LOVE HAS MADE ITS WAY !!! (Episode 5)

Hey guys, I was not able to update a precap yesterday, sorry abt tat.

The next day morning, twinkle gets up and goes to the pool side,
Twinkle: wow, what a beautiful morning(she remembers the previous night and smiles)
Kunj:(he sees her standing by the pool) siyappa queen!! Wat r u doing next to the pool tat too in the morning???
Twinkle: I just came here right now wats ur problem??
Kunj:(he comes close to twinkle nd she falls backward in the pool) TWINKLE!!!!!
Twinkle: (she tries to come out of water but wen she comes out kunj is already in the pool trying to save her) kunj!! Y did u jump in the pool wen u urself don’t know how to swim??(by now she already pulled kunj ou t of the pool)
Kunj: I was trying to save u, par mein khud phasa gaya.
Twinkle: ab chalo andhaar
Kunj: (he changes and comes and twinkle also goes to change) oh god, wat a hectic morning
Twinkle: ( comes out wearing a gown, and kunj is mesmerized to see her) mujhe aise kyun dhek rahe ho??
Kunj: by the way were r u going?
Twinkle: oh ya I forgot to tell u, its my friend’s marriage so im going nd u also have to come so get ready fast.
Kunj: cudnt u tell me before, now I have to get ready really quick (he gets ready and twinkle looks at him lovingly).
Twinkle: chalo,kunj
Alisha: I wont allow u to take my kunj so fast , twinkle sweet heart(and she gives an evil smile)

Precap: twinj’s car gets punctured and they stay in a hotel for one night,and twinj cute moments.

Sorry guys cudnt make the epi big as I was busy pls do comment on this epi nd thank u all for ur sweet comments .

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