The love made together.. (Part 10)


Hi friends, in three episodes this ff will over. I have changed the precap, I have designed story in other way…
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Part 10:
4’o clock early morning. Ragini just wakes. She keeps lying on bed but, she is awake. She keeps thinking about Laksh and remembers all moments with him. She remembers the day when she saw Laksh first time, in the car(according to her…)
“why did I love him like this? it happened as soon as 1st time, I saw him… and I feel like I have seen even before and I have so much relation with him…” she blushes remembering the scene when he kissed her. she holds a pillow tightly.

Then suddenly, she feels a hand on her. It’s Swara. She puts hand on her and start kissing her. ragini amazes… “swara..”
But she is in deep sleep.
Swa dreams: I love you Sanskar.. I love you so much…
She says and keeps kissing Ragini’s cheeks. Ragini gets free from her and gives a pillow.

Then Ragini sees the bracelet on her hand is missing. “hey bhagavan…! Where is this gone? If dadi maa asks… no she will kill me..” she thinks and reminds the bracelet got struck to Laksh’s ring while she hugged him.

She wakes Swara. “what ragini? You have disturbed a nice dream?” she says yawning.
Rag: what is the dream? Kissing Sanskar??
Swara becomes struck…
Rag: ok listen, my bracelet is near laksh. We have to go and get it now…
Swa: why now? Ask him to bring it later…
Rag: dadi maa always sees this as soon as she wakes up because it’s her lucky one… so if she sees it’s missing…
Swara smirks at Ragini… “ey..ey..ragu..don’t lie… with this reason you want to see Laksh right…!!”
Ragini blushes.
Rag: even you can see Sanskar right…
Swara blush.
Both hugs.

Swa: yup. They have come for us. Now, we shall go for them.
Rag: why should boys have all the fun??
Both laughs…

Ragini is driving the scooty, swara is sitting back. Both are wearing helmets.
Swa: why shd boys hav all the fun….
Rag: y shd boys hav all the fun..
They keeps singing and reaches MM.

Swa: wow, our sasural is too big.
Rag: I will call to laksh and ask him to come out.
Ragini calls to his mobile, but it’s switched off….
Swa: ok, I will call to Sanskar and ask him to call laksh. But, I’m not talking with him now…
Both go near entrance. The door is opened.
Rag: how could I find Laksh’s room?
Swa: at the room where ur heart beat increases, it’s Laksh’s room…
Ragini giggles at her. Ragini goes alone into mansion and Swara sits on scooty out.

Ragini doesn’t understand which room to go…
“Laksh room is that second one…” she hears a low voice. She turns back. It’s Sanskar.

Rag: san..
San: shh…ragini… go go..
Ragini smiles and goes into the room.

Meanwhile Sanskar goes out and amazed to see Swara is waiting on scooty. He comes near her. swara shocks and puts her hand on cheek remembering what he did. He smiles and says sorry putting his hands on scooty handle.

Ragini enters into room and sees Laksh is sleeping. She slowly goes near him and sees the bracelet in his hand still. Laksh is dreaming, “Ragini… ur so beautifu…I love you…” he is dreaming holding the pillow and rolling on bed.

Ragini blushes. He stops rolling, she slowly about to put her hand to take it. but, he holds her hand unknowingly.
“don’t leave me rago…don’t leave me…” he keeps dreaming still.
Ragini gets mesmerized with his love. She sits beside him and puts head gently on her lap. He is not awake yet. She keeps rubbing his head.

Swara and Sanskar keeps looking at each other.
Swa: I’m sorry Sanskar. I couldn’t have resisted you…
San: I have to tell sorry swara. I was rude with you.
Swa: by the way, why did you wake up so early?
San: why did you both came to our house…
Swa: hello…this is our sasural. We will come whenever we want…
San: accha…(laughs)
He looks straight at one thing and shocks. Swara turns and she too shocks to see that.

Ragini keeps looking at Laksh with intense love. She kisses on his forehead. He is sleeping still.
Rag: how buddu are you..! I’m doing these many, you are not waking still. Hmm, even I want that…
She says and keeps rubbing his head and kissing forehead frequently.
Laksh comes to sense but acts as if he is sleeping.
Rag says slowly: I don’t know why, I love this so much. But, it’s like hell when you are not with me. What is this magic?
Laksh slowly: that magic is called love rago…
Ragini amazes. Laksh opens his one eye and blinks it at her.

