Love makes a change CHAPTER 53

Days passed away…


Swaragini were sitting in the play room and kiddos playing.

Rag: Swara it’s unfair pls say na what u r going to do.

SWA: No ways rags I won’t just wait na all will be reveled tommorow na than what?

Rag: No I can’t wait till that pls swara pls pls pls say na.

SWA: Nooooo

Kids started giggling.

SWA: What happened kiddos?

Kiddos came near them and Ritu sat on Swara’s lap, dev on ragini’s and Disha sat down in the middle.

Dev: Chachi u too became like us.

Rag: Like u all y?

Disha: U r pleading Mumma like us (giggles)

Ritu: Like mom swara masi is saying no (giggles).

Swara too joined their giggling session, ragini pouts.

Rag: Swara this is unfair u too joined them?

SWA: Of course.

All started laughing.

Rag: K come let’s sleep.

Dev: Chachi I’m coming with u.

Rag: k come.

Dev: Yeah!!!! Ritu come let’s go.

Both left.

SWA: Rags take care of dev he is very naughty.

Rag: I’ll take care good night.

Disha: Good night Chachi.

Rag: Good night Mera bacha.

SWA: Good night.

Swara smiled and both went to their rooms. Disha came inside the room and jumped on the bed taking her teddy. Sanskar came out from the washroom. Disha seeing her papa she left her teddy, ran towards him and hugged his legs. Sanskar took her in his arms.

SAN: Disha where is dev?

Disha: Papa he wants to sleep with chachi.

SAN: Oh!

He sat on the bed.

Disha: Papa say story na.

SAN: Hmm k.

He started to say a story while Disha slept in his arms. He kissed her and made her lie on the bed. He looked at swara who was busy doing something on her mobile.

SAN: Good night swara.

SWA: Hmm good night.

She said without looking at him still busy doing arrangements for their day tommorow on her mobile.


Swara got up and wore one of his favorite saree and came down. Sanskar was surprised seeing her wearing that saree.


SAN: Swara please wear this na for me please!!!!!

SWA: No sanskar I can’t.

SAN: Y? (Pouts)

SWA: because it’s quite transparent.

SAN: Swara it’s just a little transparent please wear na for me please! (Pleases like a small kid).

SWA: No!

FB Ends.

Swara came down and and sat beside ragini after greeting everyone. Ragini started to whisper to swara.

Rag: Looking more gorgeous my sister (teasingly).

SWA: Oh really?

Rag: Y not today u r going to be with your hubby na! (Teasingly).

Swara just smiled.

Ram: Is all the arrangements ready for today’s evening function?

SAN: Yes dad.


Swara was making Ritu and Disha ready while sanskar was making dev ready as he was already ready.

Ritu: Aww masi u made me ready like princess.

Disha: Then me? (pouts).

SWA: U both r my princess and u will always me.

Dev: Mumma don’t forget ur prince too.

SWA: Awwww

All shared a hug. Sanskar adored their bond.

SAN: Swara u go get ready.

Swara just nodded with a smile and went inside the dressing room.

SAN: Com’mon kiddos let’s go down.

Sanskar and kiddos went down to the hall where Raglak, Ramta we’re all ready and waiting for them.

Rag: Sanskar where is swara?

SAN: She’s getting ready.

Lak: Oh!..

All started talking. Swara came down through the stairs. Hearing the footsteps he looked at her and was all lost in her beauty. Draped in a golden saree with gold sparkling blouse, her hairs left free with little long gold droplets on her ears and only mangalsutra adorning her neck, her hands had watch while on the other she was wearing golden bangels with silver bindhi in her face and pitch of sindoor. Sanskar was admiring her beauty. He was sure anyone could fall far her seeing her. Swara came down. Sanskar was still looking at his wife. Laksh came to him and jurked him a little and made him come to sense.

Lak: Staring at my bestie? (Teasingly)

SAN: She is may be ur bestie but she is my wife too.

Ram: K come let’s go.

All reached the hotel. Ramta and kids in one car. Swasan and raglak in another car. Sanskar was driving. Swara was about to get to down but stopped seeing so many media people. All got down except swara.

Rag: Swara come down.

SWA: Rags r u serious? If i come down this media people will kill me asking questions.

Lak: So?

SWA: U guys go up ill join u some how.

SAN: Swara ill to come.

SWA: Ill take care. U guys leave. Keys.

