The love made together.. (Part 12)

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Story till now: raglak and swasan are actually lovers. But, rag and san forgets past in an bomb blast. Raglak meet after two years, and in same way swasan too. They gain their memory back. Now, family is in decision of their marriage.

Previous part: Part 11

So, everything was settled. No misunderstandings and confusions.
Swasan and raglak engagement was over already. Now,

Mehendi and Sangeeth: part 12

Baadi was decorated grandly. Guests are coming. Swara and Ragini are inside. Some ladies are putting mehendi to their hands.
Swara: you know Ragini…if mehendi turns red in color your husband loves you a lot, and if it turns orange he is soo romantic… (hehe, this is just my assumption)
Sumi beats Swara gently smiling.
All laugh.

At MM, laksh is walking here and there in tension.
San: what happened bhai??
Lak: I want to see Ragini yar…
San: arey, can’t you wait for one day? Tomorrow is marriage however…
Lak: but…
San: oho…even, I want to see Swara…
Both look at each other and smirk.

Guests will be coming to baadi.
Shekar calls to video man.
One man: yes sir..we are here…
Shekar looks at two men holding cameras.
Shekar: why so late?? Go inside and start shooting.
They both nod and go inside. (haha…of course they are SanLak in disguise)

Sanskar and Laksh see Swara and Ragini. They mesmerize looking at them.
San: we came…but how to meet them?
Lak: I don’t know….

Swara is going into her room.
San: hey… I got the chance to meet….
Says Sanskar and leaves.
Lak: sanky…don’t do any mischief things…

Laksh switches on camera and focus it to Ragini. He keeps looking at her mesmerized. He is lost in her smiles.
One lady: Ragini beta, you know… you have to remember your honewale husband, then mehendi gets nice color…
Other lady: yes beta…say something about your Laksh.

Ragini blushes. Laksh keeps looking at her passionately. He is waiting for her answer.

Ragini: he is so handsome…
Ladies: aww…
Laksh smiles, she blushes.
Ragini: he is like hero….
Ladies: aahaa…
Raglak antiques continue.
Ragini: he is so nice… he loves me a lot… I love his smile…
Laksh keeps smiling…
Lady: okok enough… if he is really around, he could have felt very shy…
Laksh keeps looking at Ragini lovingly. Due to breeze her hair will be flying. She can’t set her hair. He feels to go near her and set her hair. But, he is a camera man now….

Swara goes into her room to find something. Just then Sanskar enters the room and closes the door.
Swa: hey…! Who are you?? Babaa….
Sanskar comes near her and closes her mouth. Swara looks his eyes.
Swa: Sanskar??
Sanskar removes his hand: yes my queen… it’s your hubby.
Swa: don’t you have shame? Why did you come here?
Sanskar moves close to her and Swara sticks to wall.
San: why? Shouldn’t I come?
Swa: sans..kar…move far… I can’t take breath…
Sanskar then moves his face still closer to her. she can’t resist as her hands have mehendi.
She closes her eyes. He places his lips on her’s. he kisses her passionately.

Suddenly music starts…. They move apart.

Dadi: Ragini…come on dance. Where is this Swara? Swara…

Swara: omg…! Dadi is coming…
Dadi knocks the door. “Swara..! what are you doing inside? Come out..”
She pushes him. “Go and hide…”
Sanskar hides behind cupboard. Swara opens door, dadi takes her down.

Ragini starts dancing. Laksh keeps looking at her. while dancing, Ragini suddenly slips and Laksh holds her. she recognizes him as Laksh…
Ragini slowly: Laksh…?
Laksh blinks his eyes. He sets her hair behind her ear.
They have eyelock.

Shekar just comes inside: hey..! the camera man came now..who are you??
But, Raglak are busy in their eye lock.

Sanskar comes down. “Laksh…! Come let’s run away…!” he shouts. Laksh comes into world. sanlak starts running away. Shekar and rest all laugh.

At night,
San: last we came to light.
Lak: it was because of you…
He is going somewhere…
San: where are you going?
Lak: I didn’t talk with Ragini properly. I will talk with her.
San: hey… then I will come too…

They both go to baadi again. Next morning is marriage. It’s night 12’o clock.

Swaragini are talking in their room.
Swa: those brothers don’t have shy at all…
Rag: yes yar…. We have to teach them a lesson…
Lak: what lesson you are going to teach?

Sisters shock and look at balcony door. Sanlak are standing. Swara runs to them.
Swa: what are you doing here? Get out…
Sanskar drags Swara out. Laksh closes door and comes near Ragini.

Ragini bends her head. Laksh sits beside her.
Laksh: so, what lesson you are going to teach?
Ragini bending her head: what can I teach?
Laksh raises her head holding her chin. Both look at each other. He looks at her mehendi. It has turned in orange color. He looks at her.
Ragini: if it turns orange, you are…
She stops.
Laksh: yes..I am?
He moves closer to her.

Sanskar is holding Swara’s hand.
Swa: hey..leave me…
San: hey…your mehendi turned red in color. That means, I love you a lot…
Swa: it turned red because my hand is good. Not, because of you.
San: agree my greatness miss…
Swa: u are not great. Ur stupid…
Sanskar twists her hand gently and holds it at her back.
Swa: aa…leave me Sanskar..
She keeps jumping as monkey.

San: tell me sorry….
Swa: bla…bla…bla..

Laksh moves closer to Ragini. She feels shy and shivers a little. Laksh takes her hands. He puts his face into her hands and smells them deeply.
Ragini shivering: stop doing that…
He then starts kissing her hands starting from her palm, then wrist…he moves further upper. He reaches her shoulder and then neck. He holds her head and kisses her lips.

Laksh: I love you Ragini…
She hugs him. “Even me Laksh. We should be together always.”
Laksh holding her.
Laksh: of course, who will separate us??
Then they hear Swara’s shout, “leave me sanky…”
They both come out. Sanskar is holding Swara’s ear.

San: tell me sorry…
Swa: bla..bla…

Ragini: Sanskar??
He leaves her. Swara runs to Ragini.
Swa: ragini, I will not marry that cruel man…
San: you what? I only won’t marry you.
Swara shows her tongue to him.
Raglak laughs.

Sanlak reaches their home. All sleep dreaming about their upcoming marriage.

Precap: Marriage and the end…

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