Love is what makes everyone alive – Part 3

Mahek is alone at the pool side in the evening writing something in her dairy , meanwhile shaurya is also in the campus with is colleagues but is interrupted by a call and he too moves towards the pool side . Mehek finish her work and getup  to leave but collides with shaurya and unable to recover they both fall in the pool mehek hugs Shaurya in her fear . Shaurya makes her look at him and they both make eye contact and shaurya place a kiss on her crown and leans to kiss her but suddenly he hear an odd sound and every thing blurs . (It was Shaurya’s dream which was left incomplete due to that alarm??.)

He wakes up with a smile and soon get ready for the class.

He reaches the class but sees that someone else is siting at mehek’s seat so looks around for her but then a girl one of Mehek’s ravel who to have secret crush on Shaurya says . Sir today your favorite student is absent .

Shaurya looks at her ( quite angrily)- What you just said.

She- I meant to say mehek is absent , nothing else sir .

The class is over but today Shaurya didn’t cracked much jokes.

In evening as usual he was in the hostel for the doubt section which he thought he’ll get to see mehek but Mehek wasn’t there either .He call Sonal and ask where is Mehek .

Sonal- ?? Anything important ji… I meant sir .

Shaurya – Ooh , no nothing special it was just that she neither attended todays class nor came for doubt class . And I have cleared it yesterday that today’s topic was very important .

Sonal – may i call her if you want ?

Shaurya – No it isn’t that important . what can anybody do if she herself is so careless .

Sonal – ? She isn’t careless it’s just yesterday she felt from stairs and was anable to walk .

Shaurya -? What? Is she okay , i didn’t knew .

Sonal – Yea know she is a fine but her foot is swollen a bit .

Shaurya – oh , okay thanks , i should leave and goes downstairs .As he was moving here someone calling him as he turns he saw Mehek standing there.

Mehek – I’m sorry sir but can you please explain me todays topic as i have missed it.

Shaurya was happy to see her but also a bit angry as she was injured and should have proper rest .

Shaurya – What are you doing here ? You should be resting now .

Mehek- I was tired of resting and it’s too confusing can you please help me with it .

Shaurya – Umm , okay let’s sit there and i’ll explain it to you.

As they finish there topic Sonal join them too.

Sonal- I have a doubt can you please clear that?

Mehek- But you are not a bio student.

Shaurya – Laughing ? what’s your question Sonal.

Sonal – Sir is there any medical problem in which the person falls regularly . ( looking at Mehek?)

Shaurya  Getting serious – I guess that person may be suffering from some kind of psychological problem ( brust in a laugh)

Mehek- Sonal I won’t spare you . ( as she stands up in anger she fall again but Shaurya hold her and they are lost in each others eyes but there contact is broken by the laughter of Sonal)

As Shaurya make her sit again Sonal- Look you proved that sir is correct .

Shaurya – Yea sonal you are right , Mehek can’t you live peacefully without falling here and there .

Mehek with teary eyes ?- You both are so bad , i hate you . We’ll see when you’ll fall and get injured sir .

Both Sonal and Shaurya feel bad about it , Sonal- sorry for her behavior sir i should leave good evening.

Shaurya –  good evening .they both leave .

Precap- Mehek is crying and saying it’s all my mistake I shouldn’t had said any suchthing .Sonal consoles her.

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  1. Hii..nice ff..pls post nxt part soon …

  2. Loving this story because it’s very unique and interesting…Please update soon!

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