The love made together.. (Part 8)

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Last part: Part 7

Part 8:
Laksh will be telling Ragini’s flash back. I mean, their story.

Swara and Ragini join same time in different colleges. Swara in medical college and Ragini in engineering, we already know that.

Laksh is in same college of Ragini. Laksh is a good poet. He used to right a poem for weekly college magazine. Ragini who reads that poem becomes his fan. She starts liking his poetry. One day, she writes an appreciation letter to him. However, she won’t specify the return address or her name.

Laksh receives the letter and feels happy to read it. He understands that it is a girl who wrote that.
Laksh: in this electronic age too people are still writing letters…! I’m very excited to read this. but, what’s her name atleast??

Laksh has many fans. Everyone used to meet him directly, but Ragini just looks him from far whenever she gets chance.

Laksh can’t reply as he doesn’t know her address. But, he says his thanks in from of poetry again in magazine. Ragini only understands the meaning in it. she feels happy whenever she reads that.

Raglak are not believers of love at first sight. But they started liking each other knowing their hearts. Ragini writing letters, laksh telling thanks in form of poetry becomes the weekly habit of theirs.
But Laksh has never seen her. but, Ragini keeps looking at him every day. Like this six months passes.

Once Laksh writes a poem that he wants to see her and meet her. Ragini understands him and writes a letter to him. That she will be in a red dress in canteen…and some other codes.

Ragini feels excited to meet him. Laksh is even more excited because she is just an imagination to him.
Laksh comes and canteen and looks at her from far and smile vanish from his face. He casually looks her every day. She is beautiful, but don’t know Laksh actually didn’t like her. she is traditional. “ofo.. I have expected an angel..but she is very normal…”
He thinks.

Ragini looks at him. She smiles, but Laksh goes away as he didn’t notice her. Ragini feels sad…

Next day, Ragini casually walks in corridor. He comes. He goes away as if he didn’t notice her. Ragini feels sad again. This situation repeats every time. She writes a letter again to Laksh praising his next week’s poem. But, he won’t respond.

But, Ragini keeps liking his poems still. Once she writes, “I’m not angry that you didn’t come. I will keep liking your poetry always…”
Laksh feels somewhat bad.

Once, Ragini happened to go from Laksh’s accommodation and shocked to see all her letters are in dustbin.
Laksh was desperately searching all the letters in room and it was his roommate who threw them.
He comes near dustbin and shocked to see Ragini over there. Ragini holds the letters and runs away from there. Laksh feels bad.

Ragini sits in class room and she was crying. The letters are getting wet in her tears. Laksh who searches her everywhere comes near her and sits in front of her.

Laksh: hello Miss. These are letters written by my fan… can I take them??
He is about to take them, but Ragini goes away with letters.

Next week Laksh writes a big poetry telling sorry to her. but, she didn’t even look at the magazine.
While walking in corridors also, Laksh looks at her but she didn’t even see him.

Like that one month passes. Once, Ragini was coming out of library. He comes in front of her.
“Ragini… I want to talk with you…”
But Ragini takes other side and starts going away. He keeps coming back of her.
“Ragini, please listen to me. I didn’t throw the letters. It was my roommate work.”

But she is going away. Already, everyone are looking at them for the drama.
“Laksh… please go away. Everyone are looking at us…!”

Then he holds her hand. She shocks and looks at him.
“Leave me…” she keeps jerking her hand, but he held her tightly.
“I won’t leave you until you excuse me…” he says.

While she jerking her hand, the books in her hand fall down. She bends and start taking books, even Laksh helps her. while taking the books a tear fells on Laksh’s hand. He amazes and looks at her. Ragini was crying silently.

Laksh: no Ragini..don’t cry.
She stands. “stop following me Laksh. I will stop crying.” She says and goes away. Laksh looks on…

Next day, Swara and Ragini goes to a shopping mall.
Swara: ragini, you know that idiot has proposed me again today…
Ragini: omg Swara..! you keep on telling me about him everyday… shall I give him any warning??
Swara: no need… swara can handle it…
Ragini then twists her cheek. “I know about my mirchi sis….”

Swara: hey Ragini…there’s a game stall again…
Ragini: but I’m hungry…
Swara: ok… I will play just one game. You order something. Meanwhile I come….
Swara runs to food court.

“this girl is…” thinks Ragini and goes to food court. She doesn’t find any empty table and finds a table where only one boy is sitting. She goes near it.
“excuse me, can I sit here??”
That boy raises his head… it’s Laksh. Ragini amazes and about to go back.

Laksh: Ragini…ragini…ragini…(he says and comes in front of her)
Laksh: don’t go away please…

Ragini: give me way Laksh…
She skids and about to fall, he holds her by waist. Ragini gazes at him. She is lost in his eyelock.
Laksh suddenly: I love you Ragini….

