Love makes a change CHAPTER 43

Swara is now in her 8th month.
Swara sat on the couch after having her dinner.

Dida: Shoru I have thought of something for you.

SWA: What dida?

Dida: We’ll do godh bharai ceremony for u.

SWA: Dida no need that and all.

Dida: Shoru it’s a ritual and u can’t say no so tomorrow the function will be held.

Swara agreed without no other options left.


Dida made swara ready and made her sit in the couch. Only few people were near present. Rituals started and swara’s eyes turned glassy now and tears fell on her cheeks. Dida came near swara and wiped her tears nodding her head in no for crying. While she smiled. After sometime swara went to her room.

Swara took out a photo frame which had herself and sanskar. Tears flowed from her eyes.

Swara’s pov:

Sanskar I don’t know whether I should be happy as my bodh bharai is happening nor I should be sad for not having u at my side. I still believe u, love u and I knew there is something that u have not believed me but I can’t stay there without u my love and that’s y I came her.
POV ends……

Swara was now in her last month.
Dida: Happy 25th bday my Shoru (kissed her forehead).

SWA: Thanks dida.

She remembered how all she celebrated her bday last time. Her thoughts were broken by dida.

Dida: U fresh up and come we’ll go to Temple.

Swara nodded went, soon dida helped her to dress up and she made swara to sit in couch on hall as she had some small work nearby dida left
Swara took her phone and started to look at their pictures. Suddenly she winced in pain and without wasting time she called dida and she was coming back. While swara’s pain started to increase more due to labour pain. She was shouting badly while tears were flowing through her eyes.


Sanskar who was speaking to his manger immediately stood up and signed his manger to leave. A sudden jurk, pain, restless consumed his heart. While his eyes turned glassy.

SAN: Y I feel like swara is in pain?…….


Dida addmitted swara in the hospital while swara’s college mate sakshi came running inside. ( Swara and sakshi r besties in the collage. Sakshi got married in Delhi so she didn’t meet swara. After swara came her sakshi met swara offen).

Sak: Dida swara?

Dida,: She is inside beta.

Soon 2 nurses came out having 2 babies in each other’s hands.

Nurse: Congrats mam, swara mam have got a baby boy and a girl.

Doctor came out.

Sak: Is swara alright?

Doctor: Yes nothing to worry and u can meet her after 4 hours.

Dida and sakshi signed in relief and took the babies from them……..

After 4 hours:

Dida and sakshi went inside having both the babies in their arms and saw swara was sitting in the bed.

Dida: Look Shoru u have got a boy and a girl.

Swara’s eyes turned glassy. Dida gave the boy to her while she looked him and he looked exactly like her. Then sakshi gave the girl to her.

SWA: She looks exactly like sanskar.

Hearing this sakshi and dida looked at each other. Swara wanted him to be here now but he wasn’t. Her thoughts were totally on him and their memories on soon she dozed off due to medical effects.


Sanskar felt an unknown happiness inside him. After so many months he felt like going to his house wantedly. He looked at his wrist watch which showed 11:45 p.m. That it is when he realized it was night. She smiled sadly.

SAN: If she was there I’m sure I’ll be sleeping by now.

He said to himself and came out of his office. While coming he heard someone speaking. So he stopped himself.

SAN: Who could be here at this time?

He said to himself and went more closer to hear the conversation but sanskar couldn’t see his face as he was looking and speaking in his phone on the other side.

Person: Yes yes, finally we separated that swara from his wife. I thought he will be broken and his business will be left alone behind but he…. ah he’s now working more harder than before. I will have to take a next step towards his family to break him more and then I will be the only king of business mens. (He laughed like a manick).

Sanskar who heard this was shock this was the word which came from his mouth.

San: Raj

Now his blood boiled, he went to him and made him turn and yes he was correct, it’s Raj. Raj was shocked seeing sanskar. While sanskar gave him a hard punch on his face and dragged him towards the garage in his office behind. He pushed Raj down and closed the shatter. Raj looked at sanskar, still couldn’t come out from shock. Sanskar made him stand through his collars. His eyes were blood shot red.

SAN: U bastard I was waiting for such an opportunity to trap u and u yourself came inside my trap. Now as I said before u will face the hell (dangerously).

Raj gulped seeing him.

Sanskar slapped him hard while raj fell down.

SAN: it’s only because of u me and my r separated, I sent her wantedly and because of your cheap photos.

Saying this sanskar started to beat him blue and black. He was showing all his anger on him. After sometime 2 police men stopped him by catching him and other 2 helped Raj to get up as he can’t even walk due to sanskar’s hit. Inspector came in and thanked sanskar and went.
Sanskar drove off to his house and went to his room after 2 months. His eyes caught on the reports. He took the reports and opened it was swara’s pregnancy conformation report. He smiled sadly while his eyes turned glassy.

San: Happy birthday my jaan…. By now my baby could have born. I will bring u back very soon.

He closed his eyes tightly remembering their movements and slept due to extreme tiredness as he has not slept for many days.


PRECAP: Confrontation of the truth and a big leap.


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