Love makes a change CHAPTER 42

Every girl needs her husband’s care on her pregnancy time but her I’m craving to see him at least once. Look at the destiny, how it has played in my life. Within a minute my life changed. My sanskar too didn’t believe me. (Smiles sadly).

Swara was thinking about this and suddenly she started to shout in pain holding her belly tight. Dida addmitted swara in the hospital. After sometime doctor came out.

Doc: Mam congrats she’s pregnant with twins but she is weak that’s y.

Dida: Can I meet her now?

Doc: Yes sure.

Dida went inside and saw swara who was sitting in the bed. She immediately hugged swara.

Dida: Shoru u r pregnant with twins.

SWA: (in mind) Wish I could say this to sanskar. (She smiled sadly)

After sometime swara was discharged.

Dida made swara to eat her food.
After eating,

Dida: Swara I know you hate sitting idle na?

Swara smiled

Dida: So u work in my hospital for few days. (Dida owns many hospitals and doing business too)

SWA: k dida.

Swara joined the hospital as a doctor as she has already done MBBS but she wanted to have a music acedamy. Soon she joined the hospital as doctor and dida calls her offenly to take care of herself too but still she was aching for sanskar.


Sanskar was also missing her badly. He started to involve more himself into business to distract himself from thinking about swara but still her offen phone calls, her care and love was making him more weaker. He appointed agents to search for swara while sometimes he itself used to search. He became a very strict in his official time and very silent in his personal life. He hardly comes home like 1 times in a month or even he won’t come that also and he used to answer only someone asks him anything.

Raglak were blessed with a baby girl and they named her Ritu. Raglak went back to their house as they couldn’t be here without swara but they visit every weekends as sujata is alone. Neither uttara nor ram know about this still.


Now swara is her 5th month but still she went to the hospital. Dida asked her to stop working because she didn’t want her to get stress more. Swara do get mood swings yet she used to compose herself seeing his pic. Dadi made all things which will make swara happy but she knew how much she loves sanskar and craving for his presence near her. After that day dida didn’t talk about sanskar at all after that day. Swara’s baby bump started to show up as she was moving out from her intial stage. Dadi stopped going to office as swara is all alone and used to do her work at home. Swara also helps dida in business issues as she has helped shekhar in his.


PRECAP: Swara gets labour pain and sanskar feels it and punishment of Raj.

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