Love makes a change – CHAPTER 8


Sanskar comes down and joint them.

San: Seeing your Dil u both forgot your son…ah this unfair. (Complained).

Suju: Sanskar!…….

San: k mom Im quite. (He said while covering his mouth).

Ram: drama maze…..

Swara was smiling seeing their bond. After this swara showed aarthi and gave Prasad. Soon suju too helped swara to arrange the dishes in the table . Swara made suju sit and started serving but suju made her too to sit with them and they started eating.

Ram: Swara, it is really amazing……

Suju: ha beta, it is really very nice.

San: hmmm nice.

All commented and swara just smiled. After eating

Suju: Swara u’re mom asked to come home na u and sanskar go and come beta.

Swara just nodded and went to their room. Seeing swara going to their room sanskar made lame excuses and went to their room.


Sanskar went and saw swara unplugging her phone from the charger.

San: swara. Hearing the voice swara turned.

San: Can I talk with you?

SWA: hmm

San: Swara I know we r not in relationship, we are roommates na, can’t we be friends? So friends? (Extending his hand).

SWA: Friends!… Both gives a handshake.

San: u come down fast and one more thing u call me by my name itself.

SWA: k sanskar.

Sanskar was totally went out of the world when he heard his name from her mouth but again he composed himself and left down.

Soon swara went down and both bidded bye to sujatha and ram.

Sujatha and ram we’re really over whelmed to get swara as their bahu.


Again silence was there in the car. Sanskar looked at swara who was looking out from the window. Again sanskar started

San: Swara!(swara looked at him) Y don’t we introduce ourselves ( he said and looked at her once and again at the road). So I’ll start I’m SANSKAR MAHESHWARI. Did my schooling in Mumbai and collage in Calcutta University, a jabber box, fond of music and my own business. Love my family more than myself and I have a sister uttra, she is doing her higher studies in London. So that’s all about me and it’s your turn swara!….

SWA:  I was SWARA GADODIA. Did my schooling in culcutta and college at ahemadabad. I love my family very much. Very much fond of music and without music I’m nothing. A great guitarist. Doesn’t talk much to my friends but talk only to my loved once.

San:(in mind) I will soon make me enter into your loved ones list…..wait ……ah god sanskar what the hell u r thinking? First concertrate on the road.

Soon swasan reached the mansion and saw Raglak too standing waiting or them. They parked the car and reached to raglak.

SWA: Rags I guess u had a wonderful night na?

Rag: Swara!….(blushes).

SWA: I didn’t expect u to be here so soon in this morning.(teasingly).

Lak: Wht to do bestie ur sister made me to get up so soon. (Making faces). Ragini glared at laksh.

San: so u wasn’t willing?

Lak: yes I wasn’t (blushed a little). Ragini was blushing hard.

SWA: stop blushing both of u or else I have an idea I shall book a honeymoon suite for u what say?

RAGLAK: Swara!……(both blushed).

Swasan gave hifi to each other. Sanskar was truely shocked to see swara’s this side.

San(in mind): God I really don’t know that she is so bubbly yet cute I really wanted to see her more…….he thought.

Soon swasan and Raglak went inside.



So back with another chapter. Hope u all will like it and thanks to all once again those who wished me??❤


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