LOVE HAS MADE ITS WAY !!! (Episode 2)

Hey all of u , continuing from precap,
Kunj gets a phone call and he is shocked and drops his phone.
Twinkle: kya hua kunj??
Kunj: Alisha!!!!
Family all together: kya??
Usha: she is back again?
Kunj: yes and she is heading to our house.
(All are shell shocked)
Yuvi: (in his dream world hearing Alisha’s name) wat my Alisha baby is back??
Chinki: wat did u just say?
Uv : I mean WAT she is back again ?? I can’t believe my ears
Twinkle: tat we all can see how much “shocked” u are UV.
(UV escapes from the scene)
Kunj: wat do we do now?
(just then doorbell rings, and all are shocked)

Twinkle:(twinkle opens the door and is shocked to see Alisha)
Alisha: hi twinkle meri dost(hugging her and twinkle breaks the hug) OMG I really missed this place
Usha: y have u come here?
Alisha: mummiji , y did u get angry so quick, I just came to meet my baby. I cudnt marry him but I can atleast see him na?
Kunj: first of all im not ur baby, second just GET OUT
Alisha: arey baby itni ghusa sehat ke liya ache nahi hothe
Bebe: u shameless girl, wasn’t it enough tat u tried to destroy twinj’s marriage , tat u came back, huh?
Twinkle: sahi kehre hoh, bebe.
UV: Alisha, baby u here?? I really missed u a lot
Alisha: whatever

Precap: Alisha plans to use UV for remaining in the house.

Guys if u don’t lyk my ff I will stop writing.

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