Sanskar and Swara are shocked to see Ap maa.
Ap: swara, what are you doing here?
Sanskar unknowingly: maa, ragini also came…
Ap looks confused. Swara beats sanskar’s foot.

Ragini surprises to see Laksh is awake.
Rag: so, you know that I came. You have fooled me…I’m not talking with you…
She says and about to leave. But, Laksh holds her hand.
Lak: ragu, ragu… it was just a fun you know. I didn’t wanted to miss what you were doing…
Laksh holds her shoulders and make her sit beside him. Ragini is in pout face still.
Laksh holds her cheeks: oh my cutepie, did you come to see me??

Ragini then remembers what she came for… “omg, I came for my bracelet. Where is it?”
She takes it from his hand.
Laksh takes his breath, “so, you came for this. not for me??”
Ragini looks at him. “I have to go…swara is waiting.”
She is about to run, laksh stands and pulls her to him. Eye lock…
Then someone knocks the door. Ragini hides behind the door, laksh opens it.
It’s ap, and swara Sanskar are at her back.
Laksh shocks.
Ap: I know, ragini is inside.

Ragini slowly comes out bending her head. Ap looks at them angrily.
But soon she blesses swara and ragini. They smile.
Ap: Sanskar, go and drop them in house. It’s not good for them to go alone on scooty along that lonely area.
Lak: I will also go maa…
Ap: you stay, you have some work. Sanskar, you go…

Sanskar agrees and goes. Ragini looks back at laksh. He gives a flying kiss. She smiles.

Swarag follows him. Swara and Sanskar sits in front seat. Ragini is in back. Ragini leans back and keeps looking out.
All the three are silent. Ragini opens her mouth.
Rag: Sanskar, you are driving the car too slowly, just a cycle has passes from us.
Swa: haha, I think he don’t know driving much…
San: aha, rag and swa, see now…
He says and increases the speed of car.

Ragini gets scared. “Sanskar, plz slow down. You are going too fast…” says Ragini.
Swa: no keep going…this is woooo….. go go…

If swara says, why Sanskar will stop?
Swa: over take that car…
Sanskar increases the speed.
Ragini closes her eyes yelling, “stop…!”

Sanskar at last over takes the car. Swasan laughs. Swara hugs Sanskar. He just looks at her.
Ragini opens her eyes and shouts, “Sanskar…look out…!”
He sees front and lorry hits them.

Sanskar tries to control the car, but the car goes into bushes. Ragini faints inside the car and swara gets a strong injury on her head. She falls down from car.
The car gets hit to a tree and stops.

Sanskar after a few seconds, opens his eyes raising his head from steering. He looks beside and Swara fell down from car. He runs to her. “swara…swara…” he tries to wake her.
she is taking her breath and he relives a little and runs near Ragini. She was fainted.
He pats her cheeks, “ragini, wake up…”
She is slowly coming into senses, then he runs near swara again. He ties a kerchief to her wound.
He immediately calls to Laksh. “Laksh… we met with an accident here. Come fast..”

Ragini hears only words ‘Laksh…’ that name repeats in her mind…. Her mind goes into flash back.

“the bomb blast day…Ragini, gets ready and comes out. She doesn’t understand what to do on Laksh’s proposal. She calls to her parents. Then she goes to Swara’s college and happened to see Sanskar is following Swara and disturbing her. then, she goes in front of him and warns him. A blast happens.”
She remembers all that till then, but after that what happened she forgets. That is, she forgets the second meeting of Laksh…their engagement all that. She remembers only still that blast. Now, her memory is back.

She opens her eyes, as Sanskar is calling ‘Ragini’ from far. She looks at that side. She is shocked to see Sanskar with Swara. Sanskar has kept Swara’s head in his lap and trying to wake her up. He even kisses her lips. Ragini shocks and start walking towards them.
She holds a big log. And suddenly, she hits Sanskar with it.

Sanskar falls down. He is shocked and looks at her. she is looking angrily at him.

Rag: you idiot, what have you done to my sister???

San shocks.

Precap: …………. No I won’t tell………………

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