The love made together.. (Part 7)


Hi guys…thanku all for the lovely cute comments. I’m very happy that you are liking this story. Today, your confusions will fly away….. pairs also will get cleared.

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Chapter 7:

Laksh, Shekar runs to Sanskar. Swara stops near door and keeps looking at them. Sanskar is looking straight. Laksh is about to talk with him, Shekar stops.

Shekar: Sanskar…??
Sanskar then looks at Shekar.
Sanskar normally: where am i?

Laksh feels happy and suddenly hugs him.
Sanskar: lucky…??
Laksh keeps head on his shoulder and cries.
Laksh: I’m so glad my bro… you are back…
Sanskar: what happened to me??

Ap and Sujatha about to tell, but Lucky stops them.
Laksh: nothing Sanky dear… you were just sleeping…
Sanskar: lucky, I have remembered what happened to me…

Sanskar reminds one pole hitting his head.
Sanskar: a blast happened… a pole was about to hit her. I pushed her and that pole hit me..
Laksh: her?? who is she??

Swara who is at door keeps listening to it. Sanskar didn’t see her.
Sanskar: Ragini… Ragini…how is she?? What happened to her?? where is she??

Sanskar holds his head in pain again.
Laksh: bhai…bhai… don’t think anything. You need to take rest…
Sanskar: but…but…
Shekar gives him a injection for relief. Sanskar goes into slight sleep again.

Swara in tears goes away from there. Laksh sees her and comes near her.
Laksh: swara…
Swara: no laksh. You need not tell anything. See, your bhai has said himself. He surely loves Ragini. He has cheated me…

She wipes her tears.
Laksh holds her shoulders.
Laksh: why are you thinking like that Swara…
Swara: I’m sure. That poet is Sanskar himself.

Laksh laughs.
Laksh: he can’t be the poet. He still writes spelling mistakes just as a kid.
Swara: then…
Laksh: Swara… swara… that poet is me…!!!
Swara shocks and surprises.

Laksh: it’s me who have loved her in past.

Sujatha: laksh, Sanskar has come into conscious. Come soon…

Laksh: I will tell you everything later…
He says pats her shoulder and runs near Sanskar.

Swara this time stands near window.

Laksh: hey sanky…
Sanskar: Laksh, she is Ragini. And she is Swara’s sister.
Laksh amazes.
Laksh: who is this Ragini and Swara?
(he asks even though he know….)

Sanskar then tells the past story happened between him and Swara.
Sanskar: Swara completely misunderstood me. I was trying to explain her that I wanted to save her from those boys. We then reached our college bus stand. Swara went away in bus… then a girl kept her hand on my shoulder and furiously turned me towards her…

Flash back…
Sanskar looks at the girl. Her eyes are fuming in anger.
That girl is Ragini.

Ragini: how dare you to misbehave with her…!!

Sanskar: hello miss…! I’m not miss behaving with her. she is my lover.

Ragini shouts: don’t say lies..!
Sanskar shocks.

Ragini: Swara used to tell me about you every day. You used to torture her everyday in name of love…
Sanskar: but the truth is I really love her…

Ragini: don’t try to fool us. I hate the actors like you. If you really love her, why she will tell me negatively about you??
Sanskar: by the way, who the hell are you???

Ragini: I’m Swara’s sister. Ragini…!!!
Sanskar amazes.

Ragini points her finger towards him.
Ragini: next time, don’t ever try to tease her again.
Sanskar: why both sisters are misunderstanding me?? She said I’m a cheater and you are telling I’m a bad fellow?? No Ragini… no. I really do love your sister.

He says holding her hand. Ragini jerks her hand.
Ragini: idiot, don’t touch me. Leave my Swara…

She says and suddenly a bomb blast happens. Ragini and Sanskar shocks and looks at the fire. Then a big current pole flies towards them in force. It is about to hit Ragini.

