The love made together.. (Part 9)


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Part 9:
Shekar: ragini-laksh and swara-sanskar are separated by that incident, but whatever it is, you are together now. Yes, it’s only love which made you together. The love made together….
Everyone smiles.
Ap: Shekar ji, now everything is fine, let’s fix swasan and raglak’s marriage.
Sujatha: and that should be on same day….

Sanskar smiles and helds swara by waist. She blushes.
Just then Ragini wakes and comes into hall. She didn’t listen all the discussion.
Swara and Sumi go near her. Ragini looks at Sanskar and she is about to get confused again. Swara tries to explain her, but Sanskar comes in front of Ragini. All looks at them tensely.

Sanskar gives a nice smile at her.
Sanskar: Ragini… I’m Laksh’s brother. My name is Sanskar…
He forwards his hand….

Ragini looks at him and she too smiles. Everyone takes their breath.
She gives shake hand too…
Sanskar: yes..! I got my bhabhi as my friend. Laksh, from today we are three… and you are alone…
He teases… laksh looks amazed.
(Sanskar and Laksh are of equal age. But, still he calls her sometimes bhabhi…)

Swara: who said we are three? I’m my jiju’s party…
She goes near Laksh and gives hifi to him.
Laksh: see, I have got a powerful girl as friend.
Ragini: haa Laksh… you will know later powerful or mentalfull…

Everybody laughs.
Swara: Ragini…..
She chases her. and Ragini keeps running from her. while both sisters are enjoying like that, whole family remains in happiness.

Sumi: we have to tie this girls in marriage soon. Otherwise, they will make house fish market again… grooms, go and bring your brides.
Sanlak laughs and they too run to bring them.
Sanskar stops Swara. And Laksh comes in front of Ragini, she gets bumped into him. She shocks and about to go back, but laksh holds her. they have eye lock.

Swara: Sanskar, leave me…
San: maa is calling. Let’s get engaged…
Swa: no way…
Then Sanskar raises her in arms and brings her to hall. Everyone laughs.
Ap: you both came, where are other two??

Raglak are lost in their eye lock. Laksh slowly places his hand on her cheek. Ragini feels shy and runs back. Both come into hall.

In presence of family, Laksh and Ragini exchange their rings and Swara and Sanskar too. Their engagement is completed. Marriage is fixed after four days.

Night time,
Ragini is in her room. Swara comes. Ragini is looking at the anklets.
Swa: what are you seeing Ragini??
Rag: I didn’t remember when I bought these…
Swa feels a little sad. “don’t think about it. sleep.” Says swara and goes into sleep.

Ragini is not sleepy. Laksh is coming into her mind. Then her phone rings. Ragini holds the phone and lifts it soon.
Laksh: you have lifted the phone so fast… are you not sleepy?
Ragini comes into balcony.
Ragini: what about you??
Laksh: do you think I can sleep?
Ragini: then, what should I do now??
Laksh: sing me a song… I will sleep…
Ragini: I want to eat pani puri.
Laksh: what?? Now??
Ragini: yes…!! After eating panipuri only I will sing song. Then only you can sleep.

Swara is sleeping peacefully. While, Ragini is talking in phone like this, someone in garden keeps observing her. He has a black mask on his face.

After sometime, Laksh comes in a car. Ragini feels happy and tries to come down. Laksh stands under balcony. He lays a ladder so that Ragini can come…
Ragini comes through the ladder down. That person who is observing smirks.
‘you made my work easy..’ he thinks.

Ragini goes away with Laksh in car.

That person x, climbs the ladder and enters into the room. Swara is sleeping peacefully. He comes near Swara and touches her hair. Swara wakes and gets scared, he closes her mouth. He takes her down tying hands and legs. Swara wants to shout, but her mouth is closed.

Ragini and Laksh are going in the car. He is searching for a panipuri shop. At last, they find a shop.
They are eating panipuri.
Rag: oh no…I have not locked the door. Swara is alone…
Lak: no problem, who will go near that mirchi girl??

That person takes swara in car swara tries to stop him, but she can’t. He takes her to his house. There is a beautiful swimming pool over there. That person un ties Swara, swara removes his mask with all force. It’s Sanskar… she shocks.

