the scenes starts with abhi watching that pragya didn’t him he got angry for that he said to purab that if anybody see with you without knowing about you if they suddenly stop seeing you if you think its good or bad. purab said arey bhai don’t think too much
its not like that see she is in imagination. he see her she is smiling later abhi realises that and bus stop pragya gets down while getting down she expect that abhi would do something but he didn’t do some thing act like he didn’t watch her this made her angry she didn’t control her feeling she urn back and see again but he act like didn’t see hr.
she went with so much depression. the next day abhi while sitting in exam hall, while talking with purab after she arrives he didn’t listen to her, she goes andd sit with abhi but he didn’t talk to her she thought he only starts with her every day. today i will starts she open her mouth to talk suddenly abhi get up and moves out she gets upset seeing this,

all think that there is some problem between them then ananya and ajitha ask herr that what happen to your love .
she look at them angry and said he is not my love only our seniour and good college mate in her mind (she said yeah he is my love).laterr he comes and starts to write the exam for those abhi don’t write any exam more than one hour today he write all three hour and pragya can’t able to write the exam and she didn’t write more than one hour and her eyes full of tears.
later she went to wash room while moving abhi in his mind said that if you feel the pain pragya anyone who igores you without any reason . while hse enterring he gives a teasing smiles later he ask her what happened she said that nothing. but know only she knows that because of yesterday incident he didn’t talk to her. later she consoles her heart by saying he have some importance to me.suddenly abhi says that nothing like that don’t get over imagines. she was in the hell off shock and opens her mouth and later all leaves abhi said lets leave she nods and reka ask her to come.
they said if your love becomes normal ah.

she gave a angry look later they told that what happen you today after that travel in bus today your earing and attitude also changed wee think your eye said that you are cried .pragya replied that nothing like that i forgot my earning yeaterday so put new one. they gives the corrrous as oh and all went in lich all are went out to canteen pragya only sit in class in canteen abhi saw her group and search for they all watch him and talk loudly that she is so boring didn’t even like to enjoy the life like that while abhi came forward to them and they shocked to see that and he moves other side and went to pragya class all of them follows abhi while turn into the pragya class suddenly she also came outside they both hit each other they all see that and hides abhi said don’t you have why you hit she ask same to abhi .
the she ask why you here this is not seniour class this is junior only na. he said i am your seniourr don’t ask any question to me .
go get out she ask where with whom
he replied canteen with me come with a teasing tone . she got angry went and saw her friends hiding. later they day ends like these

finally the bus came all stand into the bus pragya sand her frriends sit in last seat all are talking while standing in last step pragya ask him to give his bag. he also gave with a smile
and reka she sit and se him without taking her she didn’t mind that her stop came. all her friends are talking serious with something suddenly abhi shouts that your stops came.she got sense and start to get down while smiling seeing him. while walking she said thanks he said its ok.
laterr after one week ,
pragya have severe viral feverr so she puts leave for college that day abhi miss her lot and think about herr only and purab saw that and ask him what happen he said nothing. and ask him indirectly if there is any announcement of leave forr first years or any od
purab said no abhi see all first yearrs are coming in college with teasing tone. while thins so much about her he didn’t understnad what feeling is this and went from that purab smiles seeing him and understand his ffeelong. while in bs abhi didn’t talk to any one. pragya friends watches this and inform to her .
next day she came to college but she still have fever while walking abhi saw her and smiles he didn’t stop smiling after that no on knows what happen to him.

later purab ask bhai my eye again tell me wrong that after seeing bhabi sorry pragya you didn’t sstop to smile tell me my eye are telling wrong to me na bhai he said just stop it purab and went out to search for her. she is sleeping in class her friends came to canteen for buying tablets he hides behind some one and hear the conversationhe fid out that pragya was in ill. while he went to her class she stand to walk but falls unconscious all her friends gets shock ask help to him before they ask he goes and lift her and make her comfortably sit into table.he scolds her friends by saying that are you mad if she was ill than anyone want to with herr na they said they went to buy tablets only for her. he said what the hell you are saying purab contrrol him said abhi we should leave they all think thank there is some in him for pragya .then abhi purab leave all give tablets to pragya she said no i don’t need it then rithika said oh madam if you didn’t eat this then your hero our seniour will kill us. she gave a shock expression they tell that what are the happening from morning she gave a beautiful smiles and then sleep.


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