The love made together.. (Part 6)


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Part 6:
Swara reminds all the past. After that bomb blast, swaragini comes home. Ragini forgot what has happened in past two years. She forgets her new college and friends.

Fb continues….
Shekar: this is very unfortunate. Ragini, has forgot the past and she has also forgot about her love.
Swara: love….??
Sumi: yes, Ragini has loved a boy. She didn’t tell any details about him. But she only said that she likes him.
Swara: maa, then why didn’t you tell me??
Sumi: she said this to us just on that bomb blast morning. She was crying and asked us shall I love him or not. But, she likes him very much. We said, we are ok with all her decisions.

Sumi reminds the conversation,

Ragini makes a call.
Sumi: hai ragu…
Ragini crying: maa…
Sumi concerned: what happened ragu..?
Ragini: maa, I’m not understanding what to do?? Shall I love him or not??
Sumi: about whom you are talking?
Ragini: he is a poet. And I love his poems. He said that he likes me. Shall I accept him or not??
Sumi smiles: is he a good guy??
Ragini: ya…
Sumi: are you sure he loves you a lot??
Ragini: he is genuine mom…
Sumi: then ask your heart what to do…
Ragini: swara is my heart… I will ask her what to do…
(tears come from Swara’s eyes)
Ragini: I’m going to her college. Bye…

Sumi reminds that phone conversation.
Shekar: we wanted to say that then itself. But, all that bomb blast etc, happened. Now, she even forgot her past. We have to leave that boy, just as a dream.

As her family members are already in pain, Swara doesn’t wanted to tell about her Sanskar story and make them even more sad.
Fb ends….

Swara keeps remembering all that past holding Ragini’s hand.
Swara: ragini, if you wouldn’t come there that time, you wouldn’t have forget your past. You lost your love and I lost my love…
A tear drops from her eye. It falls on Ragini’s hand.

Ragini slowly gains conscious.
Swara: Ragini…
Ragini: swara…
Swara hugs her.
Ragini: hey dear, what happened to me now? Just chill…

Swara looks at her. then suddenly Ragini holds her head. She gets some flashes of Sanskar’s face.

Ragini: who…who is he??
Swara: who didi??
Ragini’s hands start trembling.
Ragini: that boy with Laksh… who is he…
Says Ragini and holds her head in pain.

Swara: Ragini cool. He is not here… baba(she shouts) and calls her father.
Shekar comes and check Ragini.
Ragini: papa, send him away. He is a demon…
Shekar and Swara shocks with her words.

Sanskar is still unconscious in other room. Laksh is holding his hand.
Laksh: wake up bhai… wake up..
Ap looks teary.
Sujatha: our son was fine just ago, he has seen that girl and started mad. She is really devil.
Laksh slowly: maa please…

Just then swara comes in a run there.
Swara: Laksh please come fast. Ragini is behaving weirdly. Only you can calm her mind.
Sujatha: no…! he has to be with Sanskar.
Ap: sujatha… Laksh beta, you go.
Laksh nods his head and about to go, but sanskar’s ring is struck to his bracelet. Laksh looks back and kisses on Sanky’s forehead. “I will just come bhai..” he says and leaves.

Ragini is holding her head and rolling on bed. Laksh runs to her and holds her hand.
He calls smoothly, “Ragini…”
Ragini all of sudden hugs him. Laksh is amazed. Even Swara.
Ragini: Laksh, please. Don’t bring that boy here… he is a demon…
Laksh is amazed with her words.

He takes Ragini’s face into his hands. then he kisses on her forehead. She cools down a little bit.
He makes her to lie on bed. He bends towards her. Ragini keeps looking at him.
He keeps rubbing her head softly.
Laksh: Ragini, I’m beside you. No one can harm you. So, sleep peacefully.
Ragini: but he…
Laksh: he won’t come here. Now, close your eyes. Close your eyes…
He says and waves her fingers before her eyes.
She slowly closes her eyes.
He sings,
“You are the moon in dark sky…
You are the only beauty…
Even stars disappear in your shine…
Sleep peacefully…”
A lite smile appears on Ragini’s face listening to it. She holds his hand.
Now, Laksh kisses on her forehead again. She goes into sleep. He removes his hand gently…
Laksh smiles looking at Swara. “This is not movie song. It’s my own…” he says.
Swara smiles.

Swara feels happy with their bonding. “what if she lost the old love? Now, she got the new best love…” she thinks and reminds Sanskar scared looking at Ragini. And Ragini getting scared looking at Sanskar.

Laksh: uncle, Ragini is ok now. Once come and check Sanskar also…
Shekar nods his head and goes with him.

Swara pov: why Sanskar and Ragini are scared looking at each other. Are they getting any glimpses of past?? How they are related? Is it not that boy who Ragini loved is Sanskar?? That means Sanskar has really cheated me??”
A tear drops from her eye.

“That means, Ragini and Sanskar love each other? At this point, how can I tell that I have loved Sanskar? I can’t make Ragini far from her love… both are suffering equally. So, they both have to become one. I have to say to Laksh that he has to forget her…” thinks Swara.

Shekar: laksh beta, Sanskar is afraid looking at her. That means, they might have met in past.
Laksh: but uncle, he became calm with Swara’s hug. That means, I think they have met too… swara has to answer this…
Shekar: I think, you both were studying in same city right.
Laksh: yes uncle in Calcutta.
Shekar: ragini and swara also studied in same city. The thing is Swara and Sanskar has also studied in same medical college.
Laksh amazes.

Laksh: Sanskar lost his memory and became metal sick after that bomb blast.

Shekar: even, Ragini has lost her memory in same bomb blast.

Laksh: that means, they both were in the same place during the time of blast.

Shekar: but, we aren’t sure they met or not…

Laksh: why Ragini went to Swara’s college that day…

Shekar without thinking anything keeps telling, “Ragini has loved a boy and she said that he is some poet. She just said us the matter that morning. And she went to meet Swara to ask the suggestion.”
After telling Shekar realizes that he shouldn’t tell that. He looks at seriously thinking Laksh. There are tears in his eyes.

Shekar: Laksh beta, we didn’t tell you that Ragini has lost her memory and she loved a boy in past, bcz however she forgot about it. And, fortunately you came in her life. So, we didn’t wanted to revel it…

Laksh wipes his tears and he is about to tell something.

Swara will just come there…

Swara: papa, Laksh just come here once.
They go near her.
Laksh is about to ask her something.
Swara: laksh, let me tell you one thing before you ask me…
He amazes.

Swara: Ragini has memory loss problem. She forgot everything which happened two years back.
Laksh amazes.

Swara: and she has loved a boy in past whom she forgot.
Laksh gets even more amazed.

Laksh: whoever it is Swara, I’m not going to leave Ragini. She is mine…

Swara: that boy is your bhai Sanskar…
Now, Laksh shocks.

In room, Sanskar is slowly getting into senses. Some past is reveling in his mind in blur.
A girl is shown in black and white. Now, Sanskar can see her clearly. She is reveled as Ragini. She is showing finger towards Sanskar and warning him something…
Suddenly a blast happens, he shouts “Ragini…” and pushes her and he too falls along with her.

Sanskar opens his eyes with that dream and really shouts out, “Ragini…!” loudly…

Swara and Laksh and all other shocks. Ragini’s ears get his voice and her hand trembles a little.

All run near Sanskar. He is looking hallow straightly somewhere….

Precap: can’t predict… it can be anything…

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