Love makes a change CHAPTER 54

Days passed by swasan were now like before. The family was once again enjoying their period of happiness which they experienced before many years but with even more happiness that is their kids. Ram forgave sujata and warned her if she does it the next time he won’t forgive her. Sujata promised that will never happen.


Swasan came down with raglak. Swara got a call so she excused herself and after few minutes she joined others but quite busy doing something on her phone. All looked at swara who was still busy unaware of their gaze. Laksh smirked a little and sat beside swara.

Lak: Swara what r u doing?

SWA: Nothing big lucky just sending my new song’s call sheets. (Still looking at her phone).

Laksh tried to divert swara but invain he failed while all looked at him giggling as he challenged to divert swara. While laksh thought of something and smirked. He immediately grabbed swara’s phone from her.

SWA: Lucky give my phone u know how it is important (yelled at him).

Lak: Here we all r talking and u r busy with ur phone.

Swara tried to grab her phone while he lifted his phone up so that she can’t take it.

SWA: Lucky please na its very important i have to send.

She pleaded him many times but all invain he didn’t give and was showing attitude. Something popped on swara’s head and she smirked. Sanskar noticed this and and smiled as he knows what he is upto.

SWA: Lucky please na (acted like pleasing him).

Lak: haaaaaa never.

SWA: That’s enough u r going to pay it back for ur deeds my dear bestie. (Smirked).

Lak: Wait what?

He got confused seeing her smirking but swara started to tickel him while he laughed like hell. Having this as a chance she took her mobile and dropped it on the couch but still continued doing her work.

Lak: Arrey……..swaraaaaaa…..u took…..ur Mobile na….. then…….what..

He said all the way laughing.

SWA: This is for showing attitude to ur bestie even after knowing that i knew everything about u.

She continued while laksh came out of her grip and started running to save himself from his devil bestie while swara started running chasing him and both where giggling and running. All were admiring their friendship bond.

Rag: After a long time both r very happy na?

SAN: Han ragini after a very long time they both r happy.

All felt much happy as they all have much happiness like before. After sometime both came together after their cat and mouse game all giggling and teasing each other.
After having a long time together all dispersed to their rooms. Raglak and swasan were with their kiddos all playing. After sometime all sat down for their lunch and swaragini was serving food.

SAN: Swara could u pass that curry?

He said while swara came near him and placed some curry while swara was about to go he caught her hand making her shock. She looked at him while he smiled at her teasingly. She immediately changed her reaction into a small smile. He started playing with her hands while eating his food while was struggling to take her hands but invain his grip was stronger.

SWA: Sanskaaaar leave my hand. (Whispers)

She said all struggling yet smiling like an idiot outside.

SAN: Hmmm nope. I got u after a long struggle i can’t afford to leave u.(whispers).

SWA: Im not going anywhere and what if someone sees us? (Whispers)

SAN: I don’t care moreover im romancing with my wife not anyone else.

Swara blushed a little. Raglak saw swara blushing.

Soon all ate and went home. Time passed away and soon all ate their dinner and swasan went to their room.

SAN: Swara.

SWA: Hmm?

SAN: Look ritu has disha but dev doesnt dont u think that he needs a brother?

He said in a simple tone.

SWA: Yeah we should and…….

She stopped in the middle and her eyes widened. Sanskar smirked. Swara faced palmed her face as she knew what blunder she has made while hidding her blush too. He came close to her.

SAN: Look u yourself accepted (teasingly).

She took her hands but still blushing and looking down.

SWA: Sanskar kids will come now.(blushing)

SAN: But it was u who wanted another. (Teasingly)

SWA: Shut up u already have 2 kids. (Still blushing).

Before sanskar could answer kiddos entered with a bang.

Dev: Mumma me and dishu r going to sleep with dadi and dadu.

Disha: Ha mumma.

Disha took her teddy and left while sanskar closed her door and came towards her while blushed more harder making her white cheeks with a hardest pink shade. He came more closer to him.

SAN: Look even our kids said approval. (Teasingly).

Swara blushed more harder.

SAN: If u blush this much harder then i guess there will be no need to buy tomatoes in our house.

Swara’s eyes widened. While he was looking at her teasingly. Both shared a lovely eyelock followed by deep kiss. He took her in his arms and placed her on the bed and lied above her.



He leaned towards her and started giving wet kisses on her neck while his hands removed her pallu and went behind and started removing her dori while swara blushed and mouned his name in pleasure. The lights went off and soon both became one once again after so many years of separation.

PRECAP: Epilogue

Guys I know many of u could be in shock as I didn’t inform u that this chapter will be the last one but u see this is what I dreamt of…… I dreamt of ending this story in this way and it happened. As this my last chappy I need more likes and comments u see? k I’m not black mailing but I feel grateful for all the readers who liked and commented. Hope all like the chapterd, do comment and hit the like button if you like.

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