Sanskar gave her the keys and went in while swara drove the car to the back gate and parked the car. She came out and wore a veil with her saree pallu and entered inside the hotel through back doors. She started going to the first floor through the stairs and removed her veil and signed in relief as she excaped from the media who were inside the hotel in the ground floor and went to the party hall. No one was present except the maheshwaries. Swara asked raglak to go to the room and advised the kids to be in the hall itself. Soon all the guests started to arrive and ramta and swasan were welcoming all. Gagodia’s came as ramta invited them. Swasan took blessings.

Shek: Still u will not speak with us?

SWA: I will but promise me that you will believe me here after (childishly).

Both nodded in tears. Swara hugged both of them. Sanskar was very happy seeing this.

SWA: Papa, ma go and see u grandson and daughter.

They went inside. Soon all the guest arrived and raglak stood in the stage. Many started taking photos with them. Swasan and ramta were busy taking care of guests. Kiddos were exploring the party hall as it was had colourful lights and flowers. Its has been 3 hours since the function started. Many started leaving and only few were left. Swara just moved a bit from the stage and called someone.

SWA: Is everything ready?

Opp: Yes mam

SWA: im cmg.

She said and looked at sanskar who was busy with few guest. She smiled seeing his outfit as both were in gold. He looked no less than greek god in that gold black tuxedo.

Swara left out of the hall. The guests took their leave to sanskar and left. He was about to go to the dinner place to check up everything but a waiter came near him.

Waiter: Sir.

Sanskar looked at him as he gave him a letter.

SAN: Who gave this?

Waiter: I don’t know sir but i was told to give to u by me.

He said and left making sanskar confused but and opened the letter.


Hey Mr. Handsome come out and here u go u’ve got another one too.

He read this and it totally made him confused yet he came out from the hall and dev came running to him and gave him a letter. Before he could enquire dev how gave it.

Dev: papa catch it fast disha will catch me.

He said in hurry without no choice he caught the letter and dev ran continuing his game. He opened the letter.


U made me so much to suffer and i really missed you sooooo much and if u want me to forgive come to the terrace now before my mind gets changed and I know by now u could have found out who is this, my love.

Urs only,
MRS. Swara Sanskar Maheshwari.

Reading this sanskar smiled through tears. He immediately started rushing to see his love and he started go through the lift. He closed his eyes.

SAN: I know you will definitely forgive me (smiled through tears) i was waiting for this and it happened. I still remember how I saw u 5 years ago.

He chuckled a little remembering that incident which changed their lives.

The lift got opened and sanskar walked out.

Swara is standing in the middle with no lights on.

SWA: Ahhhhhhh what he is doing this much time? Its been 15 mintues since he got the letter. Is he coming that slowly? Ha.

Suddenly she heard sound like striking the guitar. She looked behind but she couldn’t see anything as all the lights r off. Soon one by one the lights started to light from back.

Nahi jeena tere baaju
Nahi jeena, nahi jeena

(Hearing the voice swara’s eyes widened).

Main tenu samjhawan ki
Na tere bina lagda jee
Tu kee jaane pyaar mera
Main karaan intezar tera
Tu dil tuyyon jaan meri

(The lights came on infront too and it was sanskar who is sitting and striking the guitar while signing. He closed his eyes).

Mere dil ne chun laiya ne
Tere dil diyaan raahaan
Tu jo mere naal tu rehta
Turpai meriyaan saaha
Jeena mera.. hun hai tera,
kee main karaan
Tu kar aitbaar mera

(This was the song which made him go crazy for her voice. He still remembered how he stood freezed hearing this song from her for the first time without seeing her face. Swara is still in shock and checking her eyes whether she is dreaming or what. He knew this and started walking towards her while swara was all smiling with tears).

Main karoon intezar tera
Tu dil tuiyyon jaan meri
Main tenu samjhaawaan kee
Na tere bina lagda jee

( He carezed her cheeks and rubbing off her tears. He stopped while swara continued the song).

Ve changa nayion keeta beeba
Dil mera tod ke
Ve bada pachhtaiyaan ankkhaan
Naal tere jod ke

Tenu chhadd ke kitthe jawan
Tu mera parchhaavaan
Tere mukhde vich hi main taan
Rab nu apne paawaan
Meri duaa.. haaye,
Sajda tera kardi sadaa
Tu sun ikraar mera

(She sang through her tears while sanskar pulled her in the hug. He hugged her tightly while she too reciprocating his).

