Love and love only (part 1)


Thank you cutiepiee,sam,ani and roma for commenting. Here is the first part of my story. Friends,Kindly overlook mymistakes and please give your valuable comments and suggestions.
As usual the sun rose in the east. He switched on his golden rays and it fell over the sleeping mother earth.But he was not dare to enter Deeksha’s room.Even he was scared of that stubborn girl’s angry stares.

But her mother was struggling to wake her up .’Deekshu,wake up my dear,today your class starts na,so dont be late.But it was a futileattempt. Deksha huged mother tightlyb.
‘ maa,let me sleep.Clas will be always there.but sleep once by goes,its hard to get him back.
Mom: enough you should start keping some good habits.You are a girl.One day you have to get marry.And your inlaws will only blame me for not. teaching you good habi..but Deeksha doesnt allowed her to continue.
Stop it ma a.nowadays you have only this thing to say..and how màny times i should say you that marriage is the most unwanted thing in my life.Why should i alow some unknown man to dominate my life?

But maa was in a god mood to advice,’ no my dear,mariage is a sacred bonding bounded by love,care,friendship..and it should happen in front of society.if else..
Deeksha: if else I will have to face the same situation that you are facing since my birth.and don’t say mme anything aabout this sacred love ..what has this love given to you other than unbearable pain and a good for nothing daughter.?
Mom:dont say like that my dear..please understand..

Deeksha: ma..i understand that there are msny couple who love each other snd live together.but what if i got a person like my so called father..someone who love a girl for her wealth and… Yes surely for her body and just eloped when she conceived..can you guarante e me that i wil get a right person?And iam not such a beautiful bubly that any guyfall in love at first no more maa.please i wnted my first day to be good…now no further talking.
Maa wiped her tears .she had no idea how to manage this stubborn daughter. But she prayed: my god,I know my past is haunting my child.. please don’t give her pain for my deeds.I trust you..iam sure that you will bring someone in her life who makes her believe in values of relationship and loves her unintentionally..

Mother’s are so good that they can’t avoid prayers of mother’s…
He brought someone..whose smile makes Deeksha smile.. Whose words makes her dream….and makes her love.., and only….

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  1. Superb hima 🙂

    1. Thank you sis..

      1. you commented on my ff right hima ..your dat only naa…

      2. Yes the same hima and please say ,do you feel my story interesting,atleast a bit. Actually i dont have trust in myself?

      3. it superb dear ….i love it.. beleive in yourself dear 🙂 typos then im also same like you …hehe jokes aa part i loved it…:) great going
        love aa loads sis :-*

  2. nice one

    1. Thanks Ruby sis and sorry for so many typos.

  3. Awesome but post soon and longer

    1. Thanks sammy, will update soon and should be a longer one.

  4. Awesome 🙂

    1. Thank you Emz..

  5. Hima…I didn’t like it…I just loved it dea sis…mother and daughter bonding was awesome…Hima I am your big sis…love you dea…keep writing

    1. Thank you afa di..u made me calm..stay connected and tc..

  6. Awesome episode, love you loads

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