Love makes a change CHAPTER 39

Sanskar was now a days looking always tensed which didn’t go unnoticed by swara. So she thought to ask him today.
Swara came from downstairs to their room and saw sanskar putting his coat. Swara helped him and he turned towards her.

SWA: Sanskar what is bothering u and y u look always tensed ?

SAN: Ah….it’s business issues swara.

SWA: No sanskar u r not a person who brings these things home and I knew it very well.

SAN: Don’t worry it will be solved soon.

Swara hugged sanskar.

SAN: What happened?

SWA: Don’t no I feel something bad is going to happen.

Sanskar broke the hug and cupped her face

SAN: Nothing will so don’t worry.
(Kissed her forehead) k come let’s go down all will be waiting for us.

SWA: Hmm

Both went down…..
Now ragini is in 9th month. No one leaves her alone. Ram again went out for his business issues and uttara went to London to continue her higher studies. Swara was also not feeling well, she was offenly getting tired and she sometimes feels dizzy too yet she didn’t care about it much. Shekhar and Shomi took ragini with them for her delivery and swara for one week. Swaragini was having nice time with each other. Swasan was having contact through calls as sanskar was quite busy.
Sanskar at call.

SAN: Hello.


SAN: U? How can you be out here?


SAN: What do u want raj? I knew it was u who sent the goons to my wife.


SAN:U bastard, if u do that u will face the hell. Mark my words Raj


The call got disconnected and sanskar sat on the chair and closed his eyes tightly. His face indicated how much he was tensed of something.

Swara was walking in the corridors of the house as she wasn’t able to sleep and she felt like seeing sanskar but she didn’t either wanted to disturb him too as he was quite busy with his office work now a days and he used to come home very late.
She was thinking about sanskar as it has been 2 days since they talked. Her thoughts were broken by her phone call.
She looked at the I’d and it was sanskar.

SWA: Hello, sanskar.

SAN: Sry swara actually I was very busy with a project that’s y I didn’t call u.

SWA: Calling me is not a problem but I’m sure u could not had ur food now, am i right?

SAN: hmm…. Swara I want to say something to u.

SWA: Say sanskar.

SAN: I love you.

SWA: Don’t I know this.

SAN: K swara u saw today it’s a full moon day.

SWA: Without u when I seen it so I didn’t see.

SAN: Now r u in our room?

SWA: No I’m in the corridors.

SAN: Oh u better go to ur room and see the moon.

SWA: but how will I see it without u?

SAN: I’m always there with u.

Swara went to her and sanskar was already there.

SWA: Sanskar

She hugged him showing how much she missed him and broke the hug.

SAN: Can we see the moon?

Swara nodded soon both went to the balcony and looked at the moon which was glowing and made them glow too.

SAN: I don’t need this moon because I already have mine.

SWA: Sanskar…….

SAN: princess I want to sleep with u for the last time.

SWA: y last time? I’m always there na?

SAN: Sorry I said it in a flow.

SWA: k come let’s sleep.

Sanskar took swara in his embrace and closed his eyes. Soon swara slept and sanskar opened his eyes. He hugged her more tightly. Sleep was far away from him. He kissed her forehead and caressed her hairs gently. Soon he too dozed off.


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