Love is what makes everyone alive – Part 7

Sorry guys for being so late. I meet an accident so couldn’t upload.

Shaurya comes to Mehek’s room with Sonal but they find room shut .

Shaurya shout’s mehek’s name but they get no reply. They knock door but all in vain.So he breaks the door and enter the room.There Mehek is lying unconscious.Shaurya come near her and shout her name loud .

Shaurya – Mehek, open your eyes.

This is not the way. You can’t do this to me open your eyes.and hugs her.

Sonal – sir , we should take her to hospital. She we’ll be fine just calm down.

Shaurya takes Mehek in his arms and went hospital.Mehek is admitted.

Shaurya – how is she doing doctor. She is fine right can I meet her .

Dr. – Sir she’ll be conscious soon , relax . But have to say you love her a lot . May God bless both of you.

Shaurya says nothing, soon sonal and others come there, when Mehek gets conscious Shaurya leaves.

At night.

Sonal – you know sir was really frightened to see you in that state.

Mehek – Who ? Which sir was frightened??

Sonal – who else your criphotera ?

Mehek – what??

Sonal – yea , he said he wanted to tell you something urgent but then we found you in that state and so he couldn’t.

Mehek -do you know what he wanted to tell me or any clue.??

Sonal – No , I have no idea but it might have been of great importance, he came to your room just to tell you that thing. Forget it just sleep okay.

Mehek – but

Sonal – good night.

Next morning.. after class Shaurya call Mehek in cabin

Shaurya – how are you know??

Mehek -Ohh am fine, Sonal was saying you wanted to tell me something

Shaurya? – ohh , nothing important.

Mehek – so you came to my room with out any work??

Shaurya – you were unconscious that’s why I came there. Okay take care got to go now .

Mehek – when ever you remember what you wanted to say just tell me.

Next day Mehek and sonal decided to go for coffee. At entrance of the coffee shop Sonal get some call and says she’ll be back in a while so Mehek alone enters .She find whole shop empty and decorated suddenly flowers start falling at her she smiles and then she is surprised to see shaurya on his knees in front of her .

Precap – Mehek and shaurya are dancing on a romantic song.

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  1. I was waiting for such a long time for this
    Hopefully u r fine and have recovered
    May God keep u safe and blessed
    Coming to episode it was great
    I just have one request plz try to post a little longer update
    Waiting for next and all the upcoming parts eagerly
    Plz plz post soon dear

  2. Anjali Dahiya

    Hi Arundhathi…
    Hope u r fine now …
    I was waiting for this part and also waiting for nxt part eagerly…
    Pls pls upload next part soon…

  3. Its ok yrrr…
    Hope you are fine… boz this is really important more than ff….
    but thanks for uploading yrr…. so much missing mehrya romance …
    Plz upload soon as possible… Plz

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