Love makes a change EPILOGUE


Swara opened her eyes due to sun rays and saw her sanskar who sleeping and herself in his arms. She caressed his hairs and gave a peck on his lips. She slowly removed his hands from her waist and wrapped herself in a duvet and stepped down from the bed. She started walking but got in a second she got hitched. She turned back and saw sanskar holding her duvet’s end.

SWA: Sanskar leave me it’s already getting late.

Sanskar totally ignored her words.

SAN: Good morning jaan.

SWA: Good morning, now let me leave.

Sanskar pulled her towards him as a result she fell on top of him. His arms immediately wraped around her waist.

SAN: I’ll leave you only if I get what I want.

SWA: See because you dev too says the same (pouts).

SAN: Like father like son. Anyways I need my kiss.

SWA: I’ll give but after getting ready.

SAN: Nooooooo I want now.

SWA: Pls sanskar I promise after I get ready I’ll give you what u ask so now u leave me.

SAN: K but what if u break the promise.

SWA: I won’t now leave me (struggles in his arms).

SAN: K I’m leaving but don’t forget.

Swara got out of his arms, took her clothes and rushed inside the restroom to take shower while sanskar smiled. Both got ready and sanskar made her sit and too sat .

SAN: My kiss.

Swara closed her eyes and sanskar started going close to her and his lips touched hers but before they could continue a sudden knock came making them to jurk at their places. Swara immediately got up and opened the door. It was their naughty son dev.

Dev: Mumma see I got ready by my own.

Swara took him in her arms.

SWA: Aww my baby has grown up.

Dev: Mumma kiss.

Swara gave a kiss on his cheeks.

SAN: That was my kiss (mummers and pouts).

Dev: papa.

Swara left him down and he hugged his papa. Sanskar took him in his arms.

Dev: Good morning.

SAN: Good morning my son.

Dev: papa my morning kiss?

Sanskar was surprised as even when he was small he used to ask his mom and dad and now his own son is asking him. He was having all the essence of him. He smiled and gave a kiss. Dev squealed in happiness.

Dev: k let us go down.

Swasan smiled and went downstairs. Swara went to the kitchen where ragini was making sabji for rotis.

SWA: Rago what all u made?

Rag: I already knealed the flour for rotis and now making sabji.

SWA: K then I’ll make a sweet and we’ll do the roti together.

Rag: k

Both started doing their work while ragini saw swara who was very happy than usual. So she thought to tease her.

Rag: Swara

SWA: Hmm?

Rag: Sooooo how was yesterday?

SWA: Its one among the best day of my life.

Rag: Then yesterday night something something happened na? (Teasingly)

Understanding that ragini is teasing yet smiled thinking about yesterday night.

SWA: It was but very less than yours.

Rag: Ohhhhh…..wait what? (started blushing)

SWA: Wow i was just teasing but i guess it really happened (teasing)

Rag: Swaraaaaaaaa (blushes hard).

Both started teasing each other and doing their work by side………… Soon days started going by now already 3 months have gone by. Swasan has became like before whereas the family too. Kiddos started going to school.

After a month:

Today is the most important day for swara. Yes she is going to receive her national award for her tremendous performance in her last song track. Swara was all ready in a beautiful red and white choli with open hairs and sanskar in his black suit. Family members couldn’t come as sujata and ram was not well so raglak took care off them with kiddos and all are now sitting in front of the t.v to see their swara getting award through live. Like her many celebrities were there in a big hall to receive the awards.

Host: We welcome Mrs. Riya to come up on stage to receive her best play back singer award.

Swara got up and went to the stage while media was clicking photos as usual. She received the award.

Host: Few words mam.

Swara smiled started taking.

SWA: Good evening everyone. Im so happy that i cant express them with words now. So i could definitely like to thank the music director who wanted me to sing this track, my best friend laksh who helped me and encouraged me in all the way to sing, My whole family, my kids who supported me in every way and atlast my husband who fullfilled this dream of mine and the audience who made this happen. Thank you.

All were proud to see their swara getting award. They knew that she deserves it as she always puts her heart and soul for each track that she has sung till date.

She said and came down from the stage while many big celebrities congratulated her for her achievement. She went and hugged sanskar.

SWA: This could have not happened if u weren’t there. Thank you.

SAN: No thank you but Love u.

SWA: Love u sooooooooo much.


Swara came out of the washroom and within no seconds she felt blurry and was about to fall but sanskar caught her and she fainted. Soon doctor checked them and went. Sanskar sat beside swara, catching her hand with moist eyes. Swara gained her conscious slowly. She got up with the help of him and was confused seeing him with moist eyes. Before she could ask anything he started speaking with a chocked voice

SAN: We are…. going… be…. parents again.

Swara’s eyes turned glassy remembering her before pregnancy. Sanskar wiped her tears and took her in a hug tightly.

SAN: I promise that nothing will happen like before.

Swara smiled. Soon months started passing sanskar and others took care of her and full filled all her mood swings. Swara gave birth to a boy.

Swasan and kiddos are in the terrace as every one has gone to a function and will be returning home only tomorrow. As swara was a bit not well she didn’t go and kiddos didn’t want to go leaving their little brother.SAN: Swara give me the baby u r having him for a long time.

SWA: Its k sanskar.

Dev: Mumma we r going to play with him.

Disha: Yes mumma.

Swara placed the baby down in the blanket and kiddos started playing with him. Swara slanted on him while he took her in his arms. She placed her head on her shoulder.

SWA: U know sanskar Im very happy. I got a awesome family, a lovely husband and cute yet naughty kids whats more? Even if god takes………

Sanskar placed his finger on her lips as he knew what she was going to say.

SAN: Not more u, kids and i are going to live for years.

Swara smiled and hugged in agreement. Swasan looked at the kiddos as there was no sound and found them sleeping with their little brother.

SWA: Sanskar they slept let’s go down.

Sanskar nodded. He took dev and disha in his arms while swara took the baby and both went to their room. Sanskar placed them on the bed, covered them with the blankets and took the baby from swara and placed him in the craddle. Swara was watching him lovingly. Soon both went down and switched on the t.v. Seeing the t.v.

SWA: I don’t know sanskar where i go i am hearing my songs only.

She said and sat beside him on the couch.

SAN: After all u r the best singer na.

He said placing his hand on her waist. Both started talking and after sometime sanskar was saying something yet he felt her weight. He looked at swara who was sleeping peacefully in his arms. He took her in his arms and went to their room while swara adjust herself in his arms. Making him smile even more. He placed her gently on the bed and kissed her forehead and kissed his kiddos too and laid on the bed. He looked at swara and whispered


and dozzed off………

*******THE END*******

I could like to thank each and everyone of you for all those who supported me from the start till the end. I’m sure this story will cherish till my life long after all it’s my first story. I never thought that I could receive so much love from u all. I grateful to that. I will definitely miss updating this story and reading all yr comments. Thanks to each and every single person who voted this story. This couldn’t have happen without u all. Love all soooooo much.

With lots of love,

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