After eating, Ragini and Laksh sit in car again. He will be taking her somewhere.
Rag: where are we going?
Lak: arey why hurry?? Stay with me for sometime…
Rag: after four days, however I will be with you always…
Lak: but, I can’t wait.

Suddenly rain starts. Laksh stops the car aside. He remembers the same time in past…
Ragini is looking at the rain and smiling. Laksh is looking at her. ragini sees that he is looking at her. she opens window, takes some rain drops and sprinkles it on Laksh’s face. He smiles.

Rag: I don’t know why, I have a feeling that I have been in such a situation some time ago…
Laksh feels happy, that she may get her memory back.
Lak: what you will do if I kiss you now??
Rag: what?? You can’t do that… we aren’t married.
Lak: rago, did you ever feel that I have kissed you in past…
Ragini keeps thinking… “hmmm…”
Laksh keeps moving close to her. She feels un easy.

Swara starts beating Sanskar.
Swa: why did you kidnap me?? You know how I was scared??
But, Sanskar is looking at her.
Swa: what??
San: I want some time with you…
He keeps moving towards her. she keeps moving back. She is about to fall in swimming pool but holds a rod. Sanskar, then lifts her up and throw her in pool. He too jumps.

Laksh keeps moving nearer to her and there is no place left in between them. He kisses her. Ragini puts her hands around him. After a minute a thunder strikes and they both apart.
Ragini keeps looking at other side not dared enough to look at him. Even, he bent his head. There is pin drop silence in between them. They can hear the rain drop sounds and only their breath sound. Ragini feels it has happened even before….

After a brief silence,
Laksh: ok…shall we go home??
Ragini nods her head.

Swara: Sanskar…! What are you doing??
Sanskar swims near her and hugs her. She pushes him and gets out of pool. She is all wet.
Sanskar too comes out.
Swa: have you gone mad? Why did you do like this? see, I’m all wet.
Sanskar comes near her and holds her shoulders strongly. Swara is shocked. He keeps moving his face slowly towards her. she closes her eyes. He is about to kiss her, but she stops.
Swa: I don’t think this is correct.
San: but, we have kissed already.
Swa(in red eyes): I want to go home.
Sanskar’s eyes too turn red.

Raglak reaches home. Ragini gets down from car. Laksh stands out holding his hands and looking at her. She smiles at him and about to go. But, turns back and hugs him.
He too hugs her.
Rag: love you Laksh…
Laksh feels happy. ‘Thanks Ragini. Ur telling me this first time.”
They don’t break the hug.
Lak: hey, how long you are going to be like this…
Rag: the time may just stop here.
He starts kissing her neck holding her tight. Ragini feeling shy, “leave me laksh…”

Then a light falls on them. They goes apart. It’s Sanskar’s car. He came to drop Swara. Swara gets down and she is wet.
Ragini: swara…
But Swara runs into the house. Ragini looks at Laksh once and she too runs behind her. laksh looks confused and goes near Sanskar.
Lak: what bhai, even you took her out??
But Sanskar starts his car seriously and goes away.
Lak: what happened to him??

Swara in room is crying very badly. Ragini comes near her.
Rag: swara, what happened??
Swara hugs her.
Swa: Sanskar is very bad Ragini. See, how he kissed me.
She shows bite cheek.
Ragini stops her smile.
Rag: swara, but he is your husband…
Swa: what husband? Are we married??
Rag: but, we are going to get married…
Swa: so what?? Don’t support him…!!!
Says Swara and sleeps.

Ragini smiles and sleeps beside her.
Laksh goes near Sanskar.
Lak: arey…what happened bhai??
San: hmm, lucky I couldn’t have done that…
Lak: what did you do??
San explains. When Swara stops him to kiss, Sanskar grows anger and kisses her a long time and bites her cheek.

Lak: idiot..! why did you do like that?? Tell her sorry now…!!
San: but…
Laksh gives him phone and asks him to tell sorry. Sanskar calls to Swara. But she doesn’t lift the phone. At last, she switches it off.

San: switch off…!
Lak: hmm, you have to deserve.
San: yar…
Lak: okok…meet her tomorrow morning.
They both sleep.

Precap: SwaSanRag shopping time..

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