Hi, Guys…I’m so sorry my dear Friends…for too late…As i had promised u …I’m now with my New TS ff…

ABHISHEK MEHTA….. A Leading Business man…! This is my name and it’s caption….It’s true more than this i didn’t even earn anything in my life..becoz, To me everything is Linked with Money and Business….! I have a family..where Some people r still waiting for me…they r waiting for my Love…which is important to them than the Luxury Life…which i want to give them…But i didn’t even thought about them…..Becoz, I always busy in my Business….! TODAY..I HAVE COMPLETED 10 SUCCESSFUL YEARS IN MY BUSINESS …I have achieve huge fame and Money…But still i feel something is missing….I really don’t understand why i’m feeling soo..? Now, ABHISHEK MEHTA..had .builds his own identity in World…he is KING OF HIS OWN BUSINESS EMPEROR! But something is missing in my happiness…Why my heart can’t enjoys my success and happiness fully? After function get’s over…All my Staff’s and Employees r leaving to their homes with their Families… But, I’m leaving lonely from their…Even a single person in my family were not with me today..why? For the First time, i’m feeling Alone today…why? My mind is surrounded with lot’s of questions…Angry..Frustration….I didn’t understand anything..why it is happening only with me? I slowly reaches My Farm House….!

At entrance I found A BIG FAMILY PHOTO…of mine…. I felt happy seeing my family…I slowly recalls them and walks to my room….ABHISHEK MEHTA…A successful business Man..! but he lost his parents at early age…He becomes alone with their death..but, I slowly gathers courage for my Li’ll Brother Purabh and My Dadi! On that day, I have decided i have to work hard and have to give them a Happy Luxury life…! Just my thoughts r broken when I saw My Marriage Pic which is beside My Bed….I slowly took it in my hands …I saw My beautiful Wife ..PRAGYA! She is a simple girl..Her heart is beautiful as her face..! She is so sweet person…But her bad fate Made me as her Life partner..Who will never gave any happiness to her…I slowly cares her face on photo….I still remember’s our first sight..After so much of Arguments Dadi finally wished to marry me…Our Marriage is an ARRANGED MARRIAGE! I went to her home with my Dadi…. I have fall in love when i saw her first time….but i really don’t know how to express my Love! Our engagment and Marriage happened so fastly… Sry i had made it fastly becoz..i have received a Huge Contract….! Pragya …she just came to my home with Empty hands…she just want my Love…but I’m a selfish man…I never thought to spend some time with her…My thoughts are always busy and stuck on my Business…Profit’s …Expansion..etc..etc.. Pragya see’s this all but she never complained anything…She changes her self for me…She always manages her Bahu and Wife’s duties very well!

I stiill remember’s we shares 1 room and stays as Strangers for 1 Year! becoz, we both didn’t know anything about each other….Soon Pragya involves in her Duties and get’s habitual to my Home..My family…She becomes a daughter to my Dadi…A sister to my brother…. ! But i’m not at all having any time for her…She used to waits for me..till late nights..But i..i just don’t care….Even i didn’t ask her up to know..” Have u ate ur food or not!”..

After 2 yrs…We consummates our Marriage! But my behaviour towards her didn’t change at all..I always want to give Happiness to my family…By my earning..but i forgot that They needs My Love than My money..than Luxury Life which i want to give them…But i can’t realize at that time….!

