Love and love only (part 2)

Thankyou all my dear sisters for commenting .Sorry for the delay.Now please read this part…

It was deeksha’s first day in new college.As she was pg sstudent ,she was not nervous but excited. She always wanted to study there and liked to took her masters in social working.She was very fond of this course. The thing that made her attracted was its practicals.Every week they have a field visit to any slum areas or some tribal areas or wherever people suffer for living. This was her centre of attraction to this course..She can mingle with so many people ..can know their lives…can help them..and above all she can travel to different places! Yes…that was something deeksha,admired a lot.In her schooldays, after vacations she usually heard her friends’ holiday masti’s …their family tours..visit to native with cousins… these all things were unknown to deeksha.All deeksha done during her vacation was sitting alone in her home and reading quiz books,.that was her hobby and craze. Solving puzzles,reasoning and mental ability tests, and studying gk.

She only liked to read travelogues.. Not only yo feel the serene beauty of the world she hasn’t seen,but also to boast with her friends when they ask about her family picnics. She never felt guilty to say how her granny scolds her for being slim,how her grandpa fascinates her with his adventurous stories, how her father pampers her when mother scolds and also about sibling fights.None of her friends know what she said were big lies.. as they studied in bboarding schools nobody nobody concerned about each other than what they said. Deeksha never regretted to say all these.It was her dream to have such a family where everyone cares for her everyone pampers her..But what this life had given to her? A mother who pretended to be strong in front of the world and keeping immense pain and regret in her heart. Yes,her mother was strong indeed.How many women can fight like her . Priya(Deekha’s mother)belonged to a very rich family.Well educated.And readily got a government job.But love had made her blind. She choosed a man over her family. She trusted him.Eloped with him.Married secretly .Soon indifference started. She understood he had lust on her not love. He started harassing her to bring money from her family.But she was a closed chapter for them.Moreover she wanted to face his harassments as a self punishment for ditching her family.When she told him that she was going to be a mother, she found no happiness in his face but only said ‘how can i believe that child is mine? It maybe gifted by your boss or any colleague.Priya couldn’t bear it any more.

He questioned her character.She slapped him hard ,then packed her bags and went to hher friend’s home. Later she heard that he had returned to his family and married another girl.But Priya did not break down..She gave birth She gave birth to deeksha.She brought her up all alone.Being a single parent she has to face so many difficulties from society. Priya didn’t wanted deeksha get involving in all that .So deeksha studied in boarding school and then college hostel. But she knew how the ,so called high class laladies treated her dear mother.Now she wanted to be with her.Mother and she only….no outsider..

Deeksha said to herself ,no maa i don’t want any person in our world…only our happiness… our sorrows……and i don’t think i can love no one other than you….even if someone loves me,i can’t trust him.Maybe he is genuine,honest and really lovable, but i can’t trust him..and in sure i will hurt him.Why should i do this with an innocent person? I will never fall in love and no marriage. i should only follow my dreams and make my maa proud.

But deeksha doesn’t know what destiny is! How will she know that it has already decided what her life should be can anyone think that this deeksha,brand ambassador of ‘mission no love,no marriage’ will fall in love with a man she has never seen,never talked,yes,its love…At last she will surely ask,’destiny,what a player you are ‘can anyone say when it happens? Its the most unexpected feeling comes in the most unexpected time…so Ms.Deeksha…. Its your turn next.A sweet and charming r j is waiting for you…just give your unconditional love to him….

Guys,i want to tell this story through deeksha’s life,So we also meet him,(sorry hear him as he is an rj),when deeksha hears him.It will happen in next part.Please give your valuable comments and say whether its boring or not.Must be boring…i can’t find anything special in this story that attracts you all.But please do comments…

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  3. Hi hima..I started reading ur ff’s just awesome yaar.. 🙂

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  4. Intesesting.I like it very much.Update nxt soon..

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