Love makes a change CHAPTER 37

Soon days passed the family was filled with utmost joy and happiness. It has been  3 months since swasan’s marriage. Their love for each other increased day by day yet they didn’t go to the next level of their marriage.
One day swasan went out and had nice time together. It’s 9 at night. Swasan reached home but to their suprise the door was locked.

SWA: Where did everyone go?

Sanskar found a paper at the door step and he opened the paper, it was a letter.
Sanskar read out the letter.
Swara, sanskar we have gone to Temple and we’ll return only after a day. So u both stay in our guest house.

SAN: But they could have called me na?

SWA: Maybe our phone could not have reached.

SAN’: k come let’s go.

Swasan went to the farm house.
He was about to open the door but it was already opened. So both went inside and was highly suprised as the hall was filled with decorations
( Same setup of the farm house hall where ragini’s truth was out in front of swasan and laksh). Both walked inside. Swara say a paper in the table and started to read.

SWARA read the letter.
Thought to give u both a small suprise so u both don’t waste time and go to the room.

SAN: What is there in the room?

SWA: Don’t know let’s see.

Both walked towards the room.


Swasan was shocked to see the decorations. The room was filled with small small lights and scented candles. There was a bed which was decorated and it was filled with rose petals. The cool breeze and the moonlight made it more beautiful yet romantic. Swara blushed as she knew y they have done this. Sanskar saw a paper in the glass vase he took and read.

Have a great night my sweeties and I want a grand child from u very soon as possible.

Hearing this swara blushed hard.

SAN: Swara look at mom’s eagerness na. Uff..and stop blushing I won’t be able to control myself.

SWA: Who asked u to control?

SAN: That means swara……

SWA: I’m ready.

SAN: R u sure?

SWA: god isn’t it unfair u gave me such an unromantic husband (dramatically).

SAN: Now get ready Mrs. Swara Sanskar Maheshwari to face this unromantic husband.

Saying this he took her in his arms and placed her on the bed. He leaned towards her and the screen blurred. Both consummated their marriage and slept due to tiredness.


Swara was still sleeping but got disturbed due to sunlight rays. She slowly opened her eyes and looked at the other side but sanskar wasn’t there. She rubbed her eyes like a kid. Suddenly a coffee cup came in middle. She looked up and saw sanskar who was wearing vests and pant. He placed the cup on the table and made her sit properly and sat beside her.

SAN: Don’t worry it will pain for sometime.

SWA: Is it not paining for u?

SAN: No because I’m strong.

Swara beats him playfully on his shoulders. Swara got up cluching the bedsheet with her as she was wearing his shirt only.

SAN: Should I accompany for bath too?

SWA: Sanskar!… (blushed yet managed to shout).

After sometime both got ready and went to their house. All started to tease them.
Days were passing by quickly.
Once swara went to the market. She brought all the things needed and she started walking in road. The road seems empty. Suddenly a van came in front of swara which made her jurk.

SWA: Can’t u see and drive, stupid.

Saying this swara was about to go but she was caught by a man  who came from a man.

SWA: Ah leave me.

She said struggling to take off that man’s hands from her. But they pulled her inside the van.

SWA: Help help.

Seeing her shouting he immediately closed her mouth with his hands. In a certain time they reached the forest which is near the market. They stopped the car and made swara to come down she started to run as fast as possible catching her saree fleets. She was still running and she didn’t look what was down and she fell down.

SWA: Ah.

She winced in pain and in the mean it time the goons came and caught her.

Goon1: How dare u to ran away from us.

SWA: Leave me, what did I do? Please.

Goon2: it’s my boss order to bring u to him.

They left one of her hand and caught the other and dragged her towards the van which was at the start of the forest. Swara took her Swiss knife and opened it. They reached the van.

Goon2: Get in.

He said while the other went towards the driving seat and sat. Swara immediately cuts his hand which made him to bleed.

Goon2: U…….

Swara started to run and she found her handbag which she threw out when she was inside. She took her hand bag and started searching for something while the goons arrived there.

Goon1: How can u escape from us, u better come with us.

Saying this they went near swara and swara immediately took out her a sprey and spreyed on their eyes  which made a irritation and they started to shout in pain as it was not a normal sprey but it was pepper spray. Without wasting much time swara ran from there but she was limping as when she fell down she got cut on her foot and it was bleeding. Her forehead also got head. Somehow swara reached home.


PRECAP: Swara pacifies sanskar..

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