She shocks. He makes her stand. Then he waves his hand in front of his eyes.
“hello, I said I love you….” He says again.
Ragini is still in shock.

Then Laksh smiles and takes out anklets from his pocket. He bends and holds Ragini’s foot. She shakes. He places her foot on his knee and ties anklet to one leg and ties another to other leg. Ragini doesn’t understand why she didn’t resist him.

Laksh stands up after making her wear them. He can see tears of love in her eyes.
“Ragini… if you agree, I will say to my parents and brother. I would like to marry you…”
She is unresponsive.
Then from far Swara calls her.. “Ragini…”

Laksh: I think someone is calling you. I will be waiting for your answer.

He says and goes away. Swara comes near her. both lak and swa didn’t see each other face. Swara comes and jerks Ragini, then she comes to world.

Swara: hey Ragini… where are you lost?? Come let’s go…
They go away.

That night… swara is sleeping. Ragini is awake and keeps sliding her finger on the anklets on her legs. She blushes.
“what?? Why I’m doing like this? do I really love him??” she thinks.

She wakes up swara. But, she is in a deep sleep.
“what should I do…?” Ragini keeps thinking.

Next morning, Ragini as usually goes to college.
It is the day before the bomb blast….

Ragini is looking for Laksh. But, she is very much scared to tell what’s at her heart.
Laksh was talking with his friends. She looks a car is rushing towards him. “Laksh….” Shouts Ragini and pushes him and that car hits her. she falls down.

“Ragini…” he shouts and raises her and takes her to college’s first aid center.
She got a small wound on her foot. Laksh smiles as she is still wearing the anklets he kept.
Laksh: I will take you to home…
Ragini: no… I can go…

But Laksh insists as heavy rain starts just then. They sits in the car. They have to cross the lonely area as their college is isolated from city. All the way, both are silent.

Suddenly a ‘dhumb” sound occurs. Ragini scares.
“hey…no worries… just tire puncher.” He says. The rain is very heavy. No other vehicles are coming. They are alone. There is no other tier to change.

Laksh tries to call his friends but no signal. “ofo..everything has to happen just now??” he says and looks at Ragini.
She is smilingly looking at the rain and Laksh forgets everything looking at her.
Then Ragini hardly opens her mouth… “how long we are going to stay here??”

Laksh: I can stay like this lifelong looking at you…
Ragini becomes calm. Pin drop silence. They can hear only the sound of their breath and the sound of rain.
Laksh falls in his seat back. “hmm..this rain should never stop and time has to stop just like this…” he says and looks at her again.

Laksh: hey…I said something to you…what is your answer.?

Ragini: I have to ask my parents. Without asking them I won’t do anything.

Laksh raises from his seat… “Ragini, I just asked whether you like me or not??”

She is bending her head. Her hands and lips are shaking.
Then Laksh moves close to her. “what are you doin…” she is about to complete her sentence, Laksh kisses her.
Ragini shocks.

Then she gives a tight slap to him. She want to scold him something, but she can’t open her mouth. She gets down the car.

Laksh: Ragini…. Stop. I’m sorry. I’m such an idiot. I couldn’t control myself.
But Ragini keeps running away in rain.

Laksh falls on his knees. “what an idiot I’m?” he thinks.

Ragini runs to her room and keeps crying. Just then Swara also comes and about to talk with her about Sanskar matter but she stops as she was crying.

Laksh keeps calling to her mobile. But she didn’t lift the phone.
Fb ends…

Laksh continues telling.
Laksh: that was the last day I saw Ragini. Next day I went to college. I want to fall on her legs and tell her sorry. But, she didn’t come. But, suddenly news came that a bomb blast has happened near medical college. I was worried about Sanskar and ran to hospital. Thank god, Sanskar was safe but he is unconscious. Then, I have seen a ladies bag on ground. I know it is Ragini’s bag. I asked the compounder, “where is the girl who’s this bag belongs.”
“she is in mortuary.” His answer shattered me. I ran as a mad person there shouting, “Ragini..!!!” I tried to rush into that hall, but no one didn’t allow me. “let me see her last time…” I pleaded them. No use…

There are tears in Swasan sumi and Shekar’s eyes.
Laksh keeps telling.
Laksh: I thought she is no more. For Sanskar’s treatment purpose we came to this city. Then, I have happened to see Ragini in a car. I saw her after one year. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I followed the car and came in front of it. that is the first time, when I encountered with Swara. (1st episode)
I was amazed that Ragini didn’t recognize me. I understood that she is suffering from memory loss as Sanskar. Then I have started following her. to remind her me. But, no use. She was still wearing the anklets I gave but, she didn’t remember me…
Like this everything happened.

Swara wipes her tears. ‘So, we got the wrong information about Sanskar and Ragini then, that they are dead…’

Laksh nods his head.

Precap: Swasan and Raglak marriage is decided.

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