Love makes a change CHAPTER 36

Swasan came down after getting ready. Swara did aarthi.
Suj: Finally my daughter is back. I missed u so much swara.
Hugged swara.
SAN: Swara look before u came I was her sweet son and now after u came look she’s not even bothered about her son.
Sujatha held his ears and twisted lightly.

Suj: U r always my sweet only but swara is extra sweet and how dare u to complain.
SAN: Mom sorry sorry.
Suju left his ear and sanskar hugged suju sideways. All were admiring their bond.
Now, this week swara’s bday is going to come. Sanskar was planning something big.
Swara’s bday:
It was morning. sanskar got up early, got ready and went out to prepare for swara’s bday. Swara got up after sometime.
SWA: Where did he this soon? Maybe he got work. K let’s get ready.
She took her phone and there was many messages.
SWA: What is this I never get this much messages unless if it’s my bday.
Suddenly something striked her. She looked at the date.

SWA: Today is my bday. Let’s see what sanskar does for me.
She went and got freshup. Swara came to the dressing table and stood before the mirror.
SWA: Uff this saree ah….. and this pin is also not pricking correctly.
She took a pin and removed the pin which had already pinned in her shoulder. She took the saree off the saree and correcting it. Sanskar opened the door without knowing this. Swara immediately turned towards the other side putting her saree in her shoulder and both the hands for it.
SWA: Can’t u knock the door and come?
Sanskar smiled and moved closer to her.
SAN: Anyways one day I’m going to see u y not today (teasingly).

SWA: Shut up sanskar ( blushing hard).
Sanskar took the pin from the table and pinned her saree. He made her turn towards him through her arms.
SAN: Looking beautiful!
SWA: Of course I will because my husband brought it for me na.
SAN: K we r going out today evening.
SWA: Where? (Excited)

SAN: Ah nothing big today there’s a party from my client he asked me to bring u too
SWA: Oh (disappointed)
Sanskar saw her disappointed but he couldn’t help as he wanted to give suprise.
SWA: Sanskar today is what day?
SAN: Friday.
SWA: Idiot ( pushed him through his chest and went out).
SAN: This idiot have something for u.

There swara was cursing sanskar.
SWA: Idiot, stupid, non sense I asked him what day to remind my bday and he is saying Friday, don’t I know that ah.
She went inside the kitchen and started making breakfast with sujatha.
She came out after making and saw Raglak coming down. She thought at least they will wish. Swara went towards ragini and helped her to sit on the couch. Swara was about to go but stopped as laksh called her. She turned thinking he will wish.
Lak: Swara where is sanskar, I have discuss about a meeting today.
SWA: He is in room only (annoyed)

Swara went. Raglak smiled seeing swara getting annoyed .
Rag: Laksh swara is already annoyed now itself.
Lak: We can’t do anything for that.
Soon all had their break fast.
Ram: K sanskar, laksh come I’ll drop u both in the office.
SAN: k dad, lucky u took the file na.
Lak: ha I took.
Rag: k byeeeeeee
I’m waiting for someone to wish me but all forgot it’s my birthday and they r going to office. It’s unfair.
SAN: Swara
This made her come to sense.
SWA: hmm

SAN: byeeeeeee
SWA: bye
Saying this she went upstairs.
All smiled.
Suju: It’s unfair sanskar u made us not to wish her and u all r making my daughter sad and annoyed ( she said slowly so that swara doesn’t hear).
SAN: Mom just for few hours please.
Suju: k

Soon all went for office.
Swara was sitting on the bed with a cute pout on her face.
Shekhar called swara.
SWA: At least dad will not forget me.
Attends the call
SWA: Hello
Shek: Shona how r u?
SWA: I’m fine papa, r u taking yr medicines on time?
Shek: Yes yes.

They have a nice talks
SWA: papa do u remember what is today?
Shek: today is Friday na what’s special in this?
SWA: Ma at least u remember?
Shomi: nothing special oh today I go to Temple na.
SWA: Go I hate u both.?
She cuts the call.
SWA: Everyone forgot me? ( made crying faces).

After sometime swara made lunch.
SWA: Swara u go and give lunch in the office na?