Sanskar shouts, “Ragini…!” and holds her shoulder and pushes her, that pole hits Sanskar’s head strongly. He faints.

Flash back ends….
Sanskar: after that I don’t know what happened. Later that, I opened my eyes today.

Swara who listened to that wipes her tears. Sanskar just looks at window, she moves away.
Sanskar feels something close to his heart is there.

Laksh: no bhai, you have opened your eyes long back. Say, a year ago. You forgot past this one year…
Sanskar amazingly: really…!!!
Laksh: yes. And you have become the kid. And I enjoyed every moment with you then…
He looks at him in puppy face. Sanskar twists Laksh’s cheek and he hugs him.

Sanskar: love you bhai…
Laksh: mere pyaraa bhai…
Then Laksh looks Swara in garden.
Laksh: sanky, someone deserves this hug more than me…
Sanskar: what…??
Laksh: nothing. Why don’t you go into the garden for fresh air.
Sanky: no it’s ok.
Laksh: just go for a while…

Sanskar goes into garden. Laksh smiles.

Here Ragini who is in sleep, is getting dreams of Laksh. Like, Laksh is kissing her on forehead. Hugging her deeply.
Ragini smiles while getting the dream and suddenly a scene appears in black and white.
Someone is holding Swara’s hand and forcing her to listen to him. Swara is trying to get far away from him. But, still he is following Swara and she is feeling annoyed with him. Then Ragini goes in front of him and keeps warning him. She can’t see his face. Suddenly a fire appears and something hits that boy and he pushes her. that boy gets blood from his head and it falls on her face. Ragini keeps looking at him shocked.
Her face is covered with his blood. She shockingly looks around, everything is in ashes. Some dead bodies are fallen here and there. She shouts in pain… “No…..”
And holds her head.

Ragini then suddenly feels a cool hand holding her. she feels a cool breeze touching her. someone is wiping her sweat. And kissing her hands continuously. She smiles and holds that hand….

It is Laksh. After sending Sanskar into garden, he comes near Ragini. He looks Ragini is feeling nervous and her body Is sweating very badly. (Ragini was dreaming at that time…)
Then he switches on the AC. He wipes her sweat with his kerchief. Then he holds her hand and keeps kissing it.
Laksh: what are you dreaming Ragini? Whatever it is, I will never make you feel tensed.
He says and continues his kisses to her hand.
Meanwhile, Sanskar goes into garden. He is looking at the flowers. Suddenly a duppatta falls on him. He removes that from his face and looks. Swara is coming in a run, her duppata has fell on him. Swara feels shy looking at him and turns otherside.

Sanskar amazes looking at her and takes the duppata goes near her. he makes her to wear it… she is bending her head.
Sanskar: swara….

Then Swara starts crying.
Swara: I’m sorry Sanskar… I misunderstood you…
She says and hugs him
Sanskar feels happy. “it’s ok swara. Forget it…”
Swara breaks the hug.
Swara: no Sanskar. I’m a bad lady. I have mistook you…
Sanskar: it’s ok…
Swara: no… I’m very sorry…
Sanskar: arey, it’s ok yar…

Swara: my mistake can’t be regretted…
Sanskar loses his patience. She keeps on murmuring the same thing, ‘sorry…’
Then Sanskar suddenly kisses on her lips. Swara shocks.

She becomes silent.
Sanskar: thank god…you became silent.
Swara bends her head.
Sanskar: now speak up my lady…

Swara raises her head smirks at him and she kisses back. Sanskar shocks. He becomes silent.
Swara: now, you open your mouth mr…
She says and runs.
Sanskar smiles and chases her.

They come near hall door. All family members are gathered. Laksh is about to tell something.

Laksh: you all are thinking Ragini has a boy in the past. And he is a poet. It’s nobody but me…
Shekar and Sumi amazes. Swasan comes inside.
Laksh: I will tell, what happened between us….

Precap: Ragini’s past….

Hence, pairs will be Raglak and Swasan…

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