For Love, With Love (Prologue)


Hello friends I’m back. Well, its me Dyuti again with my all new fan fiction. I know, I remember last time I failed miserably while writing my last ff. But this time I’m determined not to fail again.
PS- If you don’t like my ff hit me hard with a crowbar.
Just Kidding. Enjoy till I come back. Again.

You know people sometime find it hard to accept the truth. I don’t know why and I don’t want to know why. I still remember my mom’s word .
“Keep hope when its worth keeping and accept the truth when its worth accepting. That’s what an optimistic is.”

Those words kept ringing in my mind. You know to my religion I’m a pessimist who doesn’t believe in God and other superstitious things. But to myself, to my mom I’m an optimist who never lose hope even in the toughest situation.

But right now I have no idea what I am. A pessimist or an optimist. I laughed at my own situation. Should I hope for him to come back and hold me or should I accept the reality. Which is, He Left. He left me when I need him the most. I kept thinking, thinking that He Left. Left me all alone AGAIN.

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  1. Awesome, plzzzz continue dear. ..I always loved your stories. you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh

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