Love makes a change – CHAPTER 25



Swara got ready in a yellow net lehanga with simple accessories and a fish plait. She looked so pretty. Soon everyone applied haldi on her and lucky is clicking photos and was sending to sanskaar. Soon Raglak left to apply haldi on sanskaar.


UTT: Bhaiya (sweetly and take some haldi in her hand).
SAN: What? (Rolling his eyes).
UTT: Now if u do this (went close to his ears) I have to say all how u met bhabhi last(came back)
SAN: (shocked but didn’t show off): Hmm apply.
Uttara applies some haldi in his cheeks, hands and suddenly she took the whole haldi and applied to his face fully.
SAN: Uttara…… He shouted and all Started to laugh. Sanskaar started to chase her and uttara too runs. All this was taken video by lucky. He sends the video to swara. Swara who came from the washroom after fresh up, wiping her wet hairs saw her phone flashing light due to notification. She sat down and took her phone.

SWA: Who has sent me message?………ah lucky has sent a video. What could it be?
She opened the video and saw it fully, by the end of the video swara was laughing whole heatedly. She immediately called sanskaar, who came and sat on his couch after fresh up.
SWA: Sanskaar!…
SAN: Swara u looked so beautiful, wish I was there.(dreamily)
SWA: Hmm (composing her laugh as she remembered the video) even u looked very handsome after haldi (couldn’t hold on so she laughs)

SAN: U knew what happened here?(shocked)
SWA: Ah…lucky sent me the video and I’ll send it for u too. (Laughs).
SAN: Today that lucky Bucky is gone.
SWA: (composing herself) Oyi don’t u dare to touch my bestie.
SAN: Oh really? This much boldness?
SWA: More than u(with attitude)

SAN: We’ll see that after marriage.
Swara blushed. Swara’s mom called swara from downstairs.
SWA: k sanskar will call u later, mom is calling.
SAN: Swara wait, tomorrow is our sangeet function so I thought to give a dare.
SWA: Sure! Give it fast.
SAN: U have to kiss me 7 times in the sangeet hall.
SWA: I’ll accept this challenge but if I win I will ask anything from you.
SAN: K but if I win I will also ask.
SWA: k bye

SAN: bye and get ready for the dare tomorrow.
SWA: Get ready to loose the dare (with attitude)
SAN: Will see, love u
SWA: Love u more. Soon the call got disconnected swara smiled and went down. Here sanskaar too smiled and took his laptop to finish his office work.

THAT NIGHT: (swasan room)

Uttara comes in,
SAN: Now u have anything to damage my face.
UTT: No Bhai (giggles).
SAN: So (side hugs her) what does my sister want?
UTT: Nothing.
SAN: Stop buttering me, Im your brother and I know u speak like this only when u want something from me.
UTT: U found out,ah…….Bhai I want to introduce you to my friends.
SAN: What? No ways uttara moreover u all will be girls and I will be all alone.
UTT: Bhai who said even boyfriends are there.
SAN: What ? Boyfriends?
UTT: Bhai look he is a boy and he is my friend so boyfriend. Don’t over react.
SAN:k k will think and say

UTT: No u r coming and datz final.
SAN: k Meri ma I’m coming!
UTT: One more thing
SAN: hmm say
UTT: We’ll go by bike as it’s been a long time I have been with u on bike.
SAN: K fine!
UTT: Thank u Bhai!

SAN: it’s k (kisses her forehead)
UTT: k gud night!
SAN: Gud night!
Uttu left and Sankaar took his mobile and was staring at swara’s haldi pic.
SAN: U came to my life like a miracle and now doing more miracles in my life. (Smiles).


Sanutt met her friends and was coming back but their usual way was restricted as some concert was going on.
UTT: Bhai can we attend the concert?
SAN: Sure come.

Soon both went to the concert place and sanskaar was shocked hearing the voice who was already singing. Soon the song finished. All gave a thunderous claps. The only word slipped from Sanskaar’s mouth was SWARA!… Hearing this uttara was shocked.
UTT: Bhai, bhabhi (shocked hearing him)

SAN: Uttara, I’ll explain u everything later now come. Saying this he dragged uttara with him to the backstage. Now another shock was all gagodias and Maheshwaries were present except sanutt. Swara saw both of them standing.
SWA: Uttara, Sanskaar!…
Uttara ran to swara and hugged her.

UTT: Bhabhi yr voice was soooooo sweet just like u! Like this everyone was prasing swara and sanskaar’s jaws hit the ground as everyone forgot him including swara.
Soon all left. After sometime swara called sanskaar but he intentionally didn’t attend the call and swara understood that he was angry on her.

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Episode 24

I’m very happy as it’s my 25th chapter and today I got freedom oops exams are over?. So I will be giving back to back chapters from now on readers get ready. I knew many of u must be wondering who is this adi Bhai and if swara is not shekshomi’s daughter then who is she? and so on……but I won’t be revealing it now as I have something to do with that so now u all concentrate on swasan’s wedding. Anyone wants to add scenes all can be said I have no issues to add them too. Hope u all like the chapter do comment and hit the like button if u like

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