Suju: k and careful.
Swara took the lunch and went to office with driver.
She kept the lunch in a separate cabin which had only couch and table. She went to sanskar’s cabin but to her he wasn’t there so she left and called ram and laksh. Both came.
Swara was serving food to ram
SWA: lucky where is sanskar, he wasn’t there in his cabin.
Laksh who was drinking the water spitted out hearing this.
Lak: (in mind) This sanskar didn’t even come to office still.
SWA: laksh r u alright? I just asked u where is he?
Ram: He went to see a site.

SWA: Oh…..
After that both ate and went. Swara came home.
Today I thought to spend the whole day with him but he…..ah I didn’t even see him from morning ?. POV ends.
Now it was evening. Sanskar called him.
SAN: Swara
SWA: What (annoyed)
SAN: Angry? Sry Shoru I went to see a site.

SWA: Now say what u want.
SAN: k get ready we r going to meet my client and then party.
SWA: I’m not coming.
SAN: U r coming………my jaan. Now go to ur cupboard. I have kept something for u.
SWA: What is it?
SAN: u see it yourself bye.
The call got disconnected.

Swara went towards her cupboard and saw a new saree which was hung in the hanger.
SWA: He is only good for this.
Saying this she took it and wore the saree with simple accessories. She looked at the mirror for a last glance and went down.
Suju: Swara r u going somewhere?
SWA: ha na sanskar called me as I was there was some party itseems.
Rag: Oh…. But u look so gorgeous.
Swara smiled.

Suju: k swara u go.
Swara went out and saw the driver waiting in the car.
SWA: Raju y r u waiting for someone?
Raju: Bhabhi vo Bhai asked me to pick me up as he is little busy.
SWA: Oh… K raju.
Swara sat down and after 10 minutes they reached a place.
Raju: Bhabhi u go inside.

Swara came out of the car and started walking inside.
As soon as she started walking inside it was getting darker and darker as there were no lights. Swara started to get scared but didn’t show off.
SWA: Sanskar (she shouted a bit). Suddenly poppers burst out making swara to close her eyes tightly. She opened her eyes and saw all the lights have come. Seeing the decoration swara was shocked. Sanskar came in with a bouquet of flowers in hands with his million dollar smile which also made everyone fall for him. She was not knowing what was happening here. He came close to her and smiled more brightly seeing swara getting confused. He gave her the bouquet and she took it from his hands. He stretched his hand for her and she placed it still confused. They started to walk and all the time swara came was looking at swara still confused.

Suddenly lights went off once again and it came back. She saw sanskar standing in front of her with lots of love in eyes.
SAN: On your birthday, I want to remind you that you are special, not only to me but to all those who are privileged enough to know you for the amazing person you are. People like you are hard to come by, but getting to have a wife like you is indeed a gift.

You make not just me, but our whole family complete every single day.This day is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate just how much I love you and how thankful that u r a part of my life. Know, that your smile is the reason my heart beats.(smiles)

Falling for you was the best thing my heart ever did.The day you vowed to love me for the rest of your life was the happiest day of mine. I will always be eternally grateful that you said yes. All I want to be in life is the kind of husband who erases your fears, comforts your loneliness, and cherishes your love.You’re the kind of wife who makes me feel like anything is possible because you always believe in me no matter how considerable the challenge. I want you to know that I honestly do appreciate all that you do and give. it feels like I’ve known you forever. I can’t imagine how I lived for so long without you, but I’m grateful you’re here now. Thank you for changing my life for the better.You’re the most important person in my life, and I love our life together. A friend like you is hard to find, but a wife like you is truly priceless. I lived my life with nothing until I met you. I never knew I what I was waiting for, but I knew incomparable joy when I first laid eyes on you. You mean so very much to me. Happy birthday my love, my jaan…. I knew from u was waiting for me to say these words but I wanted to make it more special.. u r the best thing that ever happened in my life.

Swara was in tears. She hugged him tightly. Sanskar smiled as he knew this would happen. He rubbed her back to make her calm. He broke the hug and cupped her face and wiping her tears soon she cuts her and enjoyed the day.

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