After 3 yrs… I heard a gud news…I’m going to be Father! I just can’t express my happiness… I want to take care of my child…I want to take care of Pragya.. but My Business success becomes a Big enemy to be…My work Load increases…. I even Can’t be with her in her pregnancy time…! i FEEL SO BAD…Pragya didn’t complain anything this time too… As usual she wait’s for my return at home… She want to share her Happiness with Me. Her feelings towards our child….but I didn’t pay any attention towards her…Becoz I’m Busy! this is one simple lame excuse..which i have used a thousand times up to know….! By seeing my behaviour My Dadi and Purab got vexed…but My Pragya…she didn’t stop her caring towards me…I used to curse my self For not giving her time…Which she wants the most…at that Time… To the world..I’m A big egoistic man..A selfish man who never cares for anyone….But My heart Knows..I love My PRAGYA!..But it doesn’t know how to express my LOVE..??? i GOT A BIG CONTRACT IN U.S.A When Pragya was 8 Months pregnant….I’m not at all want to Leave her in that condition…I’m acting to be very happy in front of all…But i’m suffering Inside…I still remembers what My Pragya told that time….I was holding my head and standing in my Balcony…Pragya came to me I notices her and helped her to stand besides me…I hardly tries to behave Normal…But i always get’s fail in it..When Pragya is near to me…becoz, She knows everything about me…Everything…which is my fav color? at which time i will be in which mood…everything..infact She can read my feeling Heart …My Eyes..too that’s why it’s so tough to manage with her…. She keeps on looking into my face..I just covers my face with a fake smile…After some time, she stands face to face and ask’s” Suniyeh! r u kk?” I just smiles at her and say’s ” Yes…why not..i’m totally fine..!” She see’s me for some time..and sit’s on a chair which is nearer to me… I too sit’s beside her… I can’t manage now, so i slowly say’s” Sorry!” Pragya smiles at me and say’s” It’s kk… U have to go…it’s a very Big contract…!” I didn’t respond anything…Pragya slowly cares my hair and places my hand on her Tummy and say’s” Suniyeh! U have to go …It’s for our well being…Our family’s well being! and When u get’s successful in ur work and returns…At that time, Our symbol of LOVE…will be in u r Lap! I promise..! .”and smiles cutely.. I just got tears and kept my head on her lap for sometime…After sometime, I nodes ..yes and slowly cares her tummy…and leaves from there….

All gave me Sendoff… All r very sad…about my journey..But Pragya! she is so happy…happy for my success which i’m going to achieve ! She convinces everyone and makes everything ready for my journey…When i was about to leave…Suddenly i went to her and say’s” Pragya! Plz take of yourself and our Baby too!” For the first time, I feel my love towards my pragya and My Baby! Pragya nodes kk..with happy tears… I left to U.S.A….I’m busy in my project..But My mind is thinking about Pragya!

Like this 1 month passes like that, At A Early Morning! i received a wonderful news…That We r blessed with A BABY BOY!! I just behaves like mad with happiness…Soon, i came back to INDIA….I still remember’s those movement…For the first time, I saw my Son’s face….so cute and Innocent….I took him into my Arms and kissed his tiny li’ll palms and foot…! I slowly saw Pragya with happy tears in her eyes….! We named our son as ABHAY! I enjoys My fatherhood for 3 Months..But again A Sudden Shock..hit’s me..My company fall’s into Loses…Again i began to work and focus on my Work…. But this time, I forgot My Pragya and our son too…Like this ..I have earned back My property which is 200 times bigger now….My Abhay is now 5 yrs old….! He never misses his papa..becoz, he really don’t know how ‘s a father will be? Becoz, i didn’t gave him any time….Pragya she again took one more responsibility..i.e; Father’s duty….for our Abhay! She tries to full fill My Father duties..which i have to fulfill for my son…But she again hides my mistakes in her Love and tries to make me a HERO in my son’s eyes..! But even I didn’t try’s this too…

Today After looses my 10 yrs Happy life…Destiny makes me realizes my mistake….! I realizes my Mistakes which i done with my Family..with My Pragya! …and with my Abhay ..too I quickly wipes my tears….and Runs to my Car….I quickly starts my Car..and drives to my home…. My thoughts r running very fastly…I want to Apologizes to my Pragya…! I have to rectify my mistake…..By this heavy thoughts I have reached my Home…I ran to wards My room..and searches Madly for pragya! I shouts her name..but she is not found …Suddenly i saw A letter which is on my Table….!

To be continued……

What will happen? what’s that letter? these thing will be revealed soon…My dear friends….Just STAY TUNED….!


  1. durga

    Superb yaar really awesome n interesting in all lines I just learned with much interesting… Really superb I’m super excited for next part thn update next part soon yaar

  2. Vaishali

    Awesome awesome awesome dii no words fantabulous dii the way abhi is expressing his views god knows fr hw long I HV been behaving crazy its like all hpng infrint of my eyes and I am reacting to it no words dii hats off love u dii….

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