The love made together.. (Part 11)


Friends, thank you so much for all the comments. At last, I have decided not to end this ff…I’m continuing this for all of you….
Previous part: Part 10

Part 11:
Sanskar looks shocked.
Ragini bends near swara, “wake up swara…” she says.
San about to come near them: ragini…

Ragini points that log to him: hey, don’t come near us. Otherwise, I will kill you.
She remembers only Sanskar teasing Swara.

San: Ragini, what happened to you? You are my bhabhi. And I’m going to marry your sister.
Rag: don’t say my sister’s name…

She is about to beat him with that. Sanskar holds it and grabs it from her.
He understands that Ragini’s memory is back. And she forgot what happened during memory loss.
San: Ragini, you don’t know everything…listen to me…

Rag: I have warned to you…why are you doing this again??
She looks around
“where did you bring us??”

Sanskar comes near her, “Ragini..listen to me.”
“Don’t come near me”… she shouts.

And suddenly Sanskar feels pain in his stomach. Ragini has stabbed him with a rod.
Suddenly they hears a voice, “Sanskar…!!!”
Ragini looks at that side, it’s Laksh.
He runs near him and holds him. He shouts on Ragini. “Ragini..! what have you done?? He is my brother and he is going to marry swara..!!”

Ragini looks on shock. “what are you talking? I’m not understanding anything..!”
Laksh lifts Sanskar and takes him in car.

Shekar and Sumi also come and carry Swara in other car. While going in car Sumi scolds Ragini.
“why did you stab him Ragini? He is laksh’s brother…!”
Ragini looks confusedly.

Swara just then wakes from unconscious. “Maa, where am I? Ragini…you are fine?? Where is Sanskar?” she asks.
Ragini looks on confusedly again.

Swara(in tears): maa, it was all my fault we met with accident. But, Sanskar is fine know? Where is he??

Ragini(more confused): when did we met with accident? And we are supposed to be in Calcutta, why are we here?

They understand Ragini got her memory back. Laksh takes Sanskar to hospital. Even Shekar and rest others come there.

Swara gets down the car and sees Sanskar is unconscious in Laksh arms.
“Sanskar..!” she shouts and runs at her. laksh places him on the stretcher. Doctors will take him inside. Swara keeps running after it crying Sanskar.

Laksh holds her.
Swara: san…Sanskar…
Laksh: swara, nothing will happen to Sanskar. Don’t cry…
She keeps crying, then he takes her near and hugs her.

Ragini looks on confusedly with tears. Sumi holds swara. Laksh comes near Ragini.
Laksh starts shouting on her, “why did you do like this Ragini??”

Ragini looks silently. Then he holds her hands and shakes her, “tell me…! What made you to stab him??”
Then Shekar comes near them. “Laksh, Ragini has gained her memory back. She is thinking Sanskar as stalker of Swara.”

Ragini looks at Shekar, “memory loss?”
Shekar: laksh, you go near Sanskar. He needs you.
Laksh will go to Sanskar.

Shekar takes Ragini outside. They sit on a bench.
Ragini: what’s going on baba? You all know Laksh? I was talking about him this morning on phone know… I came to Swara to ask her, I saw Sanskar following her. I scolded him….
Shekar then explains Ragini everything.

Shekar: beta, it has been two years. You were in memory loss from one year. You didn’t remember all what happened in past one year.

Ragini understands everything and she starts crying. “I have tried to kill Swara’s love!! I didn’t know it papa…. Why would I do that if I know…”
Shekar consoles her.

Doctor will be treating Sanskar inside OT. Swara leans to Sumi, she is holding her. laksh is walking here and there. Shekar comes inside.

For fresh air Laksh comes out for a while, he sees Ragini is crying badly sitting on bench. He comes near her. Ragini stands,
“Laksh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know anything…” she says crying.
Laksh holds her face in his hands, “shh, don’t cry. It’s ok. It’s not ur fault…”
She keeps crying. He hugs her. “Ragini. Be strong. Come inside. Swara needs you…”

Then a nurse comes, “excuse me sir. Sanskar needs O+ve blood.”
Lak: haa… I will get it.
Says Laksh and goes away, when Ragini is about to tell something.

Rag: sister, my blood is O +ve. U can take mine.

Then nurse takes Ragini inside. Family members look surprised at her. a curtain is in between rag and san.
She gives him blood.

Laksh comes back with family’s information.
Later, shekar, sumi and swara go near Ragini.

Sumi: ragini….
Rag: maa… I can’t see my sister suffering. Even, it was my mistake right.
Swara holds her hand and cries.
Nurse informs Sanskar came into conscious.
They run to Sanskar, but Laksh comes near Ragini.

He holds her hand.
Lak: thank you Ragini…
Rag: why thanks laksh? I have did this for us…
Then he kisses on her forehead. They both go near Sanskar. He is talking normally with everyone.

Ragini comes near him.
Rag: Sanskar, I’m…
San: no no bhabhi… don’t tell sorry. I’m happy your memory is back and everything is fine…

Everyone smile…

{ofo… I don’t want to drag this emotional part more…}

So, everything is fine and everyone is happy.

Maheshwaris and gadodiayas become busy in marriage celebrations…

Precap: shopping, mehendi, sangeeth and marriage.

Guys, you are asking me to extend this ff, ok I will do it… actually at first only I have decided to end till here. But I will extend this for you… the thing is I’m not getting any ideas to extend it more… so, I want some time. Mean while, I will start any other ff.
But, during these Dasara navaratri days I will be bit busy. So, I may come or may not come to TU. After Dasara, surely I will be before you with new ff or this ff continuation.
Until then, take care dears…bye….
As, a punishment of writing this small part today, I’m going to present you the teaser for my new ff…. do read it…
Advance Happy Vijaya Dasami to all of you….

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