LOVE HAS MADE ITS WAY !!! (Episode 4)

Hey guys from the precap , Alisha holds a candle next to twinkle’s dress and it catches fire, kunj notices this and he shouts TWINKLE!!!!!!
Twinkle: kunj , mujhe pls bachao
Kunj: ( trying to douse out the fire, it finally it douses off) twinkle , r u okay
(twinkle faints)
Kunj: twinkle, twinkle tujhe ho kya gaya hai?? Nd he takes her to the hotel room.
Twinkle:(twinkle wakes up after kunj sprinkled water on her) kunj
Kunj: (gets happy seeing her conscious) twinkle, thank God that ur okay, if something wud have happened to u I wud have never forgiven myself.
Twinkle: tum itni parishan kyun ho rahe ho?????? Now im fine na so calm down.
Kunj: ur right
(they both go down )

Kunj: but twinkle, if Alisha calls me anything else again wat will u do?
Twinkle: I will take my shoes and throw it on her face and throw her out of the house.
Kunj: so ur jealous that ur hubby, is getting cared by someonelse?
Twinkle: consider whatever u want.
(they reach home)
Alisha: so both of u reached home na , twinkle y did u take my kunj away from me?
Twinkle: TUMHARE KUNJ MY JUTEE!!!!! He’s my husband, and what are u doing here just get out.
Alisha: ok chill, y u getting so hyper?
(Kunj laughs at all this, they both go to their bedroom)
Twinkle:(who is still angry) how dare she!!!!!

Kunj: ( goes close to her) twinkle its ok na, im there with u.
Twinkle:(hugs kunj tightly)promise me that u wont fall for that Alisha.
Kunj: ok baba, im always urs only my siyappa queen
(twinkle smiles hearing this)
Kunj: acha now go to sleep(I started rainig heavily outside and even there was thunder and twinkle got scared at its sound)
Twinkle: kunj, im really scared.

Kunj: ( goes near her) ok fine ill sit next to u till u sleep
Twinkle: ok (but she falls asleep on kunj’s shoulder)
Kunj: ( sees this and lays her head on the pillow) good night my siyappa queen

Precap: not yet decided

Guys i don’t think tat any of lyk my ff, since im getting really less comments,im planning to end this ff really soon.

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  1. noooo…….It’s nice…plz don’t end it.

  2. Twinj forever pls don’t end its really nice pls don’t think of ending it pls..

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  4. Dear your ff is very awesome .
    Keep it up and dont end this….???
    So keep writing in this way.

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  9. No please don’t end it
    It’s really nice

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  11. Guys can somebody post today’s episode???

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  15. Hey pease do not end it it is awesome, amazing and terrefic I am a silent reader but knowing you are going to end it I could not control myself…..

    Please do not end it

  16. Twinj forever

    thanks all of u ill see wat i can do abt it

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