Main karoon intezar tera
Tu dil tuiyon jaan meri
Main tainu samjhawan ki
Na tere bina lagda jee…………

The song ended but not there hug. Both were feeling this movement. They only know how much they craved for this hug. After sometime sanskar broke the hug and wiped her tears followed by her wiping his. Both smiled.

SAN: I’m sorry I really didn’t mean to hurt you. Please forgive me.

SWA: I already did but u should get punishment na that’s y.

Again he hugged her.

SAN: By the way I loved this arrangements.

This is when swara realized that it was she who planned for the arrangements but he did it before. She broke the hug and started hitting him on his well toned chest.

SWA: U idiot, stupid I made the arrangements but u did everything. U spoilt my whole plan.

SAN: Ouch Swaraaaaa…

He caught her hands.

SWA: How did u get to know all this?

SAN: Just before a week I called the manager of this hotel to book this hall but he said someone has already booked so I asked who is it and I said I will convince whom ever it is as I needed it badly. He said that it was u who booked the hall so I reveled him that u r my wife and i said that i will share the space and asked him not to tell this to you and by that I’m here.

SWA: But u spoilt all my plan (pouts).

SAN: Lets start from the beginning u say what u wanted to do.

SWA: Go im going.

She was about to leave but he caught her wrist. His eyes became moist.

SAN: Seriously u want to leave?

His chocking voice made swara to turn. She nodded in no and hugged him. The broke the hug and shared a sweet yet passionate kiss which they longed for many years. After few minutes they the kiss.

SWA: Who could believe that u r a father of 2 kids when u yourself crying like a kid?

He pulled her closer to him through her waist.

SAN: Who could believe that u r a mother of 2 kids? (Teasingly)

SWA: Shut up (blushes)

SAN: I love u.

SWA: love u more.

SAN: Come all will be waiting for us.

SWA: Hmmm…..

Swasan came down and signed in relief as guest were there otherwise they could have been in a embrassing movement. Sanskar went to check the dinner place and swara looked at raglak who was already looking at him. Ragini looked at swara and rasied her eyebrows asking what happened while swara nodded her head in a positive way. Ragini asked her to come up in actions and swara too came up as no guests came. Ragini hugged swara in happiness.

Rag: Im so happy for you. (Breaks the hug).

Lak: So both u started talking by now u both could have gone to some other world hain na? (Teasingly).

SWA: As if u both are in this world don’t forget i know how u both could have romanced in the room.

Both flushed in red.

SWA: So don’t forget my sister and bestie if u tease u could all so be teased back.

Lak: U always do this.

SWA: k continue yr love talks im going down to see the guests. Bye my love birds.

She said making both blush once again. Soon all the guests left and swasan and raglak ate. Ramta and kiddos ate as swasan made them to eat before they go up. Soon ramta and kids left in one car while swasan and raglak were in the car parking lot.

Lak: Im driving.

SWA: Im driving the car u all sit.

SWA: Im not that bad in driving so im doing. All shut up and sit.

Raglak sat behind and swasan on front. Swara was driving. All started talking random things.

Lak: Swara how u came in?

SWA: Uff seriously lucky i felt like i shouldn’t have shown up.

Rag: Y???

SWA: Seriously now i can’t go anywhere without my body guards i totally forgot im a singer and came but these media people if they see me they will go damm crazy and will start fussing me for interviews.

SAN: U didn’t attend even one interview.

SWA: Nope except the day i showed up that also i gave only for one.

Lak: U r impossible swara.

SWA: hehehe my pleasure.

Lak: Swara actually u stop the car.

SWA: y?

Lak: Actually we r going for a date.

He blurted out while ragini was all looking down in shyness.

SAN: Ohhhhh……..for a date.

SWA: k now where should I park the car?

Lak: In the next signal.

SAN: How u both will go?

Lak: by bike.

SWA: From where u got ur bike there?

Lak: I have already kept it there.

He again blurted out making ragini to blush more harder and swasan to smile.

SAN: All planned before itself not bad (teasingly).

SWA: Stop blushing my rags. Sanskar chup stop teasing them.

Soon the signal came and swara stopped the car. Raglak got down.

SAN: Both of u come soon k?

Both nodded.

SWA: Have a wonderful date ahead.

SAN: And a wonderful night too.

Both blushed and bidded bye.

Swasan reached home and both headed towards their room. Swasan changed their dress. Soon taking their kids including ritu in middle both slept peaceful after giving swara a forehead kiss. After so many years they slept peacefully waiting for a beautiful day ahead.

PRECAP: All together

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