Love is what makes everyone alive – Part 6

In evening Shaurya is alone in doubt classes where Mehek also come with one other girl and sonal . Mehek sits near shaurya.They offer something to Shaurya.

Shaurya -What is it, I’m not gonna eat it.

Sonal – It’s a candy you should try it.

Shaurya – I am here to clear your doubts not to eat these things.

Mehek – Sir , it’s really amazing and don’t you trust us.

Shaurya – I trust both of them but not you.

Mehek -why , what I have done with you???

Shaurya -What you want to do with me??

Mehek – nothing but first eat it , it’s related to a question.

Shaurya – really and what kind of question it is.

Mehek – first eat it then I I’ll tell you.

Shaurya took that packet from her hand and turn it and check it and it’s contents.

Mehek – We are not giving you poison and it’s veg too.

Shaurya – who told you I am vegetarian I eat every thing, and who knows that you haven’t added poison in it . What would happen to my love if I died.

Mehek?????- you have a girlfriend.

Shaurya – it’s non of your business????

Mehek???- yea true k I am going.

Shaurya – Sonal you know I haven’t yet told that girl that I love her and she is always on anger mode .

Sonal – pity for you sir.

Mehek blushes hearing all this and looks at him intensely he ask her to sit and eat that candy . That candy starts popping as soon as he shuts his mouth . He looks at Mehek and they all laugh at him.

Mehek – what happened sir.

Shaurya – I won’t leave you , you all are so spoiled.

Mehek – sir but it was for a reason can you tell us why it pops when in mouth I have tried it with water and all

Shaurya -????really

Mehek-???yes sir.

Shaurya – then go to chemistry teacher for that.

Mehek -??okay sir one last question.

Now they are alone in Shaurya’s cabin.She brings a book and open it to Shaurya and they both start reading it.Mehek smiles looking at him , he read it and they come too near as they read the book. Mehek turns her face and find Shaurya looking at her they are too close so that they can feel each other’s warmth they move there head nearer and Mehek close her eyes and kisses shaurya????. Shaurya is  shocked at it.

Shaurya – what are you doing Mehek ? it’s not correct.

Mehek – I am …. sorry and runs from there.

She won’t attend any classes for next 2-3days. Shaurya misses her and think what have I done.he call sonal and ask her about Mehek.

Sonal – Sir , she is having fewer and deny to talk to any one I am afraid she will destroy herself of her fear . Doctor says she should get rid of what ever is causing her tension.

Shaurya – what have I done, I never wanted to hurt her??. Can I meet her where is she.

Sonal –She is in her room, but I don’t think so it will be a good discussion for you to go there.

Shaurya –  I don’t care I want to say something to her which is really urgent and necessary.

Precap – Shaurya is running, Mehek is in His arms unconscious.

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  1. Very nice arundati.. This is amazing.. Plz upload soon as possible.. Bocz i can’t wait for this… Plz ????

  2. Oh wow story is moving at good pace now
    Waiting for next part
    Thanks for update and keep it up

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