Love made me perfect… (shivika, ishkara, rumya, priveer) – Episode 1

Hlw guys I’m back with the first episode. Thanks for the response on my introduction page.
It’s morning. Scene oberoi mansion
Sso room :sso getting ready n talking on phone.
S:han Mishra ji! Kaise call keya apne.
M:sir vo aaj aap ke meeting h miss sindhiya ke saath.
S:what the hell Mishra ji. Aap mujhe ab bata rahe h. Kitne bje se h meeting.
M:sir Maine aapko bataya tha. Meeting 1:30 se h sir.
S:thek h Mishra ji.

(after getting ready does his signature step)
Scene shifted to om room. Talking to ishu on call.
O:yes, ishu. Kya hua?

I:o vo statue aaj hi deliver krna h. Aaj hme over time krna padega.
O:ok ishu mai 1 gante me pauchta hoon gallery.
Call disconnect. Again o phn ring. It’s riddhimaa.
R:o aaj hm mil rahe h na.
O:no riddhima. Aaj nahi. Ek aurgent delivery dene h. Kl mile to.
R:ok o. Byee…
Scene shift to Rudy room. Doing push-ups n listening music. Then went to washroom n get ready for college as today is prize distribution ceremony. Rudy looking hot
Get a call from chubby.
C:Rudy mujhe pic kr lena college ke leye.
R:ok chubby mere jaan.

Now scene shift to sindhiya villa.
Anika room.

Anika getting ready. Then gets a call from her secretary.
Sec:mam quations n presentation is ready. We hv to present it in front of Mr. Shivaye Singh oberoi.
A:ok. We will meet at 1:30.

Call disconnect.

Scene shift to saumya room. Getting ready for college as today is prize distribution ceremony I’m her college. Hv parath in her hand n getting ready.
Scene shift to oberoi mansion.
Prinku room. Getting ready for his college.
Now it’s shift to randhawa house
Ranveer room
Getting ready for hospital.
Ishu room. Getting ready for gallery n thinking about om.

Again it’s oberoi mansion.
In kitchen. Obro brother r making food.
S:o vo pass kr.
O:le shivae.
Then Rudy shouts.

R:aap dono mujhse pyaar nahi krte.
S:Kya hua rudy.
O:bol dumble oberoi kya hua.
R:aap dono mujhe yeh nahi bate ki mai aaj kaisa lg raha hu. Aaj prize distribution ceremony h college me. Mujhe smart to lgna chaheye n.
O n shivae together. Thek lg raha h.
R:thek.. . (n makes puppy face)
They both pat on his head and say smart lg raha h mera hero.

Then Obro family hv breakfast.
Now scene shifted to sindhiya villa. Both sisters are having breakfast n then leave in car.
Anika drop sumo to her college n leave for her meeting.
Rudy arrive on the same time. They both passes by each other.
Art gallery. Ishu is waiting for o.
Rudy college. Near stage. They both hv a takkar (dhaaa)
Both holding their head what the wack.
R:sry miss???

S:saumya. Sry to u to.
R:myself rudra.
O art gallery. O arrived.
O:sry ishu. I’m late

I:it’s ok o
O:to yeh statue ki delivery dene h.
I:Ha o.
O:isko to abhi finish krna h.
I:Ha o
O:so let’s do it

They start their work on statue. N suddenly a sound ahh comes…
Now at meeting venue.
Anika n shivae arrive together. Mishra ji comes to shivae n says sir she is miss Anika. One amongst the contenders for this project. (pointing towards Anika)
S:(forwarding his hand) hlw its shivae Singh oberoi
A:(shaking hand) hey! Mr oberoi. Myself miss Anika sindhiya.
(o jaana music plays)
Now in meeting
Shivae is seen everyone presentations n he is going to say to whom he will give the project.
S:everyone tried there level best but a presentation n quations hv left a grt impression on me was of…… (dhak dhak sounds plays)
Was of…. Miss… Anika sindhiya…
We r now going to share this project with you miss Anika ..
A:thanks Mr oberoi.

They both signed the deal n shake hands (o jaana music plays)
Now scene to priveer. They are in car on the way to Prinku college.
While talking they share n eye lock.

Precape :sumo n Rudy with prize standing one another for photo..
Ishu n o hands r in each other hand. (sathiya plays)
Shitia n robika meets…

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    Amazing episode dear ?? loved it to the coreee plzz post the next update ASAP

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    Amazing update

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