LOVE HAS MADE ITS WAY !!! (Episode 1)

HEY everyone , its my first time writing an ff so hope u lyk it.

scene begins,
in sarna mansion,
Twinkle: a bubbly, punjabi phataka and wife of kunj.
Kunj: a handsome, dashing singer husband of twinkle
Chinki: sister of twinkle
Uv: brother of kunj
Usha and Manohar Sarna: parents of kunj and uv
Leela and RT : parents of twinkle and chinki.
scene starts ,
Twinj’s room:
Twinkle: My, God i woke up so late today and kunj did not even bother to wake me up
Kunj: (coming out of the washroom) oh, finally our siyappa queen woke up.
Twinkle: kunj , ill deal with u later but for now go down im making breakfast.
Kunj: Oh God, how will i bear her for life.
Twinkle: did u say something?

Kunj: no,nothing much and he smirks
(twinj goes down for breakfast)
Bebee: arey, you both came, but y so late
Twinj: (pointing at each other) sab kuch iske galti hai

Chinki: arey, twinkle di leave jiju alone
Kunj: dekha, ur sis is in my side.
Uv: koi bat nahi, twinkle di main apke side pe hun.
Kunj: yar ur my bro how can u ditch me??( twinkle nd everyone laughs)

Precap: kunj receives a phone call and he is shocked.

GUYS, I hope u lyk it, pls comment sincerly

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  1. Nice start Twinj forever….btw what’s ur real name???….. Anyways nice ff!!!

  2. Preety sid bieber

    Nice…m so exited for precap…keep writing….

  3. good can u plz write with a name…it was jst a request..else ur wish!

  4. Amazing start ! Waiting for nxt epi

  5. my real name is keziah

  6. nice strt yaar and wow uv calling twinkle di just cant stop laughing

    1. ya seriously

    2. just hope twiraj fans don’t read this…lol!

  7. thank u soooooooo much all of u, ill really enjoy writing with all of ur sweet comments

  8. Nice one..keep it up..?..continue this ff..??

  9. just awesome start
    plz update nxt epi soon …..waiting

  10. Very nice start but i thing uvi cant call twinkle di as kunj is hi brother and if he calls twinkle di then twinj are brother and sisters… give it a thought twinkle di sound wrong though it funny as sudha said

    1. Think

  11. Wow keziah amazing Gud start

  12. good start…

  13. Nice start
    Keep it up

  14. ok, i really think tat u all did not lyk the idea of uv calling twinkle as his di

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