right………………..dhani’s emotions are sooo good, she loves her show heart beat………..i really loved that,………..well vidhani had to win , at the end to the day , jab viplav jiju aur dhani ho sath to jitna to padega na mere yaar…… bak bak is unlimited…………..i want to specially say that i loved the way heart beats’s vidhani sang a song of is it love’s vidhani…that was the best one…..keept coming with more such combinations both diidiis because they are much better and beautiful then all those serial wala combinations……………they irritate me and make me feel like killing the writer but this one made me feel like giving a lot many hugs and kisses to the writers…….waiting for next …………love you both…… happy………

    1. SweetAngel

      Thanks alot kiddo ??
      Its treat to vidha lovers actually double vidha.. in maria ff kamini is positive vip gf .. and dhani is shy type grl..

      Well ur guess is absolutely right vip hate lies.. not fair u have to wait till another twist… show is dhani life.. don’t worry dear they cherrish scenes like that soon..

      Ha sahi kaha agar vip aur dhani saat h tho jeetna tho tha hi…

      Ya we glad u liked part vidha singing for vidha dance
      U hate maha sangamma of serials naa thanks dear for liking this maha epi.. u can kiss both writers??

      Love u too..
      Take care..

      Keep reading heart beat and is love possible ?


    2. SweetAngel

      Aww thank you so much Piyali..☺??

      No in my ff kamini is not a villain , she is Viplav’s gf but not in a serious relationship??

      Kanak is positive and Dulaari and Kanak are childhood friends☺

      Sure try to read and comment! Keep reading our ff’s?☺

  11. Wow !! What a surprise.. I loved it.. both were so beautifully written.. it was a double blast .. one side vidhani was singing and other side they were dancing awesome amazing enjoyed alot?.. u both have done a rocking job?? ..
    Is love possible: I loved the way viplav complements her smile and the way they danced uff awesome.. u narrated so nicely?
    Heart beat: loved their song.. the way they sang with attitude and passion was amazing.. they way he was mesmerized seeing her.. Aww?
    Both ends up with suspense..
    Dhani slapped viplav.. I am scared on viplav’s reaction now but dhani will apologize after knowing everything
    So finally viplav will know about Payal.. really excited now ..
    Overall loved it to the core.. it was a rock n roll episode.. beautiful surprise? it was like trI shakti no do shakte?but this do shakte was wonderful?
    Now post the next one soon.. because I am eagerly waiting for it? and yeah cover pic is too beautiful..
    Sorry for super duper late comment

    1. SweetAngel

      Thanks a lot Maha… glad that you loved it… Haah do shakte.. but thank you for telling that it was better than trishaki.. because i hate trishakti…

      its ok no need of sorry ;). i will post it on Sunday…


    2. SweetAngel

      Thank u so much maha?
      Glad u enjoyed double dhamaka.

      Both sang song with passion and attitude which need in song.. both sngs were sing by vidha..

      Tri shakti seriously ?? its do shakti

      Its ok dear.. der se aya par durst se aya..
      I post nxt part soon..
      Keep reading heart beat and is love possible


  12. Shruthy

    Wow ! A Mahasangam, and a cute one also… Amazing! Indeed it was a great surprise as I didn’t expect this, though you both usually post together. <3
    I liked the transition between both stories, like both were so connected. Haan sometimes I indeed got confused but then was like "ok this ViDha are tom&jerry… ok this is the shy Dhaani…" But that was actually funny. And I loved the combination. Like ViDha from "heart beats" singing for ViDha from "is love possible?". And also hayye hayye!! Mariiiiia darling, ViDha dancing and all… AYYO DEVUDAA! They are making me go crazy man. And even you Meghs, ViDha were WOOOOOOW, like really WOOOOOOOW! WHen they were singing, the way Dhaani was loking at Viplav, and so was Viplav, then he holds her hand and makes her twirl and all…
    But omg, big tension. Finally Viplav heard Dhaani saying about her being RJ Payal, his RJ Payal. Don't know what will happen, but it's quite thrilling. And Mariiiiia, kya bhaat hai! Love is growing between both huuuh ? Not bad not bad…
    Both just continue the wonderful work you do. I am excited to read the next parts tomorrow. Cant wait to wake up tomorrow.

    1. SweetAngel

      Haha so this was unexpected na 😉 haha ayyo devaa LMAO 😉

      yes love is growing <3

      keep reading our ff's..

      Thank you so much!! <3


      1. Shruthy

        SO much of non expectation re xD ente guruvayoor appa! :p
        YES YES YES!!!! <3 That's what I was waiting for hihi 😀
        Of course I will. Yeh koi poochne wali baat hai kya?

    2. SweetAngel

      Thanks for liking this mahasangam epi.. double dhamaka for vidha lovers??
      We post together is just coincidence dear..

      Ya we know it may really confusing so wrote title for both ff..

      Shru finally its going to happen vip know truth now.. lets wait for his reaction

      After this maha epi we need little break.. hope u won’t mind.. post will be tmrw probably

      Keep reading heart beat and is love possible

      1. Shruthy

        Thanks for such a wonderful mahasangam actually. <3 Yes a double dhamaaaaka!
        I know, was just kidding.
        Yes he knows the truth. Now cant wait for further episodes.
        Sure. Always ready to wait 🙂 But haan inside I am really getting excited so impatience increasing xD
        Always & forever

  13. ?suprise ? was simply awesome .I didn’t expect this at all ☺☺☺.loved it??

    Megha di your ff look some what similar to my life. My father is a famous cardiologist and my mother is a gynaecologist. They are very dedicated to their job and sometimes I feel that they had completely forgot about me ???.they have no time to spend with me .
    Oh I’m sorry I became emotional

    Megha di sorry for not commenting in the previous episode. I was little busy as my tests were going on

    1. SweetAngel

      Thanks aish glad u liked our surprise ?

      What ur life similar to my ff… don’t be upset dear parents always remember kids.. they want child welfare so work hard..
      Keep smiling always??

      Its ok dear studies important…

      Keep reading our ff?

      1. Di you are saying like this because you know nothing about me. You know my granny used to take care of me from my childhood and she was always there for me

        But 1 year before she left me alone. Afterwards my home is became a hell to me
        You know one thing my parents has not reached home till now

      2. Meghs

        Ya ur right i know nothing about nor that feelings of loneliness. ..

        Did u have siblings or best frnd.. share with anyone ur feelings u feel better. . Keep smiling always??

  14. Lakshmi

    oh ya this is really a surprise to all of us….loved it sweet angel… #meghs #maria
    nothing more to say u both are rocking…..
    and ya its very very better than trishakthi

    1. Angel20

      Thank you Lakshmi☺☺ happy that you liked our surprise.. Haaha its better than trishakti Na??

      Keep reading our ff’s

  15. Hi Maria! Hw will i come to know abt the nxt part? Shud i check the link on this page? I posted a comment on the prev episode page also,pl answer if u can wherever u find convenient. Sorry for bothering u so much.

    1. Angel20

      It’s OK yaar, you can ask me whenever you want 😉

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