The love made together.. (Part 5)


Hi friends, actually, I didn’t expect that many comments. I was jumping in happiness after knowing your love towards this ff. thank you so much everyone. From now, I will continue this regularly.

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Part 5:
Laksh takes Sanskar inside into other room. Swara goes back near Ragini. She is still in unconscious. She holds Ragini’s hand and keeps thinking something. Here, Laksh holds Sanskar’s hand.

Swara looks at Ragini and keeps thinking… she says in herself. “Ragini, I have said everything to you. But, I have done a mistake by not telling something important and it is Sanskar. When I wanted to tell, you were sick. Today, I’m shocking to see Sanskar in this condition…”
Says Swara and goes into flash back…

Ragini and Swara go to city for the purpose studies. Ragini joins in a engineering college and Swara in a medical college.

Swara was believer of love at first sight then. She loves love stories so much. So she was waiting for the perfect boy to enter her life. At that time Sanskar sees her, who is a year senior to her. He starts loving her from then itself.

Boys look at Swara and thinks how beautiful she is… Sanskar just stares at her passionately.
Some boys keep bet in themselves. “I bet I will make her fall in love with me…”

Sanskar listens to them. To save her from them he says to them, “Not you… I will try with this…”
They agree.
Sanskar goes in front of Swara. She looks at him.
Sanskar: hey beautiful lady… I love you…

Swara amazes with his words. She jumps in excitement.

Swara: what did you call me?? Beautiful lady….
She says in happiness.
Sanskar looks at her smiles: yes…

Swara: and you said you love me??

Sanskar: yes…

Swara jumps again: wow… I’m so glad… first day…first proposal… I can’t forget you ever… thank you so much…

Sanskar keeps smiling looking at her happiness. He laughs and feels happy with her childishness.
Swara keeps going.
San: hey stop…
Swa: what??
San: I have said you something…
Swa: ya… I said thanks.
San: I want to know whether you love me or not??
Swa: why should I love you?? I’m beautiful so you loved me… then what is there in you??
San: hello…I’m the smartest boy in this college…
Swa: oh I see… so what…
Says Swara and goes away. Sanskar looks on…

Next day, Sanskar does the same thing. Swara says the same thing. One year just passes like that.
Swara keeps telling to Ragini about Sanskar. Ragini asked many times that shall she talk with him? Or shall we tell to parents. But Swara always stopped her. Complaining about Sanskar to Ragini, Sanskar proposing Swara everyday has become daily routine. One year has passed.

Swara and Ragini are staying in same room.
Swara: Ragini, one boy in our college is torturing me every day by proposing.
Ragini: ignore him…
Swara: but he keep doing same thing even if I ignore.
Ragini: then complaint to principal.
Swara: no no. He is not that bad.
Ragini: my god Swara. You are impossible.
Says Ragini and sleeps.
Swa: hey you kumbakarn sis. Wake up and talk…
But Ragini is busy in sleeping.

Swara then looks at moon and imagines Sanskar. ‘you are good, handsome, hmm… but I shouldn’t say anything right now…’ she smiles.

Next day in college,
Sanskar: hey…! What is this? I have asked you a question a year back. At least tell answer now. Yes or no…
Swara: I will tell later…
Sanskar puts his hand in front of her: not later or tomorrow. I want answer now.

Swara looks at him. She can see the seriousness in his face. Swara remains calm.

Sanskar: I can understand your feelings. You are a girl, you can’t tell anything so fast. This is life matter. You can take time. Until tomorrow, I will be waiting for your answer. Because, I will leave this college and city tomorrow. And I too want to never disturb after tomorrow.
Sanskar starts going away. Swara looks on.

Swara then starts thinking. “What should I do?? If I miss him, I miss a nice person. If I agree, I have to bend for it whatever the circumstances are. Do he really love me? What should I do?? I will ask Ragini di.”

Swara goes to room. Ragini has come already. Ragini laid her head on table and hands around her. Swara holds her shoulders and wakes her. “Ragini, get up. I have to ask you something.” She pulls her.
Swara is shocked to see Ragini is crying very much.
She hugs her. “Ragu…what happened?? Did anyone tell you anything?? Did anyone tease you??” she asks.
Ragini wipes her tears. “Nothing like that Swara. I’m just feeling homesick.”

Swara: no… not just that. You are feeling nervous about something.
Ragini: no Swara… I said know ‘no’. you wanted to tell something…say…

Swara: no Ragini… it’s nothing.
Swara doesn’t tell as Ragini herself was worrying about something.
All night Swara keeps thinking what to do.

Next day morning, before Swara could speak, Ragini goes to college soon. Swara goes to college in same confusion.
Swara decides to tell that she likes Sanskar. Actually, she started loving him at first time she saw him. But she didn’t tell as to know about him.

She goes near Sanskar. He was busy in talking with his friends. They didn’t see her.

One boy: yar…what happened to your bet?
Sanskar: it’s in process. I gave her nice dose yesterday. She will propose today.
Boy: if she won’t propose you lose bet.
Sanskar: no way. Swara will propose me for sure.

Swara shocks with those words. Sanskar just turns back and sees her. he shocks.

He looks at her teary eyes.
Sanskar: swara…
Swara keeps going away silently. Sanskar keeps running back of her calling. She goes to bus stop. He holds her hand.
Sanskar: swara, listen to me. It was all lie. I have bet with them to save you from them…

Swara: oh…now you are telling me stories?? Yes, I’m innocent to believe love at first sight and love stories. But, I’m not fool to believe a cheater like you.

Sanskar: I’m not a cheater swara. Just listen to me…!

Swara: hey…! Today you listen to me. Never show your face again to me.
Sanskar shocks.
Swara: and good bye Mr. Sanskar…!

Just then a bus comes, Swara is getting into the bus. Sanskar keeps requesting her. he can’t get into bus as it’s ladies bus.

The bus goes away. Swara cries badly in bus without even caring who is looking at her.
She goes to her room. She expects Sanskar’s phone calls. But her phone doesn’t ring.
“All boys are like this. these love stories and love is fake…!!” thinks Swara.

Just then she hears a news. ‘A bomb blast occurred in bus station near medical college.’
Swara shocks listening to that news. Because, it was just then she came from that place and Sanskar is still there.

Soon, she runs to the hospital beside college, as victims will be brought there. As she the medical student in same college she is allowed inside. She asks for the Sanskar named boy. Then the people show her ID card with name Sanskar and tells her that he is dead.

Swara shocks and cries very badly. “Sanskar…you can’t do this…”

She looks at the patients and she looks at the pink chunni on one bed which was worn by Ragini that morning. She fears and goes near bed and shocked again to see Ragini on bed. She checks her. and takes her breath. She is fine.

Swara: Ragini…why were you at that bus stand? I should say I’m lucky that you are safe…but, I’m unlucky to lose him…

Ragini opens her eyes. Swara hugs her.
Ragini: swara, what happened to me??
Swara: nothing di…you are safe now..
Rag: why? Why are we here? We are supposed to be in home right. And, we have to go to city and join in college right. Why are we in hospital??

Swara confuses with her words. She calls doctor. He checks her and informs her that she has a partial memory loss.
Swara doesn’t understand to feel sad or happy. Shekar and Sumi come. They together take her to home.

Ragini forgets two years ago of her life.

Precap: Ragini’s flash back…

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