The love made together.. (Part 12) (last part)

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The sun will rise. But, before sun already the raglak swasan woke up. All the arrangements were done.
Sanskar looks himself in mirror in blue sherwani. He smiles and goes near Laksh. He sees Laksh room and it was fully decorated with flowers and balloons. Laksh is standing before Ragini’s photo, which in center of room.

Sanskar goes near him and keeps his hand on his shoulder. But, Laksh is crying.
San: what happened bhai??
Lak: from today we are going to miss our freedom…
He laughs. Both hugs.
They come down, Ap, Dp, Ram and Sujatha look at them happily.

Ap: we thought, Sanskar would never be cured. But, he is back only because of Swara.
Suj: and, Ragini is going to complete Laksh.

They all go to baadi.

At baadi…

Swaragini gets ready. Sumi keeps veil on their heads. Ragini and Swara blushes. They take blessings if Sumi and Shekar.
Shekar in tears: we are sending our daughters on same day…
Sumi: but, after one year at same time, they are going to give us grand children.
Ragswa shy.

Just then, MAheswari family reach there. Brides and grooms sat on mandap.
Laksh holds Ragini’s hand. She bends her head.
Laksh: thanks for coming in my life dear…
Ragini: without you, I’m incomplete Laksh…
She looks in moist eyes at him. He blinks his one eye. She feels shy and keeps her head down.

Sanskar gently beats Swara. Swara pinches him. He shouts.
Pandi ji: what happened beta?
Sanskar: nothing uncle, it’s a wild mosquito.
He looks at Swara and Swara is seeing him in big eyes.
San: this is last chance for ur crazy deeds. See, I will control you from tomorrow.
Swa: I will see..who will control whom…
Both laugh.

Looking at both pairs all get happy. At the same time, Raglak and Swasan are married.

Sumi and Ragini are crying. But Swara has controlled her tears.
Sumi and Ragini hug.
Swara:, ragu…don’t cry. Are we going to our sweet sasural…
Ap and Sujatha smile.

Sumi and Shekar keeps Ragini’s hand in Laksh’s hand. Swara’s hand in Sanskar’s.

They sit in car. They go away.

Sanskar looks at Swara. She is looking other side.
San: swara you are going to come in my hell. Welcome… he says funnily.
He turns Swara’s head. She is crying. He feels sad.
He takes her near and consoles.

Raglak in other car. Ragini is crying. Laksh is just looking at her in smile without saying anything.
Ragini sees him.
Laksh: you are looking beautiful when you cry…
Ragini gets shy: laksh…
Laksh: when you are stopping ur shy, ur even more cute…
Ragini’s face turns even redder. She moves near him, and he locks her in his embrace.

Maheswari family invites new bahus with all rituals.
Sujatha: ragini is mahalaxmi and swara is junior mahalaxmi. They are going to fill this house with happiness.
All smile.

Everyone go to their rooms. Ragini sees the room and gets amazed with all decoration Laksh done. She keeps looking suddenly Laksh comes and hugs her from behind. He starts kissing her neck. She closes her eyes.

Swasan are fighting with each other with pillows.
Swara: I want window side place.
San: this is my room, you have to listen to me.
Swara: I like to sleep beside window..!
San: I said naa…that’s my place.
Swara while beating, suddenly he holds her hand and keeps looking at her. she gets shy and pushes him. And starts running away. Sanskar chases her and holds her.
They keep looking each other.

Laksh is laying on bed beside Ragini. He is rubbing her head gently.
Rag: y do u lv me this much?
Lak: I don’t knw. Y do you?
Rag: I don’t know…
He bends to her and kiss her forehead. Ragini puts her head on his chest and rests.
Laksh keeps patting her shoulder carefully.

Next morning, Ragini wakes up. She looks Laksh beside. She rubs his head and kisses him. He smiles and sleeps again. She gets ready and Laksh is still sleeping. She come out.
She goes into kitchen and helps Ap and Sujatha.

Sanskar wakes and sees Swara still sleeping. “Swara…wake up. It’s morning.”
Swa: umm…
She says and sleeps again.
Sanky moves her, then she kicks him. He falls down.
San: omg..!
He thinks and goes to washroom and gets ready.

Sanskar comes near dinning. “…”
Ragini brings him coffee.
San: thnx ragu bhabhi…

Rag: where is Swara?
San: she is sleeping as maharani…
Ragini smiles and goes near her. Sanskar goes near Laksh.

Ragini tries to wake Swara. “Swara…wake up. This is sasural not mom’s house…”
Swara wakes yawning. She hugs Ragini.
Swa: Ragu, I thought marriage will separate us. But, we married to same house and we are together again.
Rag: yes Swara…love always keeps us together.

Sanskar beats Laksh and wakes him. But he holds his hand. “Ragini…don’t beat.”
San: dude, this is not Ragini.
Laksh trembles and wakes.

Sanskar is laughing. Laksh starts beating him. Ap and Suj see how all are enjoying.

They feel happy for them…

The end…

That’s the end of the story guys. Thank you for loving this ff……
Sorry for ending it, but short things are sweet sometimes right…
Take care everyone…be happy….

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