LOVE OR LUST WHATEVER YOU CALL IT … ( we are addicted to it) Swaragini…. Part 3


@4 am
It’s a new morning for the newly wedded couple…. They are sleeping peacefully in each others embrace… Now sun is ready to come out…. Perfect it’s the time for our couple to wake up.. As its their usual timings to go on a jog

As u all know the regular routine will not affect even if we slept late.. So both wake up at the same time n saw their position….. N saw in each other eyes…. There is a complete silence.. Soon our daring princess broke it….
Swa: good morning sanky.. From today everything will be new for us isn’t it… Even the relation between our family has a new name….
San: yup.. Swara.. But don’t worry.. Every one are happy for us….. Now let’s freshnup n go for jog…. Don’t say ur tired…
Swa: hlo Mr. When did I say.. I will go n freshnup….
Swara covered herself with a blank and went to the cupboard and took her t-shirt that hardly cover her hips and a short that ends in her middle thighs. …
San: take for me too Champ…
Swara smiled and took a t-shirt and tracks for him….
Swa: is this k for you…. K now I will freshnup n come…
Saying this she went to wash room…. When she was about to close… Our prince entered leaving our princess panicking……
Swa: chi.. You scared me duffer….
San: I’m not a duffer it’s you… How did you think that I will leave you so easily…. …
Saying this he started moving close towards her…. While she blushes n maheshwari move backwards….
Swa: sanky.. We have to go for jog…..
San: still there is time…. He removed blanket …
He carried her n took her to the glass shower room… N made stand and turn on the shower…..
They started romancing again. N got ready in their dress…….
Asusual our princess is looking hot…….

Sanskar’s pov:
Oh man not again…. Y does she look killing hot and s*xy… This is not the first-time I’m seeing her in this clothes… Daily she used to wear such type of clothes but today I can’t take my eyes of her……
Swa: sanky come let’s move… It’s late…..
Weboth came down…. N greeted ma(ap) and mom (sumi)
Mom started scolding her for wearing such clothes even after marriage and also as she was going jog instead of doing Pooja and working in kitchen…. But ma Asusual started supporting her by showing fake anger on mom… Like ” sumi you can’t scold my dil like this. Ni won’t spare… Haan she is now dil of home.. But that does not mean she should change her habits…. I’m k with her. . Princess you guys start… No need of cooking and all.. You just come for Pooja that’s enough.. I’m not old like your mom… Traditional culture bla..bla bla… ” mom sighed you will never change to ma and swara.. And again went started…… Asusual we got in the car.. And we reached the hill top that’s near to our house… This place will not be crowded….. We both will be the only one oops two. Then we started doing our daily routine that is exercise and jog… And after sometime it’s time for sunrise…..
We both sat down in grass.. And slowly placed my hand on her bare waist and started caressing it slowly while we both are witnessing the sun rise…..
She was struggling not to mourn.. I loved the way she is crawling.. At each of my touch… Then I turned her face to mine…. And starred at her rosy lips……she was looking into my eyes.. And we both had an eyelock and then slowly our lips met. It was really a soft kiss.. Nothing more than it….. Then broke the kiss.. She rested her head in my shoulder after kissing me in my cheeks..
Swara’s pov
I rested my head in his shoulder.. It’s not new for me.. Not only now always I feel protected in his arms… But that was just friendship.. Now it’s due to shyness…. What the crap did I said shyness…. Those words are not mean for me…. Oh god what’s happening with you swara….. My thoughts were disturbed by his hand movement in my body… His is massaging my waist in one hand and thighs with other….. So my trick worked.. Actually I the top i wore today is shorter than usual on.. I just want to provoke my prince charming.. See it worked…. Every time he touch me… Some new feeling I got over my body…. I need it more and more.. His every touch make my stress and tension going away.. I really loved it……But no one can got to know what is going between us.. Even if some one saw us.. They can just point out that I’m sleeping in his shoulder… I must admit it he is an expert in doing massage…… With in 10 hours here had done it
Many times.. But each time the pleasure is increasing……. I didn’t even utter a word… I was enjoying it with my closed eye…….don’t he get tired… But he isn’t I too love it.. Like this a hour passed……. Then we went home.. N attended the Pooja and we got ready for our work… Actually we are the managing directors of GM(godida maheshwari) company then we reached our office every one congratulated us…. Some are happy but some are fumming those are having crush on us.. Or after our money.. We don’t care about it….. Then the day passed with work….. We can’t even think of romance in our work… So no office romance like that….. Then we headed towards home.. We had our dinner.. Papa (dp) and dad( Shekar) gifted us honeymoon tickets for Greenland…we both are happy the night again we made love… Next day we handed over our works and responsibilities to our cousins ragini and laksh.. They both are very caring… Even though they have their own company inspite of their busy schedule they themselves came to help us… Both treat us like their own sis and bro… Even ragya ( 5 year son of ragini and laksh) my handsome is with our family… So sweet na.. As raglak can’t manage everything………. After two days we boarded our flight…… And we reached there next day…
I’m sure I’m gonna enjoy a lot in this one month trip… I’m excited for it…..

PRECAP: romance romance romance……..

Credit to: Sanku

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