Love makes a change Season-2 Chapter 1

It was 11 at night, the rain was pouring mercilessly down the city. The sky looked dark than usual. Trees were so much happy as they were getting rain after months. Cool yet strong breeze was hitting up. As it was 11 not even a single human is seen due to rain except one. He was completely drenched but it looked like he doesn’t care. His eyes showed immense pain he was going through, those cold rain droplets were wetting his whole body, traveling from his head to toe. His wet hairs were sticking a little to his handsome face, his white shirt has now gone transparent showing his fit, strong body muscles. He was walking aimlessly like these droplets, as even they don’t know which place they will fall in the ground. His eyes started turning red. He stopped and dropped himself down closing his eyes tightly. Even though tears were falling from his eyes they weren’t shown as rain droplets mingle with them. That’s y he loved rains, his tears, his pain will never been shown out. His mind, his heart, his soul or to say in short his everything was her but in few days it will be vanished as she is going to be someone’s. He opened his eyes and he saw her standing before her. He immediately stood up and was looking at her lovingly, he touched her check and she vanished. He smiled sadly as he realized it was his haulcination. This hurted him like anything, he was and is dying each day, each hour, each minute and each second. All he wanted was to be with her.

“I love you so much swara, I really do. This sanskar has gone mad for you swara”

He whispered making his red eyes turn teary again.

She was sleeping peacefully. The heavy rain sounds and her windows were aimlessly hitting hardly making sounds disturbed her beauty sleep. She opened her eyes with lots of struggle as she was sleeping after a hectic day. She got and looked at the sky through her window and that’s when she realized that it was raining. She got up removing the blanket from her and stood in front of the window. Her free hairs were flying due to those cool breeze. She wrapped her arms around her waist with a beautiful smile playing on her lips. She was admiring the beauty of the rain. She loves rain because she always thought “Even in those dark times (the dark sky) u can create small small yet beautiful memories (rain droplets) would one day drench them (falling down of rain)with lots of happiness and joy”. This has always been her theory. She closed her eyes feeling the beautiful movement.

“My life has taken me to another step, i’ve found my life, my love Laksh. I have best friend Sanskar too near me. What more else I want in my life? I’ve got two true gems which one can’t get that easily.”

She smiled happily.

He came out from his room to have a cup of coffee as he was still awake due to his office work. He made the coffee for himself and came back to his room. He sat down with the laptop but he didn’t know y he didn’t feel like working now. So he kept his laptop aside, took his hot coffee and walked and stood before the balcony. Holding his cup on one and his other hand on his pocket. He was sipping the coffee. He was thinking all about how his life changed from the day she entered. Smile never left his lips. He was looking at the rain falling down as if it is like blessing for him. He knew she loves rain. He hated rains once as it always makes trouble in his professional life but today it was different. All of a sudden he started liking no no loving rains. He kept the coffee cup in his table and went down to the garden. He stood in the middle of the garden spreading his arms widely as if he is welcoming the rain drops to fall on him. He closed his eyes feeling the cold droplets falling over him and his mind all lost in her but his smile never left him after all he was thinking of his love.

“I never knew love would give this type of feelings were u get peace and happiness. Thank you so much for coming into my life swara, u made my life more blessed of ur arrival.”

He said wholeheartedly with a never fading smile on his face.

To be continued…….

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