Love makes a change – CHAPTER 11


Sanskar’s hands went into his hairs due to fractuation. Sanskar informed everyone in his & her house. All were shocked and all the men’s started to search for swara. They also gave police complain but the inspector rejected and asked them to wait for 24 hours. Sanskar has no idea were to search but he searched as much as he can. He also appointed agents to search swara. He came back to his house house and went to their room without eating anything.


He looked at the wall clock which showed 2:00 a.m at morning. He sat on the bed and covered his face with his palm.


Offo swara where did u go? What is happening to me? Till a day before I was only alone in this room but how come I am feeling lonely now? She was just here yesterday and that too nothing happened between us then y?…….The way she speaks and laughs changed me in one day…..yeah! I miss her…….where are u swara? POV ends…….saying this a lone tear fell from his eyes.

@SWARA:    (7:00 A.M morning)

Swara got up slowly and finds herself in a bed.

SWA: Where am I? She thought and slowly she got flashes of how she got kidnapped and how they used tranquillizer through handkerchief and made her faint. She was totally lost into these but came back to sense when.

VOICE: There u got up miss beauty. He said. Swara looked at that man who was wearing a black costume and weight full chains in his neck to say in short u looked like a rowdy.

SWA: Who r u and y u brought me here? (Scared).

Kidnaper: I’m don sultan, I have kidnapped u here.

SWA: what! Really (excited)

Kidnaper: what really? (Confused).

SWA: like in movies u kidnapped me?

Kidnaper: yes!…..

SWA: wow it was my wish from childhood to get kidnapped.

Kidnaper: Really!(shocked). Wait…..wait…..u r Shona woh I mean swara right?

SWA: yes! But how do u know me?(confused).

Kidnapper: Swara u really don’t know me? I’m rudra ur childhood friend.

SWA: rudu! U?

Rudu: ha swara I’m rudu only!.

SWA:(looked at him from top to bottom): Rudu y r u doing this stupid kidnap work? And u look so funny. (Started laughing).

Rudu: What to do swara! It’s needed.

Swara composed herself .

Swara: k u give me yr phone, I should inform my husband.

Rudu: y r married?(shocked)

SWA: ha…can’t u see me wearing this (pointing towards her mangalsutra).

Rudra gave his mobile to swara. Swara dailed her number as she doesn’t know his.


Sanskar slept in the sitting position, his head was rested in the head board. Hearing the phone ringing sanskar attended the call.

SWA: Gud morning sanskar!…..

San: swara u r fine na? Where r u? (Bit happy yet panicked)

SWA: I’m fine and more over I got kidnapped wait let me ask the address.

Swara repeats the address while rudra was saying.

San: k u be there I’m coming.

SWA: k bye. She said

Sanskar immediately got freshup and informed everyone and went to the address where swara said.


PRECAP: Due to force sanskar got unbalanced and soon swasan landed on the bed. They share an eyelock.

I know that i gave a shock so to make u all go easy I wrote the next part too. Hope as I said I made u all smile. Actually I  dint want to keep this kidnapping scene seriously and u all could have know swara’s real character ????. Hope u all like it. Do comment and like ?.


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  1. Your Comment
    seriously ???????
    it was amazing

    1. Diya543

      Wow I’m so happy that I made someone laugh seeing my comment ??

  2. Sandymsdian

    Crazy girl?????aasaiye paaru kidnap aganumra dreamave vacchiruka????

  3. This part was soo funny swara is kidnapped and she is happy wht will sanskar think abt swara reaction

    1. Diya543

      Will see in the next chapter dear?

  4. Neha_01


  5. Hemi

    Meri Shona ka pata hona chahiye tha mujhe! I love this crazy Shona and his cute Panda! This part was more unexpected than the previous! Diyu di! Giving your innocent readers mini heart attack?

    1. Diya543

      Don’t worry cutie it will get vanished when u read the next part???? waiting for your reaction ?

  6. Supriya25

    OMG Diya….Just awesoms ff…Love makes a change…awesome title..btw let me tell u..I thought that I will read only the first part now and rest parts at night but after reading ur first part i got so much hooked to it…just awesome ff…awesome story…Swara’s character I luved the most and kidnapping sequence was fabulous..All the eleven parts were mesmerising and interesting…waiting for the next one eagerly…(I have read all the parts in one go and have commented on the last one on behalf of all)

    1. Diya543

      Thank u so much di I’m so happy dat u liked all the parts…..loads of love??❤

  7. After reading last part I thought this part will be serious one but you made it funniest one and I really loved it……

    1. Diya543

      Actually I didn’t want it to be serious that’s why I very happy that u liked it dear☺

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