Love and love only (part 3)

First of all a bundle of apologies for delay. Thanks to cutiepiee,umama,afa,ani,and my sis chinnu. .
Today Iam a little sad. What I have written first was unfortunately got deleted by my own hands.Now I cant remember what exactly was that all. So as usual please bear my grammatical errors and typos.


.I get in to the classroom. There were only a few students .A girl in trendy and glamorous attire was standing near the window with her friends .I think she is the most rich and pretty girl here.I mean in terms of money..Three or four girls were surrounded her as they want to be in her gang .I was least interested in such shows offs.I found a seat and sat there.When I looked that girls i remembered my school days.I was not in any gangs.Actually nobody included me in their groups.I had friends. But nobody wanted me as their bestie .They were different from me
Or I was indifferent to them.They always talked about boyfriends, shopping, movies.Then they wanted to hear my experiences on all these.Have I ever had any? I neither attended their luxurious birthday parties nor gifted anything to them. I felt all that as pomps.For me,each penny I used ,tasted my mother’s hard work.I didn’t wanted to waste it for happiness of a moment.So I was very boring according to them.I was an unwanted friend for them.They avoided me and then I started avoiding everyone.I know if I change my behavior ,.After sometime a girl with sweet smile came and sat near me.She smiled. I gave back a tight smile.Honestly a dishonest one.I don’t wanted any loose talks .So I thought to be sit stubborn.Next second she put forth her hands for a shake hand and said;Hi Iam Ananya Mahadev,and you? Now I can’t escape. I reciprocated it ‘Hello,im Deeksha.’Ananya was the one and only daughter of a famous lawyer and an oncologist. But she was a simple girl.She started talking about her interest ,dreams …Unlike all other times I felt comfortable to be a listener. She was really a chatter box. In that 15 minute talk ,more than 50 times I heard her saying ‘Ro -bro’ .I thought him as her cousin of neighbor.”You know what ,mom loves Ro bro more.She always gives more grilled chicken ,icecreams and milkshakes to him. He lives as a king in my home.But then also he steal my chicken sandwiches. Too bad naa?”.I felt its interesting to have such a brother. At last she said,”do you know what happened yesterday. He caught a theif from my neighboring and bited him badly.So everyone praised him and dad gave a full KFC meal pack to him
.Now I feel jealous of my doggy.”
“Doggy?” ,I asked.” Yeah, Ronny or Ro is my cute puppy .
So Ro -the- bro was her puppy.”Deeks,isn’t it funny to have such a bro? And you know,if he font like any food, he just make a pit by kegs and dump it there. So funny naa. “Ananya was laughing.
What was so funny in that.Lakhs of people are starving in India,and this girl and her family feeds her dog with five star hotel dishes and he wastes it?
What happened Deeks? “Nothing “,I said in an angry tone.I thought she felt that Iam jealous of her.She was sileny for a while.After sometime two girls came and sat near us.Ananya started telling her stories from the beginning to them. But they was not like me,Deeksha the Dumbo.That girls ,Divya and Nitya gave their whole attention to her talk with appropriate expressions like oh,wow, and awes.Then Ananya completely forgot me. Avoidance! Again.I sat silently.

The lecturer came and introduced himself.Then asked for self introduction.After that he told so many things about the course and all..As it was the first day, there was classes ended at 12 pm .Ananya invited Deeksha to her selfie session along the other two.But she had no interest. She walked out faster as she had to catch the bus .
Deeksha’s POV
I stepped down from the bus and Start walking. We are living in quarters as my mother is a railway employee.This job has many advantages We have free passes in the train.Have tour packages on vacations which we never used.I always insist her for that.But she never hears me.She fears everyone.Asks,”Deekshu..please understand, what if someone attacks us or try to molest? I wish nothing if that kind happens,but think..?Then the whole society will blame us.They will say its all because of our bad behavior. We have no one to help us.Then what will we do?”
Now in used to this dialogues,so i don’t waste my time for arguments.My thoughts got disturbed by a few raindrops.They slowly touched my skin,they tickled me.I smiled.My heart beated fast with a new sensation.I didnt understand what was that. I felt something special is going to happen today. Suddenly the sky poured down all the water he saved. I fully drenched on that rain..

When I reached the main junction I saw that idiot Sahil leaning on wall there .Oh! Not special, but something really bad will happen today.He is the most disgusting creature in this colony.His intense gaze always attack every girls here.Now it is my turn.Above all Im drenched. Now I have no escape.I walked fastly,but to my badluck a car came that way and I cleared myself to the side where Sahil was standing. Suddenly I felt his arms on my waist. “Be careful babe,is that look good when it hits this s**y body? He draw his fingers through my curves,I struggled hard to get out of that. He came more closer. With my all strength I gave a hard bite on his shoulder. He winced in pain and hands loosened.I ran away.But losted
all energy,my shivering body and mind didn’t allowed me to look back.I wanted to cry badly.Then I saw two ladies standing in front of me.One was Malini aunty,Sahil’s mother.
I cried more.”Aunty,Sahil try..”
But things were not that simple.
“Shut up,you shameless girl.What was you trying to do? Made yourself drenched in rain to attract him.And poor boy,he didn’t know what to do.Don’t try your magical spell on my boy.Such a..”
“This is not her fault Malini, the other lady said, “don’t you know whose daughter is this? Like mother ,like daughter.”
“Oh ,I forgot that ,surely your mother gave you this idea ,didn’t she?,what more can expect from you ?Now get lost from here “.
I wanted to spit on their face for such bad words ,but have no energy.They don’t like us,but as women they had to help me. .
“Why me God??”Why can’t you fill my life with a little,just a little happiness?

I decided not to tell that to mom.She will surely get a heart attack .My mood was spoiled by this damn incident.I just hated that touch,His eyes filled with lust…
I wanted to make myself busy to get rid of that thoughts. I switched on the radio. No interesting programs was there.I was going to switch it off,just then I heard” Hi,hello namashkaar,here is your one and only Deewana Sandeeeeep…As I always say,pretty girls can call me Sandy,im sure that you all already call me so..After all who can avoid this handsome young man??Now its time for a song after that there are so much masti ,so miss me and stay tuned ,this is Fun FM 96.9.. And here is music ,masti and me….”
“Miss him!!Again a flirting idiot… “I gave a disgusted look to transistor and turned it off.

Water droplets.. cool breeze..and fragrance of flowers…these all are making me romantic.I will try my best to update next week.If i can’t,next update will be on next month..exams..exams..please don’t forget my story my sweet buddies..

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  1. Shruthis

    superb dear loved it…write when your free dear ..
    .love you a loads 🙂

  2. guys,that second flirting idiot is our hero ,more abt him in nxt part..and in last session i meant rain..water droplets

    1. Shruthis

      i thought ….love youu :*

      1. Thank you dear..are you cutie..

      2. Shruthis

        yes dear

    2. Im frm Kerala,doing graduatio in Eng literature..and you

      1. Im hima cutiee..

      2. Shruthis

        im frm hyderabad dear..telengana..i have completed graduation like i am final year waiting for results..wrote entrance for post graduation now waiting for only results..

  3. Sindhuksv

    Nice darling..I really loved the concept…Thank u for telling me abt this story…Love

    1. Aadia

      Thank you so much di..your comment means a lot..

    2. Thank you di..your comment means a lot to me

  4. MedhaMB

    Very nice epi..liked ur concept..update after ur worries… 🙂

    1. Thank you Medhamb sis..once dis exams end i will update regularly..

  5. Thank you Medhamb sis..once dis exams end i will update regularly..

  6. no way to forget your ff…such amazing ff…do well in your exam all the very best…epi as usual awesome…take care…love you

    1. Thankyou so much afa sis…for understanding.

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