The love made together.. (Part 4)


Story till now,
Ragini and Swara are siblings. Once, Ragini and Laksh will undergo love at first sight. Ragini start growing feelings towards Laksh, and he too. But Swara keeps warning Ragini not to believe a stranger and she also warns Laksh to not to come near her sister. Seeing the true feelings of Ragini towards Laksh, she decides to enquire about Laksh and she comes to know that Laksh is the good guy. Laksh has a brother Sanskar, who is mentally challenged. Laksh keeps taking care of his brother. Shekar, swaragini’s father is doctor to Sanskar.

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Guys….actually I have written this long back. I’m continuing this again. In previous 3 parts much story is not happened. You can easily understand from this part….

Now, the present story.

Swara tells about Laksh to her parents. They are amazed.
Swara: papa, mama, ragini didi is liking Laksh very much. How it will be if they are married??

Shekar: swara, Laksh is nice boy, it is true. But the thing is, there is a person with a problem in their house. It’s his brother who is mental patient.

Swara: but papa…
Shekar: it might be problem to Ragini to live along with such a boy.
Swara: papa, the truth is Ragini didi is also suffering with memory loss.

Shekar and Sumi looks at her in teary eyes.

Swara: she has a past. She has forgotten it in an accident. And, she doesn’t know that she forgot something. In such a situation, she needs a man who understands her and takes care of her. and it is Laksh. They both love each other. What happens if you agree for their marriage. He will take care of her without creating any problem to her from his brother…

Shekar removes his spects and keeps thinking. Sumi looks at him.
Swara: papa, I said what I have to tell. Rest all your wish…

She says and goes into her room. She sleeps beside Ragini. She puts her hand on Ragini with teary eyes. Ragini who was sleeping wakes up.
Ragini: shona, why are you crying?
She says putting her hand on her cheek.

Swara: ragini, I love you so much…
She says and hugs her.
Ragini: oh my dear. Don’t cry….
She says and kisses her.

Next morning,

Sumi comes near Swaragini and wakes them.
Sumi: get ready fast… boy’s family is coming to see you Ragini. If this is settled, soon your marriage will be there.

Ragini shocks.
Swara: maa, what did I say and what did you do??
Sumi: swara, as parents we know what to do to your sister. Help her to get ready fast.
Sumi goes away.

Ragini: what’s going on Swara?
Swara: don’t worry didi. I will handle…

Swara goes out and tries to talk with Shekar and Sumi. They won’t listen to her. Ragini will be getting ready sadly.

A car stops before their house. Swara puts color water ready to send them away. As soon as a boy gets down from the car, she pours color water on him. And she is shocked it is Laksh.

Swara: omg…!! I’m sorry Laksh, I thought it was the match boy…

Laksh keeps laughing. Dp and Ap get down from the car and they too laugh. Shekar comes out.
Shekar: swara, what did you do?? They are match people…
Swara shocks.
Swara: what…? Really? Dad…you…
Shekar: yes… I wanted to surprise you…
Swara hugs him and runs into house.

Swara: oye Ragini…come out. You will surely like this boy. Come fast…

Ragini comes out with pale face and she is about to slip from steps, but soon she is in some strong lovely embrace.
She raises her head and looks at that person. It’s Laksh. She is amazed. They both are staring at each other.

Swara: didi, he is that match boy…

Ragini again amazes. Laksh nods his head. She smiles. Then he kisses on her forehead.
Swara, Sumi Shekar, Ap and Dp look smilingly at them.

The engagement of Laksh and Ragini is fixed. Shekar and Sumi doesn’t inform Laksh’s family about Ragini’s memory loss.

On the day of engagement…

House is decorated very grandly. Dp’s family will come to their house. Sanskar is holding Laksh’s hand.
Sanskar: umm bhai…what are all these sounds. Let’s go away…
Laksh: let’s stay here for sometime. I’m going to bring a new friend to our house. She is very nice.

Sanskar: then let’s take her away…why all these lights and sounds…
Laksh: hmm… I have to put a ring to her finger. Then only, I could bring her…

Sumi comes near swaragini.
Sumi: fast dears. They have come.

Swara is making Ragini ready.
Swara: finished maa…

Swara is about to take Ragini out.

Sumi: swara, what is this? you made your sister ready and you are not ready still… I will take Ragini down. You get ready fast and come.

Sumi takes Ragini down. Swara is in room.

Laksh looks at Ragini while she is coming down from steps. But she is bending her head.
Sanskar is looking around busily. Sumi brings Ragini in front of Laksh. He keeps looking at her, but Ragini bent her head still in shy.

Sumi: beta, look at him….
Laksh turns Sanskar: bhai… first look at your bhabhi…

Ragini and Sanskar look at each other at a time….
They both looks confusedly at each other. Ragini makes her eyes big and holds her head.

Sanskar holds Laksh tightly and he feels afraid looking at her.
Sanskar shouts: bhai…let’s go away… she is devil… she is devil…

Everyone shocks. Ragini keeps looking at him even more confusedly.

Laksh: no bhai…she is Ragini. My friend…

Sanskar shouts: No…!

Ragini scares with his shout. Sanskar keeps jumping here and there and keeps running. Laksh runs behind him to stop. Ragini keeps looking at him and she feels dizzy and suddenly she faints.

Sumi shouts: Ragini…

Laksh also concerned for her but he holds Sanskar tightly. Sumi and Shekar takes Ragini inside.

Hearing all the nonsense Swara comes out her room and looks at them. Laksh holds Sanskar and he is holding Laksh.

Laksh: take it easy sanky. Cool down…

Swara didn’t see Sanskar’s face, but she amazed to listen the name, ‘sanky..’

She keeps going near them. Shekar just comes out and ask Swara to come back.

Sanskar raises his head. Swara looks at his face and shocks… “Sanskar…”

Sanskar pushes Laksh.
Swara looks at Sanskar and starts running towards him. She goes near him and hugs him.

Now, ap, dp, sujata, ram, shekar and laksh are shocked with her action. Sanskar becomes silent with her hug.

Swara: idiot, where were you all these days? I thought I lost you… you gave me such a pain….
She says and cries badly, putting her head in his chest.
All gets amazed with her words.

She looks at Sanskar raising her head. Sanskar looks at her in red eyes and he faints, falls on her shoulder.
“Sanskar..” shouts Laksh and come near him.

Precap: swara’s and Ragini’s flash back…

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