LOVE OR LUST WHATEVER YOU CALL IT … ( we are addicted to it) Swaragini…. Part 1


Hi guys this is sanku…. I’m a die hard fan of ” guess who ” Now I’m here to write a fanfiction
On my favorite pair

@ room ( wedding night)
Swara’s pov :

Omg. My life have turned opposite today.. I’m not a person who can be seated for few seconds.. But see today I’m waiting for my handsome…. For 15 mins.. Haan can you imagine I’m sitting in his bed with the veil… Ohh.. God.. I have never ever imagined that I would be covered fully… You know what.. My most of dresses are shorts.. But now I’m in saree.. Unbelievable right…. See I’m like mad talking to myself but my hubby is sitting near… Wait when die he came… Swara you have become a fool talking to yourself.. Now my hubby wants to say something hear him too.. Frnds…
Husband: swara I know we both don’t believe in marriage.. But now no option is left.. We are married n we must accept it right… I know you can’t leave as our parents will feel bad… But swara like before I will be your best friend.. We can take our marriage to next level when you are OK with it…. ( saying this he went to washroom…)
Swara to herself ” aree he is such a dumbo.. How can he think like that… I know I don’t love him.. But he know about my curiosity of knowing about s*x then how could he do this to me… I wont leave him….

( saying this she quickly pulled off her veil.. N stands up in anger…. N is shocked to see her husband smiling at her…)
Husband: ohhh… My champ is deliberately waiting for it…. But she forgot that.. Even I’m desperate for it…..
Swa: then y did u say those words… Mr. Dumbo..
Husband: just to make you speak up.. Haan then what swara.. You are sitting like that…. Like shy girl.. So to bring my warrior.. I said those… See my champ is back….
Swa: so sweet of you hubby… Sounds nice na….
Husband: Hann…really swara you know what when we both discuss about our idea of love making with our partners… I don’t even dreamt of making out with you…..
Swa: hubby have some shame

Husband: you know all my shamelessness and I know about yours.. Then what.. K now you first go n freshnup I have kept required things in washroom…. N haan you didn’t had ur dinner na.. Let’s dine together… N then i will show you my shamelessness………. Sweetheart…..
Swara blushes hearing this n runs to washroom.. Leaving her husband smile like an idiot…

PRECAP: romance…..

Credit to: Sanku

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