Love makes a change – TEASER


Scene 1:

A girl is shown playing a guitar it seems like a street concert. The girl’s face is hidden as she is wearing a mask. She started singing hearing her melodic voice a handsome boy who was driving the car stopped it and attend the concert. He was totally struck in that place only.

Scene 2:

We can see 3 couples in a wedding attire the brides faces aren’t seen as their faces are covered wid veil. Bridegroom’s faces are also covered wid sehra. As soon as the marriage is over. The same boy in scene 1 removes his sehra and the veil of his bride next to him. All are shocked seeing the bride.

Scene 3:

In hospital: a girl is shown in the ICU ward. A boy is standing outside looking at the girl through the glass door. The girl was wearing a oxygen mask and many wires are connected to her. He whispers : I love you my dear wifey come back soon without you I’m nothing….. He says wid tears in his eyes.

Scene 4:

The same girl is shown. She is sitting in a room. The room was filled with photo frames and many other. She had a photo frame in her hand. She was looking at photo lovingly which had a young man and herself in the photo. Her eyes were red due to continuous crying. Between her silent sobs SHE : I’m missing you adi Bhai. Saying this she hugged the frame.

Scene 5:

A same girl was standing in the middle of the hall. All were taunting her including the same boy. The girl who couldn’t bear there sayings left the place. She ran to her house and locked herself in side her room . She was crying badly. After sometime she wiped her tears and packed her stuffs and left the place.

Hello everyone DIYA is back. So I told teaser will be posted on March 27 but seeing yr reviews and love I couldn’t stop myself writing this teaser. Ill try my best to post the first chapter soon. Hope I will keep up wid yr expectations. Thank you everyone for all those who commented?. Will post as soon as possible ❤

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  1. Sandymsdian

    Nice teaser dear

  2. Pavithra1616

    Oh my god! Such great imagination! It makes me read more.. Its seems to be a interesting story.. Update soon please.. And u have got a great writing skill! Such a awesome start! Sent me the link when u update, di…

    1. Diya543

      Ya sure pavi….. Wow something unexpected u really like my writing skills anyways thank u ?

  3. HarSHaN

    Nice?..Luved it..Create the next one Soonn?

    1. Diya543

      Will be updated tommorow…… thanks for reading ?

      1. HarSHaN


  4. AIHA19

    teaser awesome waiting for future episodes

    1. Diya543

      Thank you will update soon ?

  5. Naina0411

    Amazing! ?
    All the best for exams!

    1. Diya543

      Thanks di?

  6. Awesome teaser dear try to post soon

    1. Diya543

      Yeah will post soon as possible. Thanks for your comments ?

  7. Hemi

    I know am the last one but please pardon me! I just red first 2 paras but Mom scolded and switched off my laptop to let me sleep. I am not well. So pardon! And coming to the teaser! I t was actually breathtaking….. means I am not speaking lie but the story is like too much twists and interest ki to baat hi chod do! SO MUCH INTERESTING! Waiting for the next part soon but who is this adi? Post soon and LOADS OF LOVE! I didnt mention the word sory cuz we are swasanians as well as friends. But pardon me!

    1. Diya543

      K pardon accepted and u will get to know who is adi very soon. That’s totally fine u can comment whenever you want dear❤

      1. Hemi


  8. nice continue

  9. Interesting

  10. Sreekkutty

    Interesting… Is it sanskar who is last scene?. But I don’t want him like that.

    1. Diya543

      U will get to know who is that?

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