the episode starts with the scene in
ananya pulls pragya out of the class and ask what she is doing while seeing him
she said no i didn’t do anything

all her friends said corrously wee know you didn’t do anything destiny does something with both of you. while they are talking abhi came out and see the group he goes near them they get shocked and all gets nervous beacuse he is seniour he have all right to teases them. but pragya looks him without taking her eye. suddenly they all said run they all run pragya also run,while running she missed her earning abhi gets that and takes the hands to throw but suddenly he stops purab teases him by saying that you don’t do it abhi you cant do this because you heart don’t allow you to do this. he doesn’t mind it and went out.
then pragya and her friends stands in bus stop and abhi and his friends also arrives they all enter into bus. the bus is free abhi and his friends take the last seat.
while pragya was standing in front of the last seat she didn’t like that travel because she is unable to see him.
her stop came she get down in front side she knows if she get down in back side they all readily wait to tease her.
but she went down in front while the bus is moving.she starts walking she saw the bus in last seat abhi see out of the window and gives a teasing smile to her.

they next day arrives
in exam hall all are seated in there place while pragya searching for abhi, he didn’t come.they take attendence professor call abhi’s name purab said he is absent
pragya gets sad about his absent but she didn’t shown that to anyone.while she starts to write the exam she is unable to write it but she manages and completes thee exam. she can’t tolerate the loneliness because of his absent she diddn’t know how she gets strong feeling for him within these day, purab wahtching her and think that she is worried.
later in abhi’s house abhi talking with his dadi while in their conversation he said his dadi about the juniour girls dadi ask her juniour she didn’t have any name he said no i don’t know but i put her a name as fuggy.
suddenly abhi thought why he thinks about her he didn’t know and change the topic.
in night she thinks about abhi and said why you never think about me , you didn’t like me ,while seeing starts
while in abhi’s room he thought that why am i think about that girls no one will disturb me like that why she disturb me like that may be tomorrow onwards i need to keep distance from that girl. he ends and both gets sleep thinking about other.

while on next day of college,
pragya arrives in exam hall she get shocked to see abhi with red rose and smilling seeing them.
she thought and think in mind that (please give this rose to me )but suddenly a girls run towards abhi and said abhi i also studying the same college with 2nd year i like you beacause of your importance makes i like you and may be i think i love you and thanks for accepting this rose when i only gave a little child to gave it to youwhile seeing all this pagya get shocked. but suddenly abhi stops her and said hey if you don’t know i don’t like you i know about yoou already you have boys friends and also you wanted me i accept this rose because for not hurting the child,while seeing pragya he got an idea and said to that girl and said here is the girls i like her and i thought that to give the rose to her, but you think i accept you never i don’t do such mistake.
that girls went out all the students watches him pragya starts smiles hearing. abhi ask her to sit and said don’t thin it serious i want to get out from that girls so i do like that. pragya gets hurted but she gets happy for abi talking woh her normally.

after completing exams all went lunch while pragya nd her friends also went they saw abhi and sound with a loud voice pragya pragya which makes abhi get disturb and he gets irritated pragya understand that
and ask them to quite. he notices that gets cool they all went to bus stop again as usual the bus stop but its to rush while all get into the bus only abhigya are left there is no other changes they wnat to stand in step abhi ask her to get and he stand behind her and holds her without touching like to protect her like wall.
while they next stop arrives they get down and bus gets free pragya staands inside and doesn’t see bhi she think the traveel with him and she was in imagination but abhi only sees her , he thought why she didn’t see me i gave more space to her so she didn’t mind me. suddenly purab ask him what happened abhi my eyes said me wrongly that you seeing pragya am i correct abhi abhi while beating purab said are u teasing me purab.pragya secretly looks that and smile


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