Love is what makes everyone alive – Part 8

Shaurya – I love you Mehek I am sorry for what I did but all that was for you

FB- Mehek hugs shaurya and says I love you but Shaurya refused it and scolds her .

Shaurya – you are my student nothing else, always remember this??

MehekMeek – what happened, why are you behaving like this.

Shaurya leaves , Mehek is crying.

FB end

Mehek – move back and says, I don’t care but now I don’t want to make it clear.

Shaurya – you can’t do this to me ,? I love you Mehek, you are my life. I did all that just for you . You to know that then why.

Mehek – I know but I am not upset about it I am angry because you didn’t trust our love .

Shaurya – I promise I won’t do this again, please Mehek.

Mehek –  ( holds his shoulder and help him raise) stop crying, I can’t be miffed with you for much time?

Shaurya hugs her tight.She hugs her back.They remain like that for a bit time . Then manager comes there and asks for there order.

Manager – Hello sir , ma’am I hope you liked our arrangement and will have great time.

Shaurya- They are really good, can you show us our table.

He take them both to a table beautifully decorated with flowers.

Musician is playing some romantic tune on voilen .

Shaurya –  can I have the pleasure to dance with you.

Mehek – sure.

They both go to the dance floor and start dancing.

Precap – shaurya is at the top of Mehek and they both are covered with cake and icing

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  1. Great episode but try to write longer updates
    Eagerly waiting for next
    Post soon dear

  2. itna sort yrr… Sure hote hi end ho jata hai… Good

    1. Arundhati

      I’ll try to post longer ff’s , thanks yet?

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