Love made me perfect… (shivika, ishkara, rumya, priveer) – Episode 9

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the episode start with prinku,sumo,ishu bringing anika n all r mesmerized in anika’s beauty
dadi;kitte sundar lag rahe hai haae kiske nazar na lag jae
j;yes mummy ji u r right ..anika is looking like (cuts by tej)
j;ya tej right
shakti;yes bhai shab our bahu is looking like a pricess ..lucky to hv bahu like her
p;no she is not our bahu..(dadi,tejvi,shakti r shocked )
shakti;pinky what
j;what r u saying pinky
p;jethani ji i’m saying rights she is not ,my bahu she my daughter
dadi,shinky,tejvi laughs
omru;beautiful as moon
o;anika is looking beautiful as moon
r;o anika [staring at him with cuteness]
o;sry anika bhabhi [hugs him side ways]
ranveer;shivae bhaiya is really lucky to hv a beautiful wife like anika dii no anika bhabhi
s;[still mesmerized in her beauty] beautiifuul….
omru coughes
shivae notice n stare at them
rudra start singing are ladke beautiful kar gae chull …seeing this o laughes n join rudra in teasing shivae
s;[irrated] will u both keep quite
omru;as u wish sivae/bhaiya

jahnvi comes to shivomru
j;shivae beta
s;yes bade maa
j;go n get anika
s;sure bade maa
omru still laughing ..shivae stare them n leaves
r;o bhaiya really love anika bhabhi but never says it
o;yes rudy u r right ..hmara shivae anika bhabhi se pyaar krta ha..aur anika bhabhi bhi krte h pe yeh dono ek dusre se kuch khate hi nahi hai ….
r;yup o ..hme hi kuch krna padega ..
shivae goes to anika n forward his hand to her she holds his hand ….[o jaana music plays]
shivae is holding anika close every body is busy in themself so no one notice except omru
a;yes shivae
s;tum na
a;hmm shivae mai
s;tm na ekdum khidhki[cuts by rudra]
r;bhaiya-bhabhi aap dono ke romantic baate khatam ho jae to btana ..
o;kya rudra why r u disturbing their romantic moment …
shivae;om tu bhi
o;yes bro
r;vaise bhabhi kya kha rahe the bhaiya ???
a;i don’t no ..thanks to u ..u disturb us mr dumb oberoi
r;bhabhi u too[n makes a puppy face]
a;aww ru baby…sry
rudra is happying as his bhabhi called him ru baby which he love to called from shivae, omkara ,anika bn ishu…he just run n hugs anika ..anika hugs him too
o;very bad u both forgot me[makes puppy face]
a;aww omi ..sry
o was also flying in sky as his bhabhi calls him omi which he loves to be called from shivae n anika
they three hv a hug then shivae speaks
s;well done u all my ru baby my omi n my anika u all forgoteen me[omru signs each other when shivae says my anika]
aniomru;sry shiv
they four share a hug n lafzon ka yeh rishta nahi plays

then janvi comes n says
j;if u all r over then can we start the function

ishu takes the mike n says before ring ceremony we will hv some dance performance by ;
then we had a spcl segment of girls vs boys
now lets wlcm bhaiya-bhabhi
shivae feward his hand to anika anika holda his hand n they both comes to the center surronded by ishkara ,rumya n priveer …
shivika dance on tu thodi der aur thar ja soneya of half girlfriend
every one claps for them
rumya;waah what a performance now its turn of ishu dii n om
ishkara comes on floor n dance on bolna mahi bolna of movie kapoor n sons
everyone claps..
shivika;wha a tremendeous performance,,, now its turn of rudran saumya
rumya comes n dance on song uff mere dil thodi khali se jagah the of bang bang
everyone claps
ishkara; wow what a performance
priveer perfonace on bol do na zara of azahar
every one claps

now jhavi takes mike n says lets hv a fight between girls n boys
all girls anishsumprin team up n shivomruveer team up
they start dancing n singing bade hesentivali mental h yeh chooriya 0f movie sandaar in last girls won
now whole family dance on kaala chasma

now omru say
ladies n gentle man now we r going to hv the most spcl geust of the evening
p;omm kyon hai yeh spcl geust omru
omru;vo rahe choti maa [pointing towards the entrance of oberoi mansion
p;o my mata tm were u boths
d;are waah kaise ho tm dono puttar ..
j;wlcm baccho.. where were u both since last one month
t;come beta come
s;nice to see u both come
priveer ;u both r late ..u both missed grt dance performance..
ishsum;yes u missed that
shivika to omru thanks omru for the best gift of our engagement ..omru smiles n say lets go n meet them re
shivae;hoe were u both
a;where were u both
omru;yes where were u both were we missed u alot
dadi;first let them come insude na ..
shivika,ishkara,rumya,priveer n they both comes in the hall

precape;shivika exchanges there rings..n keep guessing the two guest

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