Love and love Only – by zerah malik (Intro)

Hey ishqbaazians …..
This is me, zerah Malik writing a new FF….Hope you guys enjoys…????


Kalyani sing oberoi:

She is the head of oberois. She loves her children and bahu’s alot . She believes that one day her grandchildrens will become ‘takkar ki ishqbaaz’.

Tej sing oberoi:

Earlier he had mistress (Swetlana) , from then Om started calling him Mr. Oberoi. After swetlana was exposed, he realised his mistakes and started loving janvi as before. But he is still sad that om is calling him Mr Oberoi. He loves his bahus alot he has full faith that one day Om will call him papa again.

Janvi tej sing oberoi:

She is very caring mom.She is very happy that Tej has changed and became her old Tej again. She loves her bahus alot and have full faith.

Shakti sing Oberoi:

He loves his family alot he is very happy that shivaay got perfect life partner and he is very caring .

Pinky shakti sing oberoi:

She love her son and bahu a lot . As same as shivaay Anika is her heera bahu she accepted Anika whole heartedly and she is also very happy about her family.

Shivaay sing oberoi :

He is a big business tycoon . Even though he didn’t believed in love and thought he could only love his brothers,family and business…Anika,his better half experienced him love. His thoughts on bloodline and family name changed after her arrival.

Anika shivaay sing oberoi:

She love her husband and family alot she is very happy to get a family like oberoi (In this FF her English is very fluent but at the same time has a special style in talking hindi)
Has a bitter past .(will be revealed later!)

Omkara sing oberoi:

He is an innocent blindly trusting fellow. Who no more believes in values after the incidents the poor soul has suffered. Once his misunderstanding about Gauri(his wife) got cleared,he accepted and expressed his love.He still has trouble in opening his heart to his father.

Gauri omkara sing oberoi:

(In this FF she is real daughter of sharma )love husband alot and always tries to bring om closer​ to tej.

Rudr sing oberoi:

The funny cool baby of Oberois.
Accepted his for saumya and started showing it . Also respect her alot and accepted her as his wife before whole world. Now he start to do business but he can’t forget gym and beauty fitness..

Saumya Rudr singh oberoi:

She love Rudy alot but never expressed to him. She​ is continuing her boardcast as love angel and gives indirect messages via it to Rudr.

Ranveer sing radhawa:

Even though at the begining he tortured Prinku, her love changed him to a loving and caring person forgetting his past problems and sufferings.He now loves prinu alot .(in my FF kamini is not a negative character

Priyanka sing oberoi(prinku)
Priyanka ranveer sing radhawa

Married to ranveer she is very happy

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    You sketched character very nice zera superb epi

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    Very nice…. Please continue..

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