Love makes a change – CHAPTER 16

              RAGINI IS PREGNANT!…

Days passed away in no time. Sanskar was waiting for a chance to propose her but alas! He couldn’t, even if he gets his business works were coming in the way. He can’t neglect that too!. Now 8 months of their marriage is over. Though they had feelings for each other sanskar didn’t show that much but swara was saying those magical words offenly. One day ragini called swara.

SWA: Hi ragu! How r u ? Is everyone fine?

Rag: Han swara, I have a very good news for you!

SWA: Really? Wait let me find……………u r pregnant?

Rag: ha swara!

SWA: wow ragu I’m so happy wait I’m coming home.

Rag: Shoru, u don’t have to come. Swara heard ragini’s voice beyond the phone so she looked up and saw ragini. She instantly went and hugged ragini. They got engaged with theirs talks as they met after sometime. After sometime laksh too enters.

Laksh: look swara seeing rags u forgot me?

SWA: lucky!(glares at him)

Lak: husband and wife both have no work other than glaring at me ah( making faces)

Swaragini laughs. After sometime

Lak: See swara we gave u neice as well as nephew so now it’s your turn when r u going to makes us ah?

Swara blushes.

Rag: look someone is blushing. Swara hits lucky.

Lak: Now y r u beating me?

SWA: because I can’t beat rags na? (Pouts).

Rag: Swara don’t be kiddish.

Lak: ragu swara is so cute don’t get angry on her.

Rag: U r spoiling her laksh. SWA-LAK looks at each other.

Swalak: After all we r besties na!….

Ragini gave a look like u both will never change.


Ragini is now in her 5th month. Raglak we’re staying with swasan as laksh’s parents has gone to u.s

NOON 2:00 P.M

Swara, ragini and sujata we’re having nice time by talking. Suddenly a group of goons enter their house before they could react they closed their mouth and tied them in the pillars. Swara protested as a result they hit her with the iron rod in her head and tied her in the pillars. Ragini and suju we’re shocked but either they could not shout too as they tied handkerchief in their mouths. Soon after sometime swara gained consious. Swaragini was on side and sujata on the other. Soon time flew away ragini was very tired and swara was assuring ragsuj with her eyes.

NIGHT : 8:15 p.m

Sanlak enters and we’re shocked but before they could rescue their family, the goons tied them too after a great difficulty. Swara was thinking how elope ragini first. Sanlak tried hard to get out of the rope, but no use. The goons comes and slaps ragini and swara hard. Sanlak blood boils seeing their love getting slaps…


PRECAP: Swara rescues ragini. Swara faints

I know all must be in shock but trust me I’ll make everything as soon as possible.No swasan scene na! Ill give them as soon as possible. Hope u all liked the chapter ? do comment and hit the like button if u like?

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    Sanskaar didn’t confessed but Swara knows na that he loves her… And it was too much shocking! How dare idiots slap swaragini! What will be next… let’s read

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