Love makes a change CHAPTER 41

SWA: Sanskar u…u really believe….those photos?. (Stammering and controlling tears)

She had some hope that sanskar will not believe those.
He closed his eyes tightly avoiding eye contact with her and he closed his eyes tightly not giving any answers.

SWA: Sanskar answer me please.

She pleading and crying at the same time. Yet no answers came. She was completely shattered, heart broken. She still couldn’t digest the fact that her sanskar, her love of her life didn’t believe her seeing these fake photos. Again all started to taunt her. It’s enough and more she ran out of the house.
Laksh took the file and opened. He was shocked as he saw the reports.

Lak: Swara is pregnant!

All were Shocked. This is more than enough for sanskar. He walked in his room and sat down on the floor with a thund. This world went upside down hearing what laksh said. He looked at their marriage photo frame in the wall and wispered

SAN: Sorry.

He started to cry bitterly……
Swara went to her house and to her room. She cried vigorously. Soon she packed her bag, took all her things and went out still crying.
There Raglak were pleading everyone to believe swara but their anger blinded their eyes so none listened to them.
Swara went to Mumbai and quickly entered into her dida’s house ( shomi’s mom). Swara hugged dida. She was controlling her tears terribly.

Dida: Shona! How r u?

SWA: U leave that dida where r u leaving?

Dida: I’m shifting my house to Delhi today.

Dida got to know that something terribly happened but she thought not to ask her now.

SWA: Dida I’m also coming.

Dida: k.

After they reached their house in Delhi swara fainted. Doctor came checked her and left. After sometime swara got her consious. She sat on the bed with help of dida.

Dida: Swara u r 2 months pregnant my child ( hugged her).

Swara wasn’t able to control her tears anymore. She started to cry badly.

Dida: Swara what happened?

Swara told whatever happened today.

Dida: They should not have this.(angrily)

SWA: Leave it Dadi u r there na, I’ll be alright.(wiping her tears and sniffs).

Dida took out her sim.

Dida: Swara u too take off yr sim card.
(Swara nodded) and don’t worry everything will be fine. (Cups her face and kissed her forehead). I’ll bring something for you.


Ragini called laksh.

Rag: Laksh (crying)

Lak: Ragini r u alright y r u crying?

Rag: Swara…swara left the house.

Lak: What? (shocked).

Rag: Yes…

Lak: Ragini I call u back later.

Laksh became very angry. He stromed from his room to the hall and saw sanskar who’s face was all dull and was about to go out. Laksh held sanskar’s coller. While sujata looked shocked.

Suju: Laksh (shouted).

Saying she came near him. Sanskar didn’t even look at him and was lost in thoughts.

Lak: Chachi please today don’t stop me.

He looked at sanskar.

Lak: Sanskar u did a big mistake by doubting swara and now she has left her house. It’s all because you. (Sanskar looked at laksh).

Laksh left his collars and stromed out. Sujata was shocked and sanskar out and left in his car. He started to drive rashly and stopped at a lonely road. He stepped out and dropped himself down.

SAN: I…..I’m sorry….swara…I…I really… believe u….it’s just…that circumstances….makes me to do….all things….I’m really sorry….my jaan…. because of me…ur r in pain and u left…. me.(tears flowing uncontrollably).

He was falling short of words, the pain he was going through now was like 1000 swords stabbing his heart for him.

SAN: I really do love you my jaan, my swara. I will always do it now and forever.

This was a mere wisper to him. Days were passing by swara was going through uncontrollably pain inside yet she didn’t show it out. Every day, every hour, every second swasan were missing each other badly. They were never separated but this separation was mentaliy and physical were making them more weaker day by day. Swara who needs his care more at this  time was missing him extremely….

PRECAP: Swara’s POV, Sanskar’s changes.

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