The love made together.. (Part 3)


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Part 3:
Laksh wakes up early in the morning thinking about Ragini.
“Hmm….you were in my dreams. I can’t sleep. I will come and ask you about this. Why are you disturbing me like this??” laksh thinks.
Suddenly he hears some sounds. He runs to a room. Annapurna and Sujatha are trying to stop a boy. “Beta, cool down…” but that boy is throwing things here and there.
Laksh: maa, chachi, you go out. I will see about him.
Ap and Sujatha leaves.
Laksh: Sanskar bhai…
Calls laksh. He turns to him. Laksh shows a teddy bear. Sanskar gets happy and claps his hands looking at it. He runs to Laksh and starts playing with that.
Sanskar: umm lucky, sit with me….
He calls and takes laksh near bed. Both sit beside each other. Laksh is looking at Sanskar in teary eyes. He is playing innocently with toy. Suddenly laksh takes his head near his chest and cries a lot hugging him.
Laksh: don’t worry bhai. I will make you normal again. I will do anything for that.
Sanskar sleeps innocently putting his head on his chest.

Ragini is doing puja in puja room. Swara is busy in going somewhere.

Shekar: where are you going this morning?
Swara: going on a mission…
Sumi: what mission?
Swara: a secret mission…!
She goes away. Shekar and Sumi laugh.
Swara and her friend Kavya are waiting outside laksh house.
Kavya: are you sure this is his house…?
Swara: yes….! I came to know it from dad.
Kavya: now, why you want to spy that guy?
Swara: ragini is telling that she loves him. So, I have to know about him.
Just then, they sees laksh has come out. And there is another boy with him. They didn’t see his face.
Kavya: who is that other boy?
Swara: I think laksh’s brother. He is mentally sick.
They go in a car somewhere. Swara and Kavya follow them on scooty.

The car stops before a hospital. Annapurna and Sujatha takes Sanskar into hospital. Swara and Kavya didn’t see his face again.
“My dad is doctor in this hospital. He treats Laksh’s brother.” Says swara.
Laksh takes the car and he goes somewhere. They keep following him.

Laksh goes into a office.
Swara: I think they don’t allow us in…
Kavya: they will, if we wear that…
She shows peon’s cloths.
Swara: chi…that…
But what to do…? They will dress themselves in peon’s sarees and go inside.
They observe Laksh from morning. Later Laksh goes to hospital again. He takes ap, sujatha and Sanskar to home.
They follow to home again on scooty.
Kavya: haa… from house to hospital, there to office, and next reverse. What did you know about him??
Swara: a lot of things. He don’t have any girl friends. He don’t drink. Did you observe? He rejected the drink many times. I don’t know whether he is good or not, but I came to know he is not bad.
Kavya: then, do you agree him as your jiju?
Swara: 90%. But, I amaze, why he didn’t come to meet my sis today??
Then itself Laksh comes out and start going in car somewhere.
Swara: chalo, jaldi chalo…
Kavya: god…
They follow him again.
Swara: why he is going to my house…?
Laksh stops his car near their house. And swara is observing from far. Laksh is about to get down the car, but he sees Ragini is going somewhere. Then he starts following her.
Swara: he is following Ragini. Chalo, let’s go. What he is going to do??
Kavya drives the scooty. Ragini goes into a shopping mall. Laksh also goes into it.

Swara runs into that mall. “oo Swara, stop..” kavya follows her.

Ragini is shopping some goods. Suddenly Laksh comes in front of her. She trembles and leaves the packet. But Laksh catches it. Laksh stands up and looks at her. She takes the packet, smiles and about to go. But, Laksh holds her hand. Ragini amazes and looks at him.

Swara who is seeing from far gets angry looking at it.
Swara: how dare he touched my sister! And vo bhudu…not saying him anything.
Swara about to go but Kavya stops her.

Ragini is looking at Laksh. Laksh kneel downs before her. Ragini is amazing.

Kavya: wow, he is gonna propose I think…!
Swara: shut up…!

He bends on one kneel, and he puts another leg on foot.
He touches Ragini’s leg. Ragini shakes at once. Swara keeps amazing.
Laksh lifts Ragini’s leg and he puts her leg on his thigh.
Then he takes out the anklet and ties it to her leg. Ragini amazes. She removes her leg. Both keep looking at each other.
Ragini: thank you…
She says and turns. She amazes to see Swara.
Ragini: swara, what are you doing here…??
Swara: nothing didi, just came with Kavya.

Laksh: I seriously doubt, are you following us…?
Swara: what nonscence, why I will follow..??
Ragini: swara, stop. Don’t shout like that.
She will be taking away swara.

Ragini turns back to see laksh. She gets shy, as he is already looking at her. They go to their respective houses.
Laksh goes near his mom.
Laksh: mom, I want to get married.
Ap: waa, beta. I’m happy now. Just wait, I will search nice girls…
Laksh: no maa, there is already a girl I like…
Ap: who is she…?
Laksh: doctor Shekar’s daughter Ragini…
Ap amazes.
Swara goes near Shekar.
Swara: papa, I want to tell something.
Shekar: tell beta.
Swara: what are you thinking about didi’s marriage…?
Shekar: we are seeing matches right…
Swara: if you like to listen, I will tell about a beautiful match.
Shekar and Sumi amazes with her words.

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