Love makes a change CHAPTER 40

Now it was early morning. Sanskar opened his eyes he saw his love, his life, his jaan sleeping on his arms peacefully. He smiled seeing her sleeping like a kitten in his arms and soon he made her lay on the bed and took a glance of her and left.
Swara woke up and saw sanskar wasn’t there. She saw a paper in the table which was writing Gud morning? by him, she smiled and went to washroom to fresh up. Swara thought to clean her room and started cleaning while cleaning she saw their marriage photo suddenly she felt like vomiting so she kept the frame on the bed and rushed inside the washroom. After sometime she came out and felt dizzy so she sat on the bed.

SWA: What is happening to me? I have to go to the hospital.

Saying this she took her purse and came down. Seeing swara going out.

Rag: Swara r u going somewhere out?

SWA: Ha rags to meet my friend.

Rag: Oh k come back soon.

SWA: k

Saying this swara went to the hospital as didn’t want anyone to be distributed because oh her and went to the hospital, after all the test doctor called her inside the cabin.

SWA: Doctor is everything ok?

Doc: Yes Mrs. Maheshwari moreover it’s a good news. U r pregnant.

SWA: Really doctor?

Doc: Yes and from now on have these tablets and come for the test next month.

SWA: Thank you doctor.

Saying this swara came out. She has no words to express her happiness which had no boundaries. She placed her hand on her belly and smiled as now she isnt alone but a new life is growing inside her, their of love. Swara took her phone out and was about to dail his number but she didn’t.

SWA: No no I will go directly and say to everyone. I want to see him.

Saying this she went to maheshwari mansion with her pregnancy reports and went through cab.


Swara went inside and to her suprise gagodias were also present.

Wow now the whole family is here and my work is less I will say it everyone in one go.
Pov ends.

Swara was about come down through steps but she heard a voice STOP which made her stop and she looked at the arrival of the voice and she was surprised as it was sanskar who asked her to stop.
Sanskar came near her. His eyes was red and it was filled with pain and anger with tears too…

SWA: Sanskar what happened? ( With concern seeing his state)

Suju: I never expected u to be like this swara chi ( teary eyes)

SWA: what r u saying ma? (Highly confused)

SAN: Don’t call her ma. His was voice was blank.

SWA: What is happening here?

Shekhar took the file from swara’s hand and throwed it. It reached at ragini’s feet.

Shek: How can u cheat sanskar, swara? How could u? U slept with someone chi I’m ashamed to say that u r my daughter.

SWA: what no no I didn’t sanskar was the only person who touched me. ( Teary eyes)

Shomi: Then what r these.

Swara looked at the photos which had swara and someone very much closer.
All started to taunt her. Raglak was pleading everyone to stop as they knew swara can’t think anyone even in her dreams too but none gave attention to them. Ragini was crying seeing swara who was standing like a statue hearing everyone’s taunts. Swara could believe what was happening here, now.
She moved towards sanskar and holded his hands but he jurked it off. He was about to leave but stopped as swara spoke out.

PRECAP: Swara to